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Monday, August 7th 2023, 6:50am

The 2023-2024 ROADMAP

Hey guys!
I recently saw some images of Allods Online bringing an updated roadmap about what the devs have planned for us.
I thought it a good idea to translate what's being talked about and give a sort of review on it.
Perhaps some changes that might interest you to start playing the game again if you had quit on it.
Watch the video below :)


Tuesday, August 29th 2023, 10:50am

The fact a P2P allods classic server isn't in their roadmap is a crime


Wednesday, October 11th 2023, 10:17am

PvP and PvE Updates: This might involve introducing new PvP arenas, battlegrounds, or competitive modes, as well as expanding PvE content with challenging encounters or story-driven quests.

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