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Sunday, October 29th 2023, 10:03am

Events: Halloween Mascarade 2023

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Welcome to the «Halloween Mascarade» entry thread. While this thread is open you can share your festive screenshots here.

Let me remind you the contest RULES

► Your submission must be sent between the 29th October and 19th of November.
► Take a screenshot corresponding to the theme of the «Halloween Mascarade» contest.
► Upload the screenshot to a picture-hosting site of your choice (such as and share the link in this thread.
► Make sure that the picture is accessible. We won't use a Ouija board just to ask spirits what is depicted on your screenshot!
► One user can only participate once (only one screenshot per user). Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.
The screenshot should show your character in costume of your choice, without UI icons. Bonus points if your post contains:

  • a short story describing the choice of your costume or related to your character wearing this costume (English only, so everyone can enjoy it)
  • an atmospheric background that matches your costume. Foul Dale is perfect for scary vampires and witches, the Pyramid of Tep or the sands of Suslanger are perfect for Egyptian mummies and pharaohs, green Ammer lands will match perfectly with the Greek Heroes and the beautiful Irene and its palaces are perfect for the royals or their brave knights!
  • list of elements used for your costume (shoulder decorations, caps, cloaks, underwear, outfits), so others could recreate it on their own characters

Small adjustments can be made through third-party programs if necessary (E.g. - contrast / brightness / sharpness / vague vignette - things that allow you to improve the screenshot but will not change it drastically)
► Nudity, swear words, insulting other players in any form and indecent behavior ARE FORBIDDEN (only skeletons can be nude on your screenshots). Screenshots that contain anything from this list will be automatically disqualified.
► Any violation of the Forum Rules will lead to disqualification.

After the November 19th this thread will be closed.
All your works will be assessed and we will announce the winners in the special post.

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Sunday, October 29th 2023, 2:27pm

«Halloween Mascarade» contest

List of elements used for my costume: Twilight Gloom (Weapon Appearance), Quiant Cementery Mask, Coffin (Cape), Anniversary Cavalry Jacket (Costume), Baal (Pet)
Picture is taken in front of Irene Castle.

I am ready for Halloween Bal. (Galleon Castle) Irene
Choosed this beautiful place full of Rich Royals who dancing in the Masks, so after too many drinks and food can lure them in one of the Castle chambers where can kill them with my beautiful Axe, dispose they bodies and after it can make such a beautiful food and pies from them and place them on the tables of bal.

Sparkyi (Evolution)


Sunday, October 29th 2023, 4:40pm

«Halloween Mascarade» contest

I chose the Foul Dale map because it shows more chaotic aspects and a brighter red.
Clear place but with monsters lurking just waiting for the opportunity to murder you.
But just one Joker doesn't hurt anyone, or at least that's what they think.....

Weapon Appearance Bloody Crusader
Cap Ministrel Mask
shoulder decoration white mouse
Cape Tail of the Father of Lies
Outfit Kanian Folk Costume
Pet Midget Clown
Yuji (Smugglers Paradise)

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Sunday, October 29th 2023, 5:14pm

«Halloween Mascarade» contest

Each attendee is expected to take a picture at the entrance of the Ball.

Pandora had known many wars. She wandered on the corpses and the blood of her enemies. Her fellows. The land of Sarnaut was an ossuary, and its inhabitants, those who had had the luxury of surviving the multiple bloodsheds, were bound to dwell upon their dead. Forever. Because no piece of land was left unscathed. Each was tied up to a memory, a dream, a nightmare, a fear, or a tear.

Yasker himself had sent her a note. The peace was yet again in jeopardy. The long-achieved Elven truce was about to come to an end. And she would not let that happen. She knew order within the elves was a pillar to the Sarnautian harmony.

Pandora loved the peace. Who didn’t ? But she was willing to die for it. Despite being constantly reminded of its cost. Of the people she had lost. Of the humanity she had to give up on in order to survive. Deeply, she felt she needed to make amends for all the lives she had taken. Ironically, she would make those amends by taking other lives. Again and again. An everlasting vicious cycle. Though she was telling herself it was for the greater good. For peace. That peace everyone had longed for for millenniums. Eventually, she would lose herself in the process. Perhaps she was already forsaken by now.

There it was, about to drop from the palm of her hand, the only thing she had left to cherish. So fragile. So vulnerable. A tiny little thing which could break at the smallest blow.

The Halloween Masquerade Ball which was to be held at Galleon Castle was the target. She had been told that one of Armando de Doucer’s followers was planning to attack the King, Louis de Desirae, during the festivities. The Masquerade Ball was the perfect opening, since all faces would be concealed : costumes and masks were compulsory.

Engineers were the ones called when the job needed to be clean. Warriors, Paladins, and Scouts had the tendency of leaving a mess behind them. As for Mages, Priests, and Summoners, their magic left stains. There were no marks left after Engineers, for they were not fighting via light, or shadow, or elemental magic, only via science and logic. Their mind was their greatest and most dangerous weapon.

That night she had dressed herself all in white. She looked like an angel in the middle of the crowd. Her wings ran alongside her long and elegant gown. She had chosen her attire very meticulously. She had a refined sense of irony. She knew nobody in the room would suspect an angel to be an assassin. And even less suspect an angel would hide blades in her petticoats, and deadly steel mosquitoes in her corset.

Items used for this costume : Helmet of Celestial Gaze, White Wings, Grand Ball Attire.

Character : Pandore
Faction : Empire
Server : Evolution, F2P

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Sunday, October 29th 2023, 9:47pm

Vickie Lynn


Posts: 263

Location: Lyon, France

Occupation: Teacher

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Castle Blight's awakening

Each year, during the night of the last day of October, souls and ghosts of olden times spring from the Castle Blight. They have one goal : haunting everyone on their path!

Their king, Blight Jyansei, is the most frightening ghost. He feeds on the deepest nightmares of his victims by forcing them to live through them again. And you, are you ready to face him?

Costume set :
Weapon : Twilight Gloom (2h mace)
Head : Chaos Inquisitor´s Helmet
Costume : Chaos Inquisitor´s Cloak
Cloak/wings : Spikes of Raging Darkness

Name : Philarmony (Empire side)
Server : Evolution
I prefer to be bad in game rather than being a trash in real life

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Monday, October 30th 2023, 1:28pm

That night, the ghouls, the souls of the lost, the demons have the right to roam free across the lands, and here in Umoira, the Vampires do quite a lot of cloning.

Beware, your blood will be theirs...

Costume set:
Weapon 2H Stick
Head : Astral Cabalist (Gorluxor's tower set)
Shoulders: Hickut Triblasit (Tep Pyramid)
Cloak / Wings : Imago Wings (Metamorphosis collector)
Costume : Necrosed Vest (Clear Valley)
Pet : Ghoul (Errand's Wild Pet)

Character : ZoKathRa
Server : Evolution
Side: League


Monday, October 30th 2023, 1:54pm

Halloween Mascarade

Deep in the forbidden realm, where shadows dance in harmony with darkness, a sorcerer feared by nightmares itself was born. His name echoed like a whisper filled with terror: Faulin, the Demonologist.
Faulin was born on a stormy night, when lightning cut the sky like sharp blades. His eyes, from the moment they opened, reflected a demonic flame, a flame that burned not only in his essence, but also in his ambition.
From a young age, Faulin was consumed by the search for forbidden knowledge. He devoured forgotten grimoires and roamed dark crypts in search of secrets buried in time. His power grew, fueled by dark pacts he sealed on the banks of the abyss.
They said that Faulin could summon demons with a simple whisper and that his laugh echoed on the most macabre nights. His enemies disappeared into the shadows, and their souls were collected like trophies from a demonic hunt.
On a moonless night, Faulin performed a ritual so unholy that hell itself shook. He opened a rift between the worlds, allowing the demonic legions to spill over the land. Darkness advanced like a black tide, swallowing everything in its path.
But, like any unbridled quest for power, the price was high. Faulin saw his own humanity being devoured by the flames he so eagerly sought to control. His body became a walking shadow, a grotesque fusion between man and demon.
Now Faulin wanders the haunted lands that were once his domain. His name is whispered in fearful legends, while those who dare call upon his name draw attention from the abyss itself.
And so, the Demonologist's saga continues, echoing like an eternal lament in the souls of those who dare to listen. His laughter resonates in nightmares, a reminder that in the quest for ultimate power, even shadow lords can be consumed by the darkness they unleash.

Cap: Mage's Mask of Dead City
Shoulder: Hickut Warrior's Shoulder Strap
Cape: Dragon Wings
Outfit: Perished Summoner's Costume
Pet: Khirg
Map: Far Astral Allod - Carnival of Fantasies

Character: Faulin (League)
Server: Smugglers Paradise (P2P)

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Tuesday, October 31st 2023, 10:41am

«Halloween Mascarade» contest

He, whose death was caused by vampires thousands of years ago, returns in the very last days of October to take revenge, in the form of a simple skeleton. Don't let his weak appearance fool you though, he is an old mage who used necromancy to haunt all the vampires of Sarnaut, even after death!
Unfortunately, his mind is exhausted, he has lost his cognitive abilities, and he is nothing more than a wandering disaster, ready to ruin all of Tenebra!
Be wary of his weapons and his skills, without rationality, he could come after you next...

I used : skeleton costume, Gibbet, Heretic's Ardent eyes, magic drake as costume, and I took this screenshot in Tenebra.

Character : Berzuus (League)
Server: Evolution


Tuesday, October 31st 2023, 6:08pm

Extra Link in case pic above doesn't show up:

The Almighty Executioner

He goes without a real name as all the other executioners. But he shouldn't be mistaken as any other executioner. His age is unknown.
Some say he is one of the first creations to ever come to Sarnaut.
He bestowes fear upon his foes, looking at his axe is enough to make one's neck itch. He beheads anyone that's unfortunate enough to be on his way, without showing slightest vision of mercy.
Even the mightiest gods don't stand a chance against him.
By the folk It's said that the skulls hanging at his skirt and axe belongs to unfortunate ancient gods who tried to confront him.
People of Sarnaut think that he's an ancestor to Mighty orcs we know today.

Helmet: Headdress of the Zealous Reaver
Shoulders: Labyrinth Servant’s Leather Shoulderpad
Cape: Cape of the Peerless Reaver
Torso: Skull Hunter's Armor
Holy Weapon: 2 Handed Axe appearence of "Madness of War" weapon skin.

Nickname: Monster
Server: Evolution

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Tuesday, October 31st 2023, 11:35pm



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«Halloween Mascarade» contest

Character: Taurwi (Empire)
Server: Evolution (F2P)

Fragment of the report on the massacre in the newly discovered part of the Ferris Laboratory. Attached is a last photo of the victim and a recording from the victim's dictaphone.

February 23, 1022
After many years of disputes between faction leaders and Zayan regarding the research facility on Ferris, our Department of Data Processing of MANANAZEM Research Institute received full access to the archives there. Given recent events, complex is undergoing renovation, so records must be transported to another, safer place. The priority are factories of mechanoids and other weapons (is there a planned war on Eden?). The goal of our team is to collect, catalog and convert all information into modern data carriers [...]. Some newcomers had problems understanding that we could fit millions of pages into an object no bigger than a Pointy Ears magazine. You can even view them from this device (not only these archives) [...]. Our colleagues from the Department of Telecommunications, in cooperation with Elves, are planning to create a wireless network between devices, so in the near future we will be able to have access to all information, even in the farthest layers of astral!
February 28, 1022
[...] During works in underground part, a corridor with many warehouses, laboratories and samples of Architect's matter was discovered. Groups of scientists went there to retrieve the records[...]. I am concerned about the technical documentation, which is confusingly reminiscent of torture machines or the process of modernizing our mummified bodies at the Institute. Most of them are authored by a certain Negus Jeeg [...].
March 6, 1022
[...] Some old security system was triggered. Rusty mechanoids and bodies with mechanical limbs and traces of Architect's modifications began to attack us from various sides. Guards can't cope with them. This is a nightmare [...]. There are traps in most corridors [...]. Poor Sasha, when he tried to open the door, barrier activated, cutting him along coronal plane. Will others be more fortunate? [...].
x x, 1022
[...] I could have barricaded myself in another room. Negus Jeeg must have been messing with the container's barrier generator […]. My body is slowly mutating because of this Architect shard. For some time now, stone structures have started to grow out of me.
x x, 1022
[…] I don't know how many days I've been alone in this room. Scary noises and mechanical sounds can be heard outside the door, as if they were getting closer. Mutations are becoming unbearable. My prosthesis need servicing, supplies are running out, and I'm slowly losing hope for salvat

At this point recording stops.


Spoiler Spoiler

Head: Scientist's Protective Mask
Shouder: Agent of Architects Structure
Outfit: Scientist Coat
Pet: Scout
Nickname: Taurwi
Server: Evolution


Thursday, November 2nd 2023, 6:34pm

Halloween Mascarade 2023

Character - Mistrallis (Empire)
Server - Evolution

Helmet- Vampire's Knight Hat
Shoulder - Raven Knight's Black Feathers
Cape - Raven Knight's Mystical Wings
Outfit - Raven Knight's Cloak
Weapon - Lunar Crusader 2h Staff
Assault Shell - Ymir (Div Mystic Shell)
Pet - Russula

Somewhere in the eastern part of Foul Dale, where there's countless vampires and dangerous creatures roaming around, there is a dark forest. If you are ever brave, foolish or ignorant enough to go traveling through that forest, there is a possible chance that you might come across a peculiar wooden house. This cabin is the home of Mistrallis. I don’t advise that you knock at the door of her eerie wooden home, no matter how much you have lost your way through the forest – for Mistrallis is a dangerous dark witch.

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Sunday, November 5th 2023, 11:39pm

Halloween Mascarade

Ella the Fallen

Once upon a time in Foul Dale, a small village hidden away in the realm of Allods , a mysterious being appeared. The townsfolk were both intimidated and in awe of the figure. It had the wings of an angel, a devilish set of horns, and an ethereal glow to its body.

The villagers were initially afraid of this creature, but soon came to understand that its intent was peaceful. The creature went by the name of Ella and spoke to them about their misdeeds, and warned them of the consequences of their actions if they continued to stray away from the path of righteousness.

Despite the initial fear of Ella, it soon became a welcomed figure in Foul Dale. Ella showed them how to craft and work with the natural elements so that they could work more efficiently. In addition, Ella provided healing and protection to the village when it needed it.

Ella eventually moved on and left Foul Dale. However, the effects of its presence were still seen long after it had departed. The villagers had learned a valuable lesson about the deeds they had committed and the consequences of those deeds. They now looked to Ella as a protector and guardian angel of sorts, always watching out for them from the heavens.

Helmet- Shining Halo
Shoulder - Good And Evil companions
Cape - White Wings
Outfit - Skeleton Costume
Weapon Appearance - Yasker Hawk`s Uniform

Location : Umoir
Map: Foul dale
Zone : Ancient Crater - Meteorite shard

Character : Meriasa
Faction : Empire
Server : Evolution, F2P


Monday, November 6th 2023, 2:20pm

Halloween Mascarade _Guardian of the Eternal Night

A long time ago, in the dark lands of Allods, there was a legend that terrified the residents every Halloween. It was said that, on that sinister night, a warrior demon known as the Guardian of the Eternal Night emerged from the depths of the darkness.

This demon was a nightmarish vision, with a skull head wreathed in flames that danced sinisterly. His horns burned with a dark fire that illuminated his dark-black armor. Sharp claws and dark tentacles sprouted from his back, as if they were extensions of his own demonic being.

The Keeper of Eternal Night chose Foul Dale as his haunt every Halloween. The residents knew that it was useless to flee, as the demon had macabre knowledge of every corner of the village. His sinister laughter echoed through the deserted streets as he emerged from the shadows.

Legends said that the Guardian of Eternal Night did not bring destruction, but rather reflection. He challenged residents to face their own fears and inner darkness. Those who had the courage to confront the devil and overcome their own darkness were blessed with protection and wisdom.

And so, every Halloween, the residents of Foul Dale faced the Guardian of Eternal Night, seeking redemption and enlightenment, knowing that the devil was, in a way, their guardian and their guide in the midst of the darkness of eternal night. For, as the stories said, even in the darkest hearts, the light of hope could still shine.

Costume set:

Head: Ancient Helmet of the Conqueror
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of the Cavern Witch
Cloak/Wings: Spikes of Raging Darkness
Costume: Breastplate of Raging Darkness

Drakusam (League)
Server: Evolution

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Thursday, November 9th 2023, 2:24pm



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«Halloween Mascarade» contest

Devilish mood

"make the angel go!"
"feels so good to be bad"
"Nihaz, my lord you've created such a beautiful word"

costume set :
Weapon Appearance - Bloody day
Helmet - Horns of the father of lies
Shoulder - Good And Evil companions
Cape - Dragonborn Wings
Outfit - Dragon blood elegant costume Costume

Location : Withered Grove, Eden

Character : Freestile
Faction : League
Server : Evolution, F2P

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Friday, November 10th 2023, 2:38am

Halloween Mascarade 2023 | Grulgar the Malevolent, terror of Sarnaut

Character: ZadkaeI(Zadkaei) - Empire
Server: Evolution
Grulgar the Malevolent

In the dark realm of Sarnaut, where shadows clung to the ancient trees and eerie whispers echoed through the twisted branches, there lived an orc named Grulgar the Malevolent. Grulgar was no ordinary orc; he was a harbinger of terror, feared by all.
Legend spoke of Grulgar's insatiable thirst for the life force of the living. He prowled the astral allods on the night of Halloween, when the veil between the worlds was thin, and the boundaries between the living and the dead blurred. On this unholy night, Grulgar emerged from the shadows, his eyes gleaming with an otherworldly malevolence.
Wielding a wicked, rune-carved spear ordained with the skulls of his past victims, blood-stained armor, Grulgar roamed the realm, leaving a trail of fear in his wake. Villagers spoke in hushed tones about the ominous spark that hovered around him, collecting the stolen life force of his victims. They believed that this malevolent spark was a manifestation of the souls he had claimed.
As the moon cast an eerie glow over the desolate landscape, Grulgar ventured into the villages. The villagers, aware of the impending danger, had taken refuge in their homes, locking doors and shuttering windows. Yet, the orc's ominous presence lingered in the air.
Grulgar's eyes glowed brighter as he approached, sensing the fear that permeated the air. He raised his spear high, and a guttural growl escaped his throat as he unleashed a spine-chilling war cry. The spark surrounding him pulsed with an ethereal mana energy, drawing closer to its prey.
The villagers trembled as Grulgar entered the central square. He moved with an unnatural swiftness, his axe cleaving through the night air with a haunting whistling sound. The spark danced and flickered, absorbing the terrified whispers of the villagers as they cowered in the shadows.
The brave few who dared to confront Grulgar found themselves ensnared in a nightmarish dance with the orc. The air crackled with dark energy as the spark grew more radiant, casting an unholy light upon the macabre scene.
As the night wore on, Grulgar's malevolent rampage left the village in ruins. The once-thriving community now echoed with the haunting silence of the departed. Grulgar, his spark aglow with stolen souls, vanished into the depths of the haunted woods, leaving sarnaut in terror and fear.
The legend of Grulgar the Malevolent persisted, a cautionary tale passed down through generations. It's believed that the curse of TEP himself made him what he is and that by itself is fearsome enough for those who witnessed TEP's might.

Helmet: Kirah's Helmet (Can be obtained from Heroic Adventures)
Costume : Raven Lady's Cloak (Can be obtained during seasonal events)
Spaulders : Raven Lady's Agate Feathers (can be obtained during seasonal events
Cape: Wings of the Apostate (Can be obtained from Secret Paths Raid adventure in Ammer)
(Optional pet: Mana spirit)

Location: Yazes Shard

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Saturday, November 11th 2023, 3:49am

Halloween mascarade

the One eyed Guardian

Once upon a time, in the world of Sarnaut , there lived a man who was appointed guardian to the pyramid of Tep. Protecting the pyramid was the guardian's purpose in life, and to this end, he never strayed from his post.

One night, while the guardian was patrolling the pyramid's grounds, a strange man materialized from the shadows. The guardian recognized him immediately—it was the mythical god of the pyramid, the snake god Apophis. Mesmerized by the god's alien visage, the guardian listened as Apophis cursed him with one purple eye and a snake hissing in his ears.

The guardian was filled with conflicting emotions—horror for the curse he had been afflicted with and awe at having encountered an actual god. Nevertheless, he continued to guard the pyramid, albeit with renewed terror.

Every night, the guardian could hear the slithering of the serpent within his ears, and he feared the moment when the serpent would complete its journey through his body and emerge from his eye. Until that day could arrive, all he could do was protect the pyramid and endure its torturous curse.

Helmet- Mask of the Versed Augur
Cape - Wise snake
Outfit - costume of the cautious Inventor

Location : ZIT Headquarters

Character : Hamox
Faction : Empire
Server : Evolution


Saturday, November 11th 2023, 12:01pm

Halloween Mascarade 2023

Name: Luzy
Server: Smugglers Paradise
Faction: League

Being Late

The ancient witch, Squabble, sent out mysterious invitations to a clandestine Halloween bash in Foul Dale, but the catch was, no one knew where exactly the spooky place was. The dilemma of choosing the perfect costume weighed heavily on my mind — what if it clashed with someone else's?

After an exhausting search through my chaotic room (which unintentionally resembled a Halloween scene itself), I stumbled upon the ideal outfit in vibrant shades of purple and neon green. Naturally, I lost track of time in the process and ended up fashionably late.

Frantically, I rushed to Clear Valley, the designated meeting spot for a lift from a skeleton wizard and his Halloween party bus. Upon my arrival, the eerie silence suggested I had missed the ride, and disappointment set in.
:wacko: Just as I was about to concede defeat and summon the porter to take me home, I felt a sudden lift into the air.

Heart pounding, I realized I was in the grasp of a colossal red bat that soared over Foul Dale. Moments later, it gracefully landed in the "Bone Thicket," revealing the entire guest list already assembled. Squabble gave me a mischievous wink and asked, "Did you enjoy your special taxi? How could we start the party without you?"

The Halloween revelry had only just begun, and little did I know, it would become the best one of my life. The air was charged with excitement as laughter and eerie tunes filled the Bone Thicket. Squabble's secret party was a spectacular blend of spooky surprises, delightful frights, and a touch of magic. :love:

From the dancing shadows to the bubbling cauldrons, the atmosphere was bewitching. Every guest, adorned in their unique costumes, added a splash of color to the night. As the festivities unfolded, I realized that being fashionably late had its perks—it only heightened the anticipation.

Squabble, the mastermind behind it all, led the revelry with gleeful mischief. The giant red bat that had whisked me away turned out to be her enchanting creation—a whimsical touch that set the tone for the night.

The party bus, now parked in a corner, served as a makeshift stage for impromptu performances and spellbinding acts. Skeleton wizards showcased their dancing skills, while a ghostly choir filled the air with haunting melodies.

As the night wore on, friendships were forged in the glow of jack-o'-lanterns, and memories were etched in the moonlit corners of Foul Dale. It was a Halloween to remember, a magical night where the ordinary transformed into the extraordinary, and the revelry echoed in the heart long after the last haunting note faded away.


Cap: Mask Of Old Mysteries
Costume: Raven Lady's Cloak
Shoulders: Raven Lady's Agate Feathers
Cloak: Raven Lady's Mystical Wings
Underwear: How dare you ask about my underwear?

Weapon: Weapon Appearance "Madness"


Saturday, November 11th 2023, 11:45pm

Winter Palace, 1839.
Time has come for the last social event of the season. Guests from all over Sarnault received an invitation bearing the words:

Halloween Masquerade Party
Come and feast on the tastiest food in the kingdom, indulge yourself with our finest wines while wearing your most terrifying mask!

Vampyroo, master of the house, had learned his lesson from his great-great-grandfather Armand De Douceur. In his honor, the host invited prestigious musicians of the court of Louis, King of the Elves. The graceful melody reached Vampyroo’s ears as he made his way to the masquerade hall; accompanied by delightful scents of exquisite food and wine.
Just before entering the room, at the bottom of the stairs, Vampyroo froze, his face became whiter than it already was. The moon, high in the sky, illuminated with its silver light, what remained of the body of his beloved.
Behind his disguise, one guest was about to perform his final dance.

Costume Set :
· Alchemist's Eyeglass
· Spellsinger's Coat
· Vampire Cloak
· Bloodthirsty Bat
· Weapon Appearance "Deadly Beauty"
· Radiance of Unsurpassed Master

Character : Vampyroo (League)
Server : Evolution


Sunday, November 12th 2023, 10:18pm

Halloween Mascarade - Karaat, The Midnight church Shaman

Karaat was a shaman of great honor and respect until he lost his beloved.
In an attempt to resurrect her, he gave his soul to evil and was cursed to wander eternally in the world of the living.
His soul and that of his beloved lynx are trapped in the midnight temple, where he kills the unfortunate people who cross his path in search of adventure.

Place: Emerald Island (compass)
Costume: Skeleton Costume
Shoulder: Dark Metal Shoulderpads
Helmet: Ancient Helmet of the Conqueror
Pet: Astral Spirit

Character: Karaat
Faction: League
Server: Smugglers Paradise

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