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Monday, November 13th 2023, 12:18pm

Halloween Mascarade

Sarnaut's Adventurer

Kori and her loyal companion follow their path as adventurers and travel all over Sarnaut to explore every allod.
As a young Priden, Kori was bored in her hometown of Howlem and decided to see all parts of Sarnaut. She was excited about each Allod and loved the nature, no matter wether it's a desert, rain forest or a huge city, she wanted to see everything. And so she made her big step to explore all of it.

During her journey she met many different and exciting allods and even made a lot of friends like her lynx companion. They still keep the goal to spread positivity so everyone has fun and enjoy their life. Even she jokes around her friends she makes everyone laugh. Her big heart burns to see people laughing and being happy, that makes her feel like a hero and tries to help everyone in Sarnaut.

Character: Korilynn
Server: Evolution, F2P
fraction: league
map: crystal mountain


rebel mask

shoulder: good and bad
back: mighty black wings
costume: zealous marauder
underwear: unconditional surrender
shell: nephalion

why i chose the costume, well as an adventurer the character needs something comfortable to explore the nature of sarnaut and the mask represents the fools and jokes she makes araound her friends.
korilynn has attached the following image:
  • korilynnstory1-min-min.jpeg

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Monday, November 13th 2023, 2:28pm

Events: Halloween Mascarade 2023

Marecar of the Nightmares

"I stand there, observe my army, my monsters."
"You cant move."
"If you see me, Im sorry..."

Character: Marecar
Server: Evolution, F2P
Faction: League

Head: Headgear of the Lost Astral Sorcerer
Chest: Costume of the Astral Fighter
Back: Wings of Heavenly Ascension
Shell: Escalade
Location: Yazes Shard

Thanks :D

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Sunday, November 19th 2023, 10:59am

In the heart of the Kingdom of Nature, where ancient trees whispered secrets and moonlight cast eerie shadows, there stood an abandoned prison known as the Warden's Keep. Legend had it that long ago, a cruel and merciless warden ruled over the inmates with an iron fist. Tales of cruelty and injustice surrounded the warden, and the prisoners suffered under his oppressive rule.

One fateful Halloween night, a rebellion erupted within the prison walls. The inmates, desperate for freedom and driven by the spirits of the season, overpowered the guards and turned the tables on the wicked warden. In the chaos that ensued, the warden met a gruesome end, his life extinguished by the very prisoners he had tormented for so long.

As the warden drew his last breath, a mysterious and otherworldly energy enveloped him. Instead of finding peace in death, his vengeful spirit became tethered to the Kingdom of Nature, forever cursed to roam the grounds of the Warden's Keep during the Halloween season.

Every year, as the air grew crisp and the leaves rustled with the whispers of the past, the ghostly warden would rise from the depths of the prison. A spectral figure clad in tattered prison garb, his eyes glowed with an eerie, malevolent light.

His ghostly presence brought a chill to the air and a sense of unease to anyone who dared to venture near the Warden's Keep on Halloween night. Those who were unfortunate enough to cross his path would feel a sudden drop in temperature and hear the rattling of invisible chains, a haunting reminder of the warden's cruel reign.

It was said that the warden sought to avenge his untimely demise, targeting those who embodied the spirit of rebellion. The sound of ghostly footsteps echoed through the moonlit forest as he lurked in the shadows, his ethereal form drifting through the trees.

Brave souls who ventured into the Kingdom of Nature on Halloween night spoke of seeing a pale, ghastly figure with hollow eyes, a harbinger of the past seeking justice or perhaps revenge. The legend of the dead warden served as a cautionary tale, reminding all who heard it that the sins of the past could come back to haunt even the most wicked souls, especially when the veil between the living and the dead grew thin on All Hallows' Eve.

Location ;

Kingdom of Nature - Shadowy Mire

Costumes ;
Headpiece: Crown of the Versed Orpheus
Shoulder: Bear Circle Keeper's Paws
Cape: Bear Circle Keeper's Hide
Costume: Nih Executioner's Robe

Character : Ymir (League)
Server: Evolution


Sunday, November 19th 2023, 6:03pm

Events: Halloween Mascarade 2023

Born in the fractured land of Al Rihat, Archangel, a simple commoner in the Howling Ruins, rose with resilience and cunning. In her youth, she mastered the arts of diplomacy and military strategy, winning leadership over disaffected citizens. Defying social conventions, Archangel mobilized a silent revolt that swept the region, overthrowing the oppressors.

With the fervent support of the people, Archangel found herself crowned Queen of the Howling Ruins. Determined to unite the fragmented lands of Al Rihat, she led her forces in conquering each enclave, utilizing a combination of diplomacy and calculated military force. Her reign not only symbolized the rise of an extraordinary woman, but also the transformation of a desolate desert into a unified kingdom under the visionary leadership of Archangel.

Character: Arcanjo
Server: Evolution, F2P
Faction: League

Costumes ;
Headpiece: Plagot Thief's Furcap
Costume: Plagot Sage's Tunic

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Sunday, November 19th 2023, 6:40pm

Events: Halloween Mascarade 2023

Once upon a time, in a mystical land, there was a courageous adventurer named Mavericky. His insatiable curiosity and daring spirit led him to the heart of the Enchanted Forest, a place cloaked in an eerie darkness that sent shivers down the spines of even the bravest souls.

Mavericky , armed with a gleaming sword and a satchel filled with supplies, ventured deep into the shadows of the ancient trees. The air was thick with mystery, and the only sounds that broke the silence were the rustling leaves and distant whispers of the wind. As he pressed forward, the trees seemed to close in around him, creating an almost suffocating atmosphere.

The adventurer's keen senses picked up on strange movements and faint glimmers of light in the distance. Undeterred, Mavericky. pressed on, determined to uncover the secrets hidden within the depths of the forest. Suddenly, he stumbled upon a clearing bathed in an otherworldly glow. In the center of the clearing stood a magnificent, centuries-old tree with silver leaves that seemed to dance in the moonlight.

As Mavericky approached the tree, he noticed a soft hum resonating from its trunk. Intrigued, he placed his hand on the bark, and a surge of energy coursed through him. The tree came to life, revealing itself as the guardian spirit of the Enchanted Forest. It spoke to Mavericky in a melodic voice, sharing the tale of an ancient artifact hidden deep within the heart of the forest—a key to unlocking the magic that could save the realm from an impending darkness.

Eager to prove himself, Mavericky accepted the quest bestowed upon him by the guardian spirit. His journey took him through treacherous terrain, facing mythical creatures and solving intricate puzzles that guarded the path to the sacred artifact. With each challenge overcome, the darkness that loomed over the Enchanted Forest began to wane.

Finally, after a series of trials, Mavericky stood before the ancient altar that held the magical artifact. As he grasped the key, a surge of brilliant light enveloped the forest, banishing the darkness once and for all. The guardian spirit appeared, expressing gratitude for Mavericky bravery and resilience.

The Enchanted Forest, once shrouded in mystery and fear, now thrived with newfound life and vibrancy. Mavericky, the intrepid adventurer, had not only conquered the darkness but had become a legend whispered about in the rustling leaves and gentle winds, a hero whose name would be remembered throughout the ages..

Location ; Darkwater

Costumes ;
Headpiece: Cultists' Cloak
Shoulder: Withie mouse
Cape: wings Of the Versed Sargittarius
Costume: cultist's Mantle

Character : Mavericky (League)
Server: Evolution

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Sunday, November 19th 2023, 10:35pm



Posts: 25

Location: Croatia

Occupation: Security

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Name: Tomek
Smugglers Paradise

Raven had been living on the ice island of Isa for as long as he could remember. He had grown up alone, with no family or friends to keep him company. He had grown accustomed to the solitude, but he still yearned for companionship. One day, while out exploring the island, Raven stumbled upon a small hut tucked away in a hidden corner of the island. He cautiously approached the hut and peered inside. To his surprise, he found a young boy, no older than himself, sitting inside. The boy introduced himself as Tomek and explained that he had been stranded on the island for weeks. Raven was immediately drawn to Tomek and the two quickly became friends. Together, they explored the island, discovering its hidden secrets and marveling at its beauty. They shared stories and laughed until their sides ached. Raven and Tomek soon became inseparable. They were like brothers, and Raven was grateful to have a friend to share his life with.

Costume: Skeleton Costume
Cape: Frost's Icy Cover
Cap: Supreme Seidman's Crown
Holy Weapon: Whisper of the Dead
Black Raven

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