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Sunday, November 26th 2023, 2:08pm

Priest pve 14.1 p2p

Priest 14.1 (p2p)

Good morning players, today I bring a pve build for priest.

Priest is the best class for beginners, having high AoE damage and many survival skills.

considerable class, easy to play but very strong for the game's content.


for pve I avoided using melee skills, because in high content, a mistake is fatal so I prefer to stick with long range attacks

Talents mixed with high area damage with protective skills for both allies and oneself.


first page of rubies focused on stamina, faith recovery and protection skills.

second page with the mix, focused on status, increased damage from skills.


On the last page, I chose to include it completely, as it maximizes my stats, and also increases the damage of my main skills in combat.


(this is the almost important Ruby for Pve)


standard status, but I tend to put less prof and more brutality on bosses.

It's worth remembering that the priest uses plate, so his armor is already greater than most, in addition to being allowed to use a shield, increasing his survival even further.

Enjoy :D

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