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Sunday, February 25th 2024, 11:13am

15.0 TEASER / Gearing / Smugglers Paradise

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In my opinion, the gear system in the new patch for Allods, version 15.0, doesn't really bring anything fresh to the table. The lower-tier gear (T1 and T2) remains pretty much the same as before.

However, when it comes to the higher-tier gear (T3), things get a bit messy. Now, instead of a straightforward progression, players have to deal with a more complicated system. They need to collect six different scrolls of reinforcement from various places, and the drop rates for these items are low (Astral Islands and Distortions). This means a lot of daily grinding !!

On servers with a healthy player population, it's not so bad because you can buy what you need from other players on the Auction House. But on our small server Smugglers Paradise, where there aren't as many players around, it's harder. Basically, the system hasn't really changed for the better; it's just become more complicated and time-consuming, which might not be fun for everyone.

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Sunday, February 25th 2024, 11:16am


When you reach level of 90, your guild may help to get gear from Alrihat, as it's tradeable, but it has only 90%

With level 105 you can get a gearset in the astral academie, that helps you to do your last 5 levels in the new zone. (to replace green leveling gear, not the Alrihat gear)

You will also get the blue Wizard Emblem in this starter pack


Queue the actual Astral Sector / wait your 5min and you get mercs for free, they are really bad, but at least Rowdy tanks sometimes and Matron heals^^ , best is to go with more people and spam it. You can drop gear with max 115% on it.

You can also drop artefacts, those are temporary for 30 days

To upgrade the % on your equip, you need to use insignias

You can buy them on Alrihat

To get the 109% insignias you need to loot the big Alrihat chest (the chest contains also a gear piece / tradeable), each full hour (will be PVP zone)

You can get insignias also from PVP or 3v3 npc or by doing heroics with your guild. Insignias 112% and 115% you can get only by doing heroics with a full group.


Sunday, February 25th 2024, 11:23am

This all is Tier1 gear, to upgrade your gear to Tier 2, you need a profession at max level or somebody that can craft it for you. Also by crafting a T2 it will be again with 90%

What workpieces you need depends of your class (cloth, leather or plate)

Second material you need is Enchanted Material

You get those by "burning" your keys. Each day you get 14 keys. The change in 15.0 is that you can stack up to 1000 keys now instead of only 196

You spend keys by doing astral, doing OBS, Nihaz, Hirkalla quest and by killing big mobs in Alrihat

To make Enchanted Material out of it you need tools (hammers). There are 3 different once, the cheapest once you can buy on the anvil npc, but that would be a very bad choice because you will get out the lowest amount of material.

Better tools can be crafted when you have a profession or somebody can craft it for you

Those tools you can get also from your order npc (limited each 14 days) or from 3v3 npc

Best tools are the ones from realgar, every thursday is server reset and you get realgar based on your dominion wins and honor you had, by right clicking on that realgar you get dominion tools.


With the weekly realgar you can buy special scrolls : stat points, rubies and talent points , this are the first things you want to get.


Sunday, February 25th 2024, 11:34am

Tier 3

By using the scrolls on your T2 gear it retains the %

Helmet, Shoulder and Chest. Obtained from the following sources:

1. Alrihat – 304 units of currency.

2. KOE – 980 units of currency.

It is possible to convert it into any other (except for weapon) at a rate of 7 to 1.

Cloak, Gloves and Shirt. Obtained from the following sources:

1. All participants at the end of June Catas.
2. For complete the training and rating Trial of Blood. (can be spammed)
3. Purchase with Demon Sparks (Tka-Rik) – 17 units of currency.

4. Melting Island – 50 units of currency.

It is possible to convert it into any other (except for weapon) at a rate of 7 to 1.


Belt, Pants and Feet. Obtained from the following sources:

Hirkalla currency and participation in Hirkalla events – 85 units of currency.

It is possible to convert it into any other (except for weapon) at a rate of 7 to 1.


Wrist and Rings. Obtained from the following sources:

1. A small chance for completing Astral Islands and Distortions.
2. Purchase for PVP – 728 units of currency.

3. Purchase with Emblems of 3v3/6v6 – 134 units of currency.

It is possible to convert it into any other (except for weapon) at a rate of 7 to 1.


Earrings and Neck. Obtained from the following sources:

1. Boss in the Nihaz Citadel.

2. OBS:

- Easy – Random drop, 2 from the first three bosses and 3 from the last enemy.
- Normal – Everyone receives 1 from the last Boss and 6 random drops from each boss.
- Hard – Everyone receives 1 from the first three bosses and 2 from the last enemy.

It is possible to convert it into any other (except for weapon) at a rate of 7 to 1.
It is possible to convert it into a weapon blank at a rate of 10 to 1.


Weapon. Obtained from the following sources:

Killing the final boss of Nihaz's Citadel.

In order to unpack the Weapon Blank, your character must have a currency such as the Master's Revelation. This currency you get 1 time per week, which does not allow you to make a Tier 3 weapon in the first week, but in the fifth.

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