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Monday, April 1st 2024, 4:59am

New player

hello everyone!
I'm a new player to Allods and i was wondering what is the best server to play on for PvP + faction, what should i
any info is good info the game looks really fun willing to try it out thank you!


Monday, April 1st 2024, 10:19am

Hello dear friend,

We are a guild located at P2P Empire side called " The Death Dynasty "

We would really like to see you here :)

Reach me on discord if you are up to it. My nickname is .madraen on discord.


Monday, April 1st 2024, 11:13am

Hello there GJEHD!

If you want to look into the game at first just to see how everything looks like -> F2P. There are more players (Faction doesn’t really matter)
PvP wise I’d also say F2P. I’m not sure how many players are on the P2P server by now but PvP definitely pops a lot on the F2P Server. The only thing will be that most people who are doing PvP on the F2P have a lot of cs so as a newbie it can be quite hard to do PvP in BGs.

For the game in general I’d say check out on the F2P Server for a bit and if you still like it the game and don’t want to spend too much money you still could go to the P2P Server.

The Game is really fun especially if you’ll find the right people to play with! :thumbsup:

Hope that helped for now!
Greetings and don’t hesitate to ask more questions! :thumbsup:
Allods Online Discord

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