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Tuesday, January 24th 2023, 2:37pm

Smuggler's Paradise weekly update!

Hey guys!
Here's our 2nd week of weekly updates on SP.
Thought a little journalism is what could spice things up, so here we go!
If there's active players from Evolution having an itch for that too, DM me! Dragagon#1985
Read the weekly update here.

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Tuesday, March 21st 2023, 5:25pm

And back at it again with something new!
Very little is happening, as many are aware, hence the 3 week gap. We'll see when we get 14.0 :D
Read all about it here!


Thursday, April 13th 2023, 2:14am

Hey guys!
Been a good month, because it's been a while without anything new >_<
Glad to present a new volume of our SP updates!
We're adding new topics in every time so we're slowly expanding, hope that's more to your likings!
Without holding you back, read all about it here!


Wednesday, April 26th 2023, 2:50am

Hey Sarnaut!
Been another 2 weeks since our last post, so it's time for another update!
Increasing playerbase, Plenty of videos, a new raid boss on its way!
Read all about it here.


Thursday, May 18th 2023, 6:34pm

Hi Sarnaut!
I am aware the weekly in the posts' title is not living up to its name, but here we are regardless!
Better late than never they say, and so here it is!


Friday, June 30th 2023, 3:13pm

dang my man this is awesome ı dowload the game for the p2p server It looks you have a very niche society in there


Thursday, May 30th 2024, 3:59pm

Hey Sarnaut!
Ayo, basically it's been a year I see, and that is nuts! xD
And it's a great time to "return" gneheheh and apply what I've learned this past year to the future posts, making it better, more interesting and more exciting!
We've got a new post highlight Allods Online and all things happening on Smuggler's Paradise! :D
Head on over and read all about P2P's news, allods news, P2P content creators, and whatever else comes to your mind!
You mention it, we do it!

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