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Corrected Ruby/Talent Translations

Okay, so our class has a ton of poorly translated or just plain wrong information in it. The job of this thread is to correct that misinformation without costing you however many hundred or thousand gold it takes for a respec. If I don't mention it here and you have a question about it, ask. I'll look into it. Beyond that, let's make a note. Any time the text of a tooltip talks about "Combat Mode" it means when you're riding the Gun Mount. "Travel Mode" or is any time you are NOT riding the Gun Mount.

All Attacking Devices: "Durability cannot be restored by healing abilities" is true, except in the case of lifesteal. Lifesteal granted by your character's Bloodlust WILL HEAL the device. The chances of this actually mattering are precisely nil.

Frag Bomb: "Costs 10 energy when cast outside of combat" is a lie, technically. It costs 10 energy when you are in Travel Mode. Combat Mode suffers no energy cost. "Cannot be dropped too close" appears to be an out-and-out lie, probably from an earlier revision. I've been able to drop frag bombs at my feet for days.

Steel Mosquitos: "Consumes 20 energy if cast outside of combat" has the same problem as frag bombs, it actually means you'll spend 20 energy when in Travel Mode. Combat Mode suffers no energy cost.

Dither Bomb: "Consumes 20 energy if cast outside of combat" same problem as frag bombs, you'll use 20 energy when in Travel Mode.

Deus ex Machina: "Holy" is a mistranslation, they meant to say "Divine." Divine damage is Holy/Shadow/Astral damage, so this will boost the crit rate of your shadow and astral hits.

Heavy Ordnance: Does NOT boost the range OR SPLASH RADIUS of Frag Bombs at the very least. It DOES boost damage, but certainly not anything other than that. I have picture evidence of this. I even tested in case the circle just wasn't properly updating, but no. In absolutely no cases does this boost anything to do with range of anything at all. This is ONLY a 30% damage buff to Frag Bombs and probably Dither. It did NOT boost the damage of Mosquitos.

Elemental Hazard: "Natural" damage is all non-phys elements. This will boost the power of any damage you OR YOUR BOTS do that is not physical.

Quick Escape: Mostly just iffy wording here. Reduces the cast time of dismounting your gun mount and the cooldown on the gun mount caused by either you dismounting it or it getting blown to kingdom come.

Materialism: Boosts your Nature (poison/acid/disease/fuzzy warden feelbads), Elemental (fire/ice/volt/), and Divine (holy/shadow/astral) damage resistance.

More to come as people ask questions and I get up to level enough to test 'em.
IGN: Rozetri
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Guild: Ascendancy (Valiance)
Server: New Frontier (Tensess)
Ship: IndigoSky


thank you for clearing those up, bad wording in talents and rubies makes building like.... assembling Ikea furniture.
:love: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gun. :love:


Nice job, Tri :) Now do the same for your beloved Paladin class :D

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