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Friday, April 11th 2014, 5:19pm

connection broken, could not establish connection

connection broken , could not establish connection

I take it this means that the servers are down again??? Anyone else having issues (I have progessive download and its REALLY SLOW


Friday, April 11th 2014, 6:07pm

Now it is saying ...

Connection Broken: A host address with that name could not be found.

Any ideas??


Friday, April 11th 2014, 7:06pm

I cant seem to get a connection the to authentification server at

Is anyone else having this issue or just me?


Friday, April 11th 2014, 8:51pm


Servers are working fine.
You may try what is explained here, to know where is the problem :…D=4282#post4282

Have you try to restart your computer ? Or your internet connection (modem) ?
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