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Saturday, April 12th 2014, 4:15pm

Speach of Light

So I am starting to run out of Speach of Light, I tried to check Item Shop but there was none, then i remembered that i heard something about a daily/weekly Speach of Light quest, and I went to a bunch of maps, but there was no quest i could do. can anybody tell me where the Speach of Light quest is, and how to get there? :P ;)


Saturday, April 12th 2014, 4:23pm


This is Specks of Light ;).
You gain some Specks by doing quests all along your levelling.

I saw an new kind of Speck of Light in the item shop, with a timer (30 days, 180days). There are in the "Service" tab (5th one), and then "upgrades".
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Saturday, April 12th 2014, 7:40pm



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There is a repeatable quest called "Heavenly Fire" in Pearl Ring, it gives specks of light (50 of them)
And so on..

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