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Maybe do only shared BG's ( wf/df/jc/gb - maybe dominion ). I'ts too any idea.


i will be honest: even now where payserver is free not many players want to play on it
its just not attractive, in no way

It's very attractive. Nowadays most games cater to casuals and Allods p2p is exactly what is most severely needed on the MMO market today. Something for hardcore players. It's just people don't know about it, it's either that or this type of player is nearly extinct.


'ts too any id

You should stop being so silly.
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Dont think about merging with RU p2p!

1. Full epic is normal here and urs some blue on pvp area will like meat.
2. U have only 6500 weekly limite for wild but on RU they have 32k+! Do u want to live in this game?
3. Most of u cannot understand Russian psychology (but it is not only Russian) and this game was made for this type of psychology, not the best part of it. Did u forget why BS was banned? On RU bug-using is normal. Most bug here came from RU.
4. I have got good char on RU (with greatness etc) and i stoped cause it is boring to fight with school-gays... As said Dala be ready for "пашел накуй" etc. U willnot find this words in google translate and u will like idiots cause u willnot understand a situation. U must know not only 1-2 words u must know Russian GOOD, cause u will play on the enemy territory, cause for alot of those school-gays u will like enemy...

Now on RU as on EU/NA pvp is the same as f2p but only without runes and some mounts... BUT f2p model in AO r using economy and psychology (motivation etc) too. When in f2p exchenger appeared in game (gold-bcoins) this model cannot be usefull in p2p, cause this NPC must be in p2p too, but in p2p it cannot be - we have problem!

On RU p2p or on EU/NA p2p nothing will changed for u.
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down. (Spamming the forum is bad and you should feel bad.)
And so on..

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