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Thursday, April 17th 2014, 8:35pm

Wasn't trash talking anyone zurion. Stating known facts, sorry they happen to be your friends, but the truth is the truth
I do not answer to mods, only official staff on payroll


Thursday, April 17th 2014, 8:52pm



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i am in minc in like.. 4 years, forgot when it was created.

and yes, honor - means arrogancy, respect - means friend-oriented, loyality - is just a number.
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Its not likely that we'll ever be friends
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Thursday, April 17th 2014, 8:53pm

Wasn't trash talking anyone zurion. Stating known facts, sorry they happen to be your friends, but the truth is the truth

Yes, they are my friends and my guildies, I don't deny that. But that's not why I edited your post. This thread is about balance, it's supposed to offer insights on how the server may achieve said balance. What you wrote in the post I edited wasn't doing that, but just the opposite. If more players would've read that, it's very likely that the subject of the thread would deviate.
If you have a grudge against certain people or guilds, please don't post about them on the forums. You can talk with them (or their representatives if it's a guild) about your problems.


Thursday, April 17th 2014, 11:15pm

However WarSong as I said has never been about being the best.

There you have it. It seems to me from whatever has been discussed in this thread so far, that League needs a big enough group of people who are precisely about that - being the best.


Friday, April 18th 2014, 12:18am



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As for all the lig guilds merging? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no thanks. If I remember correctly, when Doom became a super power YOU left for awhile Ryan. Sooo we can see how making a super mega power guild totally works out. As is, the League guilds are very unique unto themselves and that's what makes League side awesome. You have a choice. Not just 'Oh...let's go to one of two guilds'. Warsong, Astral Riders, Wanted, Dark Council, Transcend, and so on. There is a choice for who you want to join and what you want to do in endgame or if you want just be a casual player and find a group of people to do astral with and just screw around with.

Soo... League Status Quo? Sounds good to me to be honest. Sure people will QQ this is an MMO it's inevitable. There is always SOMETHING overtly wrong. Pretty sure humans complain about lots of things. Exact balance won't ever be a thing, these things ebb and flow with time and changes in the game. It's how the players adjust to these changes and patches.

So... let's take a 'the glass is half full' approach to the balance in the game. Instead of trying to 'carry' the team, look at it from a team play perspective in pvp or even astral. Utilize things that facilitate and create communication and use those venues in order to improve PvP and PvE experiences. Don't just be all './tableflip LIG SUCK AT WH/DF/JC/AS/MI/LIFE/DEATH/ALLTHINGS'. But I think positive thinking goes for everyone. :whistling: Sure there are some language barriers, but that is easily over come too.

Honestly speaking, no offense Imperial Yasker Loving Non-Goat Loving peeps, League side is much more fun and better. Well, that and the vanity looks sexier on Kanian women and we have little rodents that are perpetually drunk. Needless to say... much win.

Okies now back to healing. Hmm... got distracted for a bit too long :|.....

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Friday, April 18th 2014, 2:03am

When Doom became a super power I left the game for a very specific reason which you know full well of.

And not wanting guilds to merge is exactly why league side will always be mediocre at best.

I do not answer to mods, only official staff on payroll

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Saturday, April 19th 2014, 4:19am

mhh iam confused^^ at which faktor you decide which fraktion is stronger? is it the domi ranking? the pve firstkills ? the won battlegrounds? or the number of afkers before or in the tower?

when you say its domi you are right just merge everything strong and you win..
but when you see one of the other points then where is the point of merging? brings it you ANY advantage to have guildmates in a battleground? i dont think so^^ be it a minc or an sos player in my grp it doesnt matter i can play with him too right? i can raid with them too right?

so i dont really understand the complaining here sorry 8|


Saturday, April 19th 2014, 5:11am



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some of "good" lig guilds are totally disrespectfull with the others thats the main reson the faction doesn't prosper, just yelling dont join that dont join other if ur not geared, this is how old NA was, and no offence but today did a df with ppl that had worse gear than the "wanna be almighty" and we won cuz they were cooperant

like i said before lig guild leaders need to learn to talk, learn to lead, etc.

in that guild ur still fighting over champs regalia? i miss ur world drama lol...
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Saturday, April 19th 2014, 5:47am

i kinda win more with weaker people than with really OP people because all they know is how to run foward to get a kill and not look back or to the map or the minimap.

The problem with DF is that people don't know how to play it so they have 4 people on their cannon and 4 on the other cannon and than randomly u have a full raid chasing 1 person i find myself manytimes alone in the middle and when i press M i just want to "cut myself". There's no control about the buff at all and when they finally decide to move on the flag they care is standing on the middle of flag getting zerked by imps and cannon while they try to get 1 kill. When there's the "waiting time" (when all imps die) usually they go out of the flag and start looking at ... dont ask me, or they go to the imp cannon so they can die again and once they spawn they go to their own cannon and they start again the chasing the mage or summy while all other imps dance on the flag, they don't even use cannon their could be 9 people on the cannon that NOBODY uses it until the 1 person there dies. Many imps already told league really sucks at DF.

As for WH they usually use same tactics, they send 3 people ruins while everyone else mindless runs to the imp flag without even bothering getting the buff i think u can even count how many people in league actually tries to get the buff, once they are at imp flag usually nobody tries to get the flag until everyone is or even thinks about to use CC to help the person who's trying to get the flag, in the end one or 2 people are left on the only flag and since imps have freedom to get buffs they go there and they wipe those who are trying to defend or just afking (cuz it happends alot) in the end they losse the flag and those who went to the imp flag usually end up dead and since there's only 3 people at ruins imps tend to get all 3 flags on the first minute. :D

(AR did cleared whole tep before the patch not just till Sihal like Ryan was saying, it's a matter how much efford you want to put into it and how hard to try and we don't have some crazy monster dpsers like mincs (example) have and Wanted also fully cleared tep before lvl 60 patch!)


Saturday, April 19th 2014, 8:27am



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In DF i saw many times that ppl won't run to get the reinforcements buff,saw also that imps are collecting them both or prevent others to carry/hold the buff.When playing liga get distracted by holding the cannon ,instead to try kill fast the ones that attack the cannon and move up to flag asap.Would be usefull if some liga players would prevent imps getting the both buffs and also search the one that have the buff inside the circle and attack that one .
WH its even worse cuz ppl have no strategy at all...they either stand at one flag after they capture it ,not even trying to move to get another sometimes .Or when they decide to go for another flag ,they don't group up,going 2 players alone for example so they are easy targets for imps ,dieing useless lolz.We ligas,should not jump to kill only,but play a bit more strategic .

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