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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:39am



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[Outdated] Ratchettes Guide to becoming a Great Mechanic

Hello Sarnaut.

Ratchette here. I have been apart of the greatest playing guild Family, Eminence for a couple of years now.I have a few Toons here in the Wonderful World of Allods Online. The Kanian Mechanic has been my latest, Most fun Creation since I logged on the very first time. I have been a Pally [Ezira], A Bard [Ringtones], and countless other's. I've been an FPS player my whole life starting way back when Doom came out which, to my absolute delight, made my heart Soar when I saw the Allods Mechanic. Since the Heart of the world Patch, I have had my share of the daily grind. Then came more grind... and more and more grind. at least 15 of the 60 Levels have been a grind, BUT I have become grateful about the grind. For example, it has taught me some neat tricks about the engineer I don't think I would have known if I rushed through it too quickly. I hope this guide opens up a few new doors for those thinking about Rolling an Engineer. I have had many fun, exciting moments since Ratchette was made. I hope you will too.

The core of the Engineer is simple. He/she is there to Kick ass and take names. In short, Engineers are Mid Range Snipers. Although, they are just as tough up close as they are at an enormous distance of 60 yards. YES, you heard right. 60 yards!!! Of course that's just the range on the mounted turret (Full Minute of use) but where else can you sit back and deal mass amounts of damage without taking any yourself? I just don't know :D The Engineer is a great support class featuring Unique spells and abilities as well as some abilities of other classes currently in game. In the next few sections of this Post, I will show you the basics of being an Engineer starting with the Engineers abilities listed in the next post.

Engineer Abilities
Cannoneer Ruby Grid
Tekyan Warrior Ruby Grid
Wild Vulture Ruby Grid <coming soon

My PVE Build
My PVP Build <no need to critique. I havent tried it yet so I dont know of any mistakes. but I do enjoy constructive Criticism


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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:41am



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My PVE Build

Fire Shot: Rank 3

I usually don't get rank 3 anything unless it is imperative for a follow up ability.
Rank 3 fire shot for me is getting the most damage out of a tier 1 ability.

Consumes 25 energy per shot (15 energy with rubies) 20 yard range. 2 second cooldown

Burner: Rank 1

Deals XX amount of Damage to a single target in a cone shape. heats the reactor
30 degrees per second. Once the reactor Overheats the burner shuts down. Can not
be interrupted by knockdowns

Unfortunately, burner wasn't doing anything it was supposed to be doing.
SO I chose not to put any talent points into it. This may change as it gets

Turret: Rank 2 Battery Charges Required

Gives XX amount of damage every 2 seconds for 10 second.
The turret is a given. More Shots=More Damage!!

Battery Capacity: 100 charges. uses 20 charges every 2 seconds. cooldown 30 seconds.

Acid Shot: Rank 3

As with Fire shot, I took rank 3 Acid simply because I want to most damage out of
my lower tiered shots.

Consumes 30 energy per shot (22 energy with rubies) 25 yard range. 2 second cooldown

Frag Bomb: No Points Given

I just have to say... its the worst ability in the game. It has a nice 25
yard range, but unless you can get a top down view, you only have a 2
yard window in order to hit the target. I threw one at a mob a few feet
to the left and didn't even aggro the guy. Not worth it unless it becomes
an AOE, direct target throw or has a wider damage range.

Combat Mode: Rank 3

A mountable turret that extends the range of all shots to 60 yards.
The turret itself isn't such a big deal but with the right rubies, you
have a pretty nice piece of machinery. It comes standard with a
shield that at rank 3, absorbs 40% damage equal to its own health.
(remember when I said some talents are similar to other classes?)
Combat mode to me feels like Stony resilience for warriors. When
mounted, it gives you the same damage% bar over your own HP
Well Played Devs ;D
Lasts 1 minute. cool down (if damaged) is 3 minutes. if put away voluntarily,
cool down is reduced to 1 minute 30 seconds

Variable Polarity: Rank 3

When using a fire shot, the target becomes more vulnerable to cooling
shots and vice versa, dealing xxx amount more damage!
A must have at rank 3. Give a wonderful boost of damage when it procs
although its not every shot or every other shot, it gives it to you when
you need it the most!!!

Vespiairy: Rank 2

Basicaly, its a turret with ninja blades flying around it, that follows
a target dealing XXX damage every 0.5 seconds. I love the Vespiairy!!!
Alot of people think Im nuts cause it does the least amount of damage
in game
I didn't want to take anyone to school (especially since I have been out for 18 years) but we are going to do a little math here. The Vespiairy has a battery rating of 240 charges. It uses 10 charges per second for 24 seconds. While In Combat, it deals xx damage every 0.5 seconds.
24 seconds of [@ rank 2 lvl 60] does 720 ticks every half second. so lets say 1440 damage every second times 24? Do I have to finish? :D 34560
Battery Capacity: 240 charges. uses 10 charges per second. cooldown 30 seconds
(quick note on the Vesp. It does have a mind of its own, so once a mob is dead, it will auto attack another mob closest to it on its own. You don't have control over this machine whatsoever.)

Dazzler: No points given

Shoots a beam of light out that, if caught, shrinks the range of abilities
used by other players by 40/30/20 yards. Scouts beware muhwawahahaha
Since this is a PVE build I decided to leave it out.
Lasts 8 seconds on target (rubies increase duration) 30 yard range


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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:42am



  • "Kaggon" started this thread

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Hand Beam Cannon MK1: No points Given

Deals XXX damage up to 3 targets cooling the reactor 30/60/90 degrees.
I assumed this was another PVP skill and didnt apply it to my build. Decent AOE
but I took another route. Again, this is just a guide, not a rule book!!
range is 20 yards long and 7 yards wide.

Steel Mosquitoes: No Points Given

When Cast, sends 3 electrical bolts over the target, that deals xxx damage every 3 seconds
for 12 seconds. Unfortunately, once the target moves, the damage is interrupted and a 30
second cool down remains *sad face* Though it might be a great PVP skill in combination with
certain CC's (that doesn't interrupt upon damage) its pretty useless in PVE.

Battery Capacity: 120 charges. uses 10 charges per second. cool down 30 seconds

Intensive training III (A.K.A. Regen): Rank 3

Restores 12 points of energy and 1% mana every 8 seconds to all group members.
Best to have this rank 3. Very usefull in Group instances, Raids and Astral.
I used this at the very begining of my build. Once I was able to time my shots,
I went with potency instead (15% magic damage increase)(( in your ruby grid))

Lightning Shot: Rank 2

Deals a greater amount of damage then Fire and Acid Shot. I chose only
rank 2 because I cannot justify putting an extra 3 points into something
that only gives an extra 400 points of damage.

Consumes 35 energy per shot (28 energy with rubies) 30 yard range. 2 second cooldown

Hover Pad: Rank 2

This is one of the coolest skills in game In my Opinion. Once activated, you
Hover above the ground for X seconds, all the while still being able to use
your shots. While in Hover mode, Physical Damage will not harm you.
Magic still sting like a son of a gun, but the pad is still doable!!
Rank 2 gives you 6 seconds of hover time. rank 3 gives you 7. So I chose not
to waste 3 points for 1 extra second

Flamethrower: Rank 2

Causes XXX Damage to all targets in a cone shaped area. Heats the reactor
30 points every 1.5 seconds until it overheats and shuts down.
A little side note, when you use Flamethrower, Burner, Hand Beam Cannon or Dazzler,
just because the reactor shuts down, doesnt stop you from being able to use your
other shots available.

Defibulation: Rank 3

Can we say COMBAT combat combat RES res res (internet echo?) XD
Anyways, this is an Awesome combat res that allows you to resurrect a friendly
target AND... wait for it... Grants them Invulnerability to damage for a short
period of time. (if your healer is good, BOOM. instant res and heals)
But with this skill you get a twofer. Thats right. a two for 1 skill. Not only can you
res in combat, but this skill is also used as a stun for those pesky folk who
try to kill you all the time. Excelent addition to the Engineer in my opinion!
(another page from the paladin res with its own little tweak)

Burst of Mana: Rank 2

In Travel Mode (opposite of Combat mode) deals a pulse of damage to all surrounding enemies.
In Combat mode (Mounted on Turret) XX damage is delt and Pulses all targets surrounding you
up to 10 yards and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. (more with rubies) temp of reactor must be
no less then 50 degrees above 0. once used it resets the reactor to 0 degrees
Its a nice little boost of extra damage once you run your flamethrower to max. resets your reactor so you can
get back to owning your mob/opponent!
This is also taking a page from the Psi's Pulse. Nice Job Dev's!!!
Range 10 yards. Cooldown 30 seconds

Steel Trap: No points given

When Activated, it moves to a target trapping it for X amount of seconds
and dealing damage over time.
This is a strange contraption that I myself have not mastered yet. It seems like it works
some of the time. The rest of the time it seems to attach and then disappear. SO I chose
to leave it out of my build and use the points on something more productive.
Battery Capacity: 80 charges. uses 10 charges per second. cool down 40 seconds
(battery cap extends with rubies)

Astral Shot: Rank 2

Another More Powerful shot then the others. As with all shots, they do
heat and cool the rector respectivly, but useing one and then the other
keeps your reactor in balance. As with lightnig shot, I chose rank 2 because
rank 3 is a waste of point due to the low damage increse.
Consumes 40 energy per shot (35 energy with rubies) 35 yard range. 2 second cooldown

Dither Bomb: Rank 1

A Single Target Grenade causing XX Shadow Damage (depending
on the temp of the reactor, the higher the better) and stacks up
to 3 levels of Deadly resonance that deals another XX amount
of damage per stack every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. I did give
this skill a go simply because if in fact I do hit the target, its a nice
tick of damage on top of everything else your throwing at it!

Easy Target: Rank 3

Once Activated, this ability puts a buff on the target that grants up to 100%
more damage to the target for 15 seconds. This is great for a red ring boss
if you are having trouble and need a little extra DPS. Only downside is it can only
be used every 4 minutes... awwwwwww

Flying Platform: Rank 2: Tears of the Dragon: 1 Tear

This is a great skill. Although, Physical damage is still the only thing that
wont touch you, it makes up for it in another way...
Once Activated, it grants you the ability to Fly around while Using your shots
AND increases your travel speed by 8 yards per second (Plus 2 yards for every
tear of the dragon of better quality!!!!) Basically, Its a 6 second mount that gets
you out of trouble during combat and the hell away from the battle while you regain
health. Again I chose rank 2 because rank 3 adds 1 second more. 3 points thrown away!!
Uses 1 tear of the Dragon (cool down times depends on the quality of the dragon tears)

Overload: Rank 2: Tears of the Dragon: 4 Tears

Activation of this skill allows you to use a skill without triggering
the cool down of other skills. makes it nice when you want to use your
turret and vespiairy at the same time.
Uses 4 Tears of the Dragon. Rank 2 cool down 1.5 minutes (cool down
times depends on the quality of the dragon tears)

Now, With all that said, I am particularly fond of a certain rotation that gets the Job done for me. As I lean towards a mob or Mobs, I drop My Vespiairy at their feet, then I use fire, acid, fire, acid, etc... I only bring out lightning or astral shot when I really need that extra boost of damage OR when the Variable polarity procs. then I will use the corresponding skill to deal the most amount of damage. For example. Fire shot and Lighning Shot cool down the reactor, while acid shot and astral shot heats the reactor. If I hit the mob with a cooling shot and variable Polarity procs, I will either use Acid shot or Astral shot to deal huge amounts of damage. Other then that, Vespiairy, acid shot and fire shot is a great rotation to use the least amount of energy and keeping your shots up longer.

For a nice AOE pull use your energy saving shots to pull in 3 or 4 mobs. Drop your Vespiairy, Neuro Gas (will talk about that later) and then hover above the Vespiairy while it ticks away damage. after a few seconds the Vespiairy Will pull aggro and you can safely land back down and take each mob out one at a time or use your flamethrower or hand beam Cannon to take on Multiple targets. Just remember, you will pull aggro away from the vespiairy once you start attacking the mob. so use caution. Vespiairys Hit Points arent very High, but combined with a few Rubies (will add later) gives it a nice shield similar to the Combat Turrets Shield.


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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:44am



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Ruby Grid: Cannoneer

I couldn't come to an agreement with myself about the ruby grids. There are some Classes where each ruby grid is more important then the others. With the Engineers grids, the choices are really endless. Here is the first grid in detail According to my Build

Crystallizing Point: Rank 3

Fire and Lightning shots deal 5/10/15% more damage. This is a must
have for your shots. The more damage the better right?

Boiling Point: Rank 3

Acid and Astral Shots deal 5/10/15% more damage. Also a Must have!

Heavy Ordinance: no points given

Damage and range of bomb explosions increased by 10% in Combat Mode
The Bombs in game are broken and or not worth
wasting rubies on at the moment. I can only assume they will be fixed
sooner or later. as of right now... Not a reasonable gain

Valve Adjustment: No points Given

Burst of Mana Deals 33/66/99% more damage in travel Mode. Stun Effect caused
by Burst of Mana, lasts 16/32/50% Longer.
I passed this set of rubies simply because I didn't feel I could give it any Justice
in PVE. I figure this would be more useful in PVP. <Just my Opinion>

Polorization: No Points given

Duration of Dazzler effect increases 25/50/75%
This is a great PVP skill to have. Since this is a PVE build, I chose not
to take it.

Biohazard: Rank 1

Increases Your Anger 3/6/9 points
Took at least one to get to Super conductor.

Super Conductor: Rank 3

Duration of Immunity Granted by Defibulation Increased by 1/2/3 seconds
(might be 1/1.5/2 Russian translation is diff from ours)
Cool down time, If used on an ally, decreases by 11/22/33%
Very useful in both PVE and PVP. I took rank 3 for Astral and Raid.

Self Destruction: Rank 1

Reactor Explodes Upon your death and deals XXX amount of damage
I put one Ruby in this skill simply to get to the next without having to go through
another. Check this Link
Ont the Other hand, at lvl 60, rank does nearly 40k damage. so I can only imagine
what rank 3 does!!!

Synchro: Rank 3

Variable Polarity deals 10/20/30% more damage.
A must have. I have seen a huge boost in DPS because of this. Its a No Brainer!

Furious Fire: Rank 4

Your Shots deal 5/20/25/20% more Damage in Combat Mode
This is a nice boost in damage for those wanting to sit back and damage an enemy.

Deus Ex Machina: Rank 3

"Holy" is mistranslated, they meant to say "Divine." Divine damage is Holy/Shadow/Astral damage, so this will boost the crit rate of your shadow and astral hits.
With that being said (Thanks to Rozetri)
All DIVINE spells have a 6/9/12% chance to deal Critical Damage
I have seen this Crit on several occasions so it does work
(even though its harder to crit anything with low Luck)

Realist: Rank 3

Increases Vitality 3/6/9 points
Go ahead... Take it.. You know you want too!!!

Steady Hand: Rank 3

Your Shots consume 10/20/30% less energy
This is a great Skill that's needed. Very Important. We all like to
shoot things. Wouldn't it be nice to get a greater Impact while
using less ammunition? Oh yeah... it is!!!
This is the reason why I took rank 1 of self Destruction.

Focusers: No Points given

Damage Dealt by Manual Beam Cannon increased 5/10/15%
Since I didn't take MBC in my build it was pretty Useless to spend the rubies
I decided to put a ruby into Self Destruction to get to the 3rd rank of Steady Hand

I think that this is the best route to take for a PVE build. I have great expectations for My PVP build and I know I can get the job done with what I have. Since I don't have a PVP build at the moment, I cant wait to see the Awesome PVP builds of the other players!!


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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:45am



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Ruby Grid: Tekyan Warrior

This is another ruby grid that has allot of awesome skills that I just couldn't take with my PVE build. There may be some that I left out that you don't agree with, but I took what I deemed necessary throughout my Leveling build. Here is the Second grid in Detail according to my Build.

Force Test: Rank 3

Damage dealt to Enemies with 70% or higher Hit points Increases by 8/16/24%
Regardless of whether or not you want it, You have to go through it in order
to get to the rest of the grid!!! Thankfully, Its something we all can use!!!

Brainiac: Rank 3

Your Vigor increases by 3/6/9 points
pretty much explains itself

Elemental Hazard: Rank 3

Your Natural Damage increases by 6/9/12%
"Natural" damage is all non-phys elements. This will boost the power of any damage you OR YOUR BOTS do that is not physical.
Thanks to Rozetri. HE went to great lengths for some good information!!!

Vulnerability Check: No points given

Steel Misquitoes and light turrets have a 6/12% chance to deal Critical Damage
I do have light Turret which would make for a decent amount of crit, but again
it was just something I didnt think I would need at the time. Vespiairy just
does it for me!!

Aura of Astral Power III (A.K.A Potency): Rank 3

Increases your magic by 15% while reducing your healing by 50% for you and your Party

A must have for groups and or just yourself giving you a nice boost of magical
power since all your shots are indeed considered Magical [Elemental] It does
drop the % of your healing by half, but since we really don't have a "Self Heal"
Bloodlust keeps our heals up regardless.

Capturing Current: No Points Given

Stun Caused by Defibrillation lasts 33/66/99% Longer. Incoming Damage
does not remove the effect.

This is a really good skill to have, although I think its usefulness belongs in
more of a PVP Setting. Stun effect for defib even with rubies shouldn't be
more than 5 seconds. If anyone else has a different conclusion, please don't
hesitate to let me know!

Bombardier: No points given

All bombs range increase by 20/40/60% in travel Mode. Their Throwing time
decreases by 20/40/60%

Bronze Frame: No Points Given

Increases your armor 5/10/15%
This is a useful skill. I just didn't have the rubies to put into it.

Burning Mix: No Points given

Burner and Flamethrower deal 5/10/15% higher Damage
Burner is broke at the moment and Flamethrowers damage is decent
without using rubies.

Quick Escape: No Points given

Decreases Gun Mount Deinstallation time by 17/34/50% and
re-installation time by 10/20/30%

For my build, I left this out. It is worth the rubies, I just don't see that
big a deal with how it uninstalls or installs. Your Opinion may Vary

Materialism: No Points given

Increases your resistance to Natural, Elemental and Holy Damage by 2/4/6%
You always want something that reduces damage to anything. For me, its just in
a deep side of the grid and inaccessible without going through others I didn't need

Peaks and Dips: No Points Given

Damage over time, dealt by Dither Bomb effect, Increases by 10/20/30%

Shock Wave: No points given

Has a 33/66/99% chance to knock down all targets in the Frag Bombs area of damage
... ok
.... I lol'd a little at the Description
..... Frag Bombs AOE of 2 yards is Horrible. If they are talking about the single mob and the
bugs on the ground I suppose it does its job. Other than that... useless!

Basically, almost all skills in this Ruby grid below Brainiac I either couldn't afford, or I didn't deem them necessary for the build. You don't have to follow me through the door.. I'm just showing you where it is!!!


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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:47am



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Ruby Grid: Wild Vulture


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Monday, April 21st 2014, 5:05am



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Well, unfortunately, this is where it ends for me. I was called out of state to work and will be gone for 6 weeks. I was hoping to finish this before I left but as it happens, I could not. Had fun getting everything ready. Good luck to the winner and congratulations on a well deserved victory. I look foreword to seeing who that is!!!


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Friday, January 9th 2015, 11:38pm

come back and elaborate on the last page lol...the rest was awesome and i love how you explained it all ...its very helpful for an old woman trying to figure this stuff out
it is never too late to change :!: :!: :!:


Saturday, January 10th 2015, 9:37am

this guide is completely outdatet so dont even read it :P rubee grids are diffrent,skills have difrent abilitys etc^^

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