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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 2:36am



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Jinx Suggestions.

Post your Class Suggestions, such as spell you think should be buffed or changes to your class. Post in this forum maybe it will get changed the more people that post the better chance.


-More of an area of damage for the Engineer's frag bomb and dither bomb 7.5
-Frag bomb 3s stun effect.
-A 30s Tech Shield device that protects allies that are in the bubble, 10 radius

-A heal device that last 20s that heals plays in the radius of 10 feet.
-Active Camo- Lets the engineer camouflage for 10s
Also an idea a device you can drop that lasts 10s that drains mana of anyone one in the 7.5 radius.


-Set up a system that scans your Velhuru and pits you or your party with plays around the same Velhuru,
-Also a system that scans your guild and over all Velhuru of said guild and matches you with another guild around the same ranking.

Also bring in some new set to change the look of your toon say more hairstyles etc,

-Also maybe run a game graphic overhaul where the toons faces get redone more detailed,
-Make it more HD clear and Detailed.

Also an overhaul on changing the look of your toon add more hair, skin color, add some diffrent eyes, add more slider bars to the creater.

Add an Exp mentor skill where if you have a mentor at a low level you get alittle more exp, till you reach 5 levels under your mentor. So say if you mentor is level 30 you will get alittle more exp till you hit 25 but if he hits 31 that gives you some exp to use.

Also a skill that if the mentor is offine you use this skill on say an elite that you need help with you hit the skill and a clone of the mentor pops up like a pet and kills the elite then is gone after..

Bring back rest exp that was always helpful,

Sub server should have a starter box that lets you have 2 exp scrolls I know theres know item shop on sub server but still just to exp scrolls to start off with.

I will keep posting more thoughts from time to time :P

Jinxed-level 60

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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 7:24am



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how about

- a tanky device/machine that can tank a bit for you, maybe stationary without dmg, just such a aggro aoe or something
- a skill to repair the astral ship while someone else is driving (like on the fly repair ;) )
- a cool down the reaktor skill for astral ships?
- something like the gobos on a ship can do, repairing ship equipment?

and most important, how about some different canon skins? XD i wont have to be so many, just maybe 2 or 3 more skins , even its just the color :P

the shield device would be really nice, then the ingi not only have a portable ship canon, even a portable shield generator :) makes him really unique :D
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