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Monday, April 21st 2014, 7:43pm



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[PMB] Warrior Paired DpS spec

~Pimp My Build~

~Zaguardo ~ lvl 60 Orc Great Brute ~ Pirati Astrali~
~ Caesar Server ~


Hi everyone! Let me introduce myself. I’m Zaguardo, Senior Officer of the Pirati Astrali guild. We are from Caesar, the Italian server!

Personally I’ve been a player since ZAK times, like 4 years ago, and I’ve stopped my adventure for a while; when I found out my old comrades were starting in that brand new server, I thought it was a good chance to come back and have fun, and we did!

I’m on my Warrior since then, around 1 year ago, and I studied every inch of this class; because of I was so excited about this new patch, I studied it again and I came up with this guide where I want to share my thought about some of the possible builds for this toon! I must say that this patch didn’t affect my way of being that much, and I am still as effective as I remember. This means the class works!

I will not discuss about any PvP build because I think they are too personal, and what works for me will not work for someone else, so I’d rather share what I think about a PvE build as DpS!

Because of I want this build to be useful for everyone, I will list a description of new rubies before analyzing my build. If you know exactly what we’re talking about, just scroll down til the build itself!

NOTE: everything I say below works perfectly if the party/raid you are with has same lvl runes as you do.

~Stat Points and Rubies~

First of all we need to consider the new stat points created for this patch.

Proficiency / Vigor: Those are the new main stats for outgoing damage and heals. Both are included in the algorithm that will make our real deal. The higher they are (and have to be), the more damage we will burst out!

Vitality / Stamina: Same as Proficiency and Vigor, but defensive. The higher they are, the more HP we will have. Another must!

Determination / Willpower: First new stats. Determination makes us gather strength when hey hit us, and the more they do, the higher will be our damage. Remember that until we got our Stony Resilience (see later) up, this stat will NOT work. Willpower makes us immune from CC’s, and this effect will come more and more if we have this stat as high as possible.

Brutality / Bloodlust: Brutality makes our damae increase while the opponent HP decreases. At 75% HP or lower of the target, we get a damage boost that will increase if the target is at 25% HP or lower. Bloodlust instead will convert part of our damage into incming healing. Not much, but still interesting one.

Anger / Tenacity: Opposite stats. Because of the new rule for Wound Complexity (wound complexity will now emerge after a % of incoming damage and will not stack; it will decrease all incoming healings), those two stats determine how that complexity is going to pop out. The higher our Anger is, the less damage we are supposed to bring in order to make our target get complexity. However, the higher Tenacity is, the more damage must be done to reach same goal.

Luck: Old stat, and the most important I’d say. The higher is our luck, the higher is our chance to crit!

Yes, who wasn’t in the beginning? I actually suggest you to put your stat points having a look on what you will be! If you want to be a DpS Warrior, I would go for Proficiency and Brutality, in order to max out the already high DpS output.

Daredevil: It will now increase Determination by 3/6/9%.

Agile Maneuvers: It will now increase Vitality by 3/6/9%.

Ruthlessness: It will now increase Anger by 4/8/12%.

Verdict: It will now put a buff on your target. For next 15 seconds or 10% of his maximum HP, the target will get 100% more damage. This effect cannot be placed more than once each 5 mins on same target. You CAN’T use this skill if you equip a shield!

Lethal Blows: It will now increase Proficiency by 3/6/9%.

Fencing Master: It will now increase Parry chance by 5/10/15% but ONLY if you are using 1h weapons.

Rampaging Menace: It will now increase Vigor by 3/6/9%.

Rugged Fighter: It will now increase Stamina by 5/10/15%.

Just a Scratch: It will now decrease damage from critical hits by 7/14/21% but ONLY if you are using a shield.
~ Do what you want cause a Pirate is free ~
~ You are a Pirate! ~

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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 11:16am



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~Warrior’s passives and talents ~

Let’s take a look on our features! While levelling up and completing quests, we will receive our feature skills and passives!


Cruelty: First feature! Is some kind of aura that will reduce our damage by 10%, but will increase our threat by 300%! This is a must for our Tank spec, because it will make mobs stick to us so our DpS’ can wipe them away.

Stony Resilience: New feature! It pops after we complete Tenses Temple for second time, and gives us an extra shield that depends on HP. Basically, we get 20% of our HP max as shield, it regenerates in combat and can be boosted by another 15% with rubies.

Remember also that each race has his own passive, and if you dislike your own one, you can always buy other’s one! Again, that is really personal, so I will not give any advice about it!


In order we have:

~Devastating Blow --> Flawless Strike~

Our main hit. Gives Combat Advantage (CA) so we can use it to discharge stronger strikes!


Typical charge. Gap closer with knock-down (triggers Arching Blow, see below). The higher its level, the lower cool down it has.

~Agonizing Strike --> Fatal Blow~

High damage hit that uses 50 CA.


Second CA charging skill.

~Shield Slam~

Doesn’t charges or uses CA, but gives us another CC each time we block or parry. Can be used only if we have a shield.

~Die Hard~

One of Warrior’s feature. When we are brought below 1% of our HPs, we get this 80% maximum HP boost for 16 seconds. Basically, we refuse to die!

~Forceful Kick~

Another CC that gives CA. shares cool down with Lunge, but triggers Arching Blow. The higher the level, the lower cool down.


Typical taunt. Forces an enemy hit us, and if we hit him the duration increases.

~Arcing Blow~

Violent strike that can be used only on knocked-down opponents.


Tactical strike that slows the enemy. The higher the level, the slower he goes!

~Jagged Slice~

This is a bleeding; used to be our main skill, but after nerf I wouldn’t suggest it anymore!

~Adrenaline Buzz~

Another feature. When we are running out of energy, this skill will make us generate it at twice the normal speed, giving us a boost!

~Aura Of Ferocity~

Our Aura. Increases party’s damage by 15% but reduces our armor by 30%. With rubies we will reset this malus! Though, we cannot use this aura if we equip a shield…

~Double Blow --> Rapid Slash~

Cone frontal damage that hits 2 enemies maximum. Will give us 10 CA each enemy hit. Shares cd with Devastating Blow and Flawless Strike.

~Vicious Spin --> Whirlwind~

Spin to win! AoE damage that uses CA. Remember that while we are spinning we DO get CC (and that will stop us from dealing damage), and we charge up energy (so we are ready to fight when we are done!)


Will push enemy away and knock him down. The higher the level, the farthest he flies!

~Reasoned Aggression~

First draconic skill. It will charge CA without any need of skills use. DpS burst, that is!

~Heroic Might~

Second draconic skill. Will give us 3 stacks for 1 secs that we can manage to use the best we like! It boosts our skills with damage, and moreover:
• Devastating Blow and Flawless Strike will apply a 3 sec DoT on target.
• Forceful Kick will work as Headbutt.
• Hack will root the target instead.
Be wise, use it with caution!

And now, let’s start with the real deal!
~ Do what you want cause a Pirate is free ~
~ You are a Pirate! ~

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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 11:27am



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~Paired DpS Build~!1!313.3..…E!sflqsnb/QYYQE

This is a build you should be able to make pretty easily! I use more rubies and talents, but this is exactly what you need the most in this spec. if you have more, as talents I suggest Reasoned Aggression as much as possible, and as rubies, Musclehead in Agonizing Strike’s page.

Let’s begin with weapon choice. In this build, I’ve chosen sword and dagger, since they are fast enough while dealing a nice damage, mostly because we aim on critting (see below). I think other paired will be too slow, while fists will not be hitting hard enough. But with this new patch I also suggest you to find your own choice!

~Talent’s Grid~

What we want here is to deal the most possible damage in the less possible time. In this build we look on maximizing single target damage because I studied this build for raids, this means killing bosses as fast as possible. Now that Whirlwind does not hit basing the damage on weapon damage, but on DPS, paired will do exactly same damage even AoE, but is way faster, granted! Ignore CC's then, just go for brutal damage (and our MUST's).

~Devastating Blow’s Grid~

What we want, as I stated before, is DpS, the pure one. We get all buffs here (Ruthlessness, Daredevil, Agile Manouvres), and then we move on the upper part, where paired rubies are located.

Dueler will remove the damage spread. Usually, weapons do have a damage range (for example, from 500 to 1000). With Dueler, this gap closes, and we have a media, though our paired damage will increase by 6% (and we get another 7.5% due to Team Play, lower part of the grid). Long Swing will increase this damage even more though will increase our cooldowns by 30%.

Result? We equip something hitting as hard as a 2h weapon, while being faster and using something close to half the energy. Trust me your DpS will be HIGH.

How to max it even more? Severe Wounds will increase out crit damage output (and Slaughter is there to help us critting), making us a real DpS machine.

Verdict level two a MUST in raid. And since is right there YOU WANT IT.

Controlled Rage is always a must, no matter what your role is.

~Charge’s Grid~

Not that much to say here. We use rubies to increase our Stony Resilience and Die Hard (always must's). Nothing more but a Proficiency buff (anyone said more damage?).

~Agonizing Strike’s Grid~

Ok, again we want the damage output, but this page is designed for 2h users mostly. So we will get all the possible buffs and what increases our crit chance and true damage (Natural Born Killer, Bull’s Eye and Lucky). If you manage to get more rubies, try to get Swiftness and Crushing Blow, and later on Musclehead. Remember, we want more damage and more crits!

~Tips and Rotations ~

Rotations are really easy. Flawless Strike to Lunge, repeat, Fatal Blow.

In case we are not single target, we go for an extra Flawless Strike (or engage with Charge)and go for Whirlwind. Plan and simple. Forceful Kick doesn’t really have a role but to make us get down the grid!

You know tips since you leveled this class up, but i will refresh the most important ones!

Save Adrenaline Buzz for when you are running out of energy, and NEVER use before. You do not want to waste it.

Reasoned Aggression, instead, can be used in several ways. Best one is when you are fighting large groups. I suggest you to charge your Whirlwind, then cast Reasoned Aggression and go for the spin. While we are DpS’ing, it will recharge our Combat Advantage up making us go for another Whirlwind. As soon as second one is done, just go for Flawless Strike and Lunge to cast your third one! This will burst your AoE DpS A LOT.

Our role? Be the top DpS in the raid obviously. This was my aim before the patch, and is what I do at the moment, and well, works pretty well! In order to achieve this goeal, you must not waste Adrenaline Buzz or Reasoned Aggression, this is very important!


Remember that you can use this build as Leveling up build. If you are willing to level up fast, focus on getting Lethal Blows in Charge’s grid, then get to Severe Wounds walking through Daredevil (Devastating Blow’s grid) as first rubies!

~ Reincarnation skills~

We just have to discuss about best reincarnation skills we can use to support us.

I remind you that having two builds means also that each build has its own reincarnation skill. So you can have two different ones!

I think that one of the most useful ones are:

Natural Balance, even if it’s going to be nerfed on next patch. As pure DpS, though, I would suggest you NOT TO HAVE IT.

Telekinetic Pull was a good option, but seems the new patch made Temporal Acceleration available, so we should have a peek!

Divine Foresight and Holy Shield seems to be useful enough to defend our overall weakness with some extra heal/shield.

I have no idea what an Engineer could give, so I suggest you to take a peek there aswell!

Again, this is something personal that reflects your own gameplay, so those are just my suggestions for you!


This is best MMORPG around for a simple reason that you should never forget: there is no right way, best build or right choice over wrong one. There’s only YOU, YOUR BUILD, YOUR WAY TO PLAY YOUR CLASS.

Your skills will make anything possible, do not EVER forget this.

This guide can help you through, but if you disagree on something I suggest you to try it your way!

Be wise guys!

~ Do what you want cause a Pirate is free ~
~ You are a Pirate! ~

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