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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 9:34am



  • "DaNub" started this thread

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Hi, my name is Diament and I am here to help you. Let's start from the beginning. My Allods adventure started on ZAK as a cleric, but I decided to try summoner on new Polish server called TEP and I found there many adventures. After summies revamp and servers merge I joined Astral Riders thanks to which I found my place in New Frontier. Now I play mostly as a healer in astral and off-heal in PvP. Not a year has passed and again we have witnessed great changes in Allods. New level cap, new stat system and new people to play with.

Basic Info

With the advent of Heart of the World summoner has not changed. Still we are doing well in group pvp and healing, and still persists in the DPS from other classes. Seems that once again we will have to wait over two years for any good changes. Below you can see how we have been adjusted to 5.0 patch.

  • "Urgent Protection" now protects Blood Aegis from being instantly removed by dispelling abilities. Instead 7/5/3 stacks of Blood Aegis will be removed.
  • "Withering Touch" no longer causes Putrefy or Decomposition effects when Volatile Infection has been activated. The chance of causing Putrefy or Decomposition effects by Summoner's Neurotoxin ability has been increased to 33/66/100% depending on the ruby rank.
  • "Last Service" works correctly when Summoner's stats has been changed.
  • "Frightful Presence" now reduces incoming critical damage by 5/10/15%.
  • "Donor Virus" now increases Bloodlust by 5/10/15.
  • "Poisoned Blood" now increases critical strike chance by 7/14/21%.
  • Icon for ability "Ghostly Cover" has been changed.
  • "Calculating Mind" now provides increment to Proficiency.
  • "Cold Blood" now provides increment to Determination.
  • "Endless Blood" now increases the critical strike chance by 3/6/9%.

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 9:35am



  • "DaNub" started this thread

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New stat system

I will start with a short introduction. :D

The stats system has always been one of the defining features of Allods Online. The large number of non-linear stats brings variety to gameplay, and their configuration essentially becomes an independent mini-game, allowing the selection of stats for every opponent in both PvP, and PvE. However, this system eventually began to show disadvantages.

Non-linear dependence of each stat from one another seems like an advantage at first glance. But on the other hand, miscalculation in the distribution of stats can drastically cause a character to be significantly less efficient. Those players who are equipped slightly worse than their opponents, may miss more often or inflict lower damage. Lack of one stat becomes difficult to compensate by means of skill at the game.

In PvE the problem came to light whereby a lack of equipment created enormous difficulties during raid instances or in the exploration of the astral, and a small over abundance of stats made passage of the same zones too easy and not interesting enough. For example, in Tep’s Pyramid changing the stats of the boss by 10% a few times changed the complexity of the fight.

The system is inconvenient for visual perception: it’s difficult to immediately see how much critical strikes for a certain value of Luck. At a normal monster there is one chance, at a raid boss another, and at a well equipped player there’s a third.

In general the system is hard to understand and a new player can “screw up” their character during levelling.

In addition, the system creates a problem in the collection of equipment. If the piece of equipment is not as effective as possible, it’s almost useless. Also, there are difficulties in creating specific sets of equipment for different gaming activities.

All of this was the reason for a very serious step – a complete redesign of the stat system. With it you will encounter the global update 5.0, named Heart of the World.

When creating the new system, we tried to consider all the flaws and fix them.The main principles will be the following:
  • Large linearity of stats (an increase of 10% gives an increase of exactly 10% to the character’s power).
  • More additivity (stats increase directly, without the use of various multipliers)
  • Minimisation of competing stats – each working in isolation, without the need to overcome the opponent’s stats.
  • No failures due to miss or dodge. Attacks and healing always produce some kind of result.
  • Easy to learn and understand.

The main damage multiplier. It is identical for all classes and is issued for all types of equipment in an absolute numeric value.
Increases the character’s health.

Armor/Resistance – Inverse multiplier for damage of the corresponding types. Compensates for “Spellpower”/”Melee Damage”.
These stats will constitute the main power of the character. Besides these, will be introduced a few additional stats that will create variety in both PvE and PvP activities. All of them are specified in percentages and depend on the main stats. These stats can be modified independently, choosing which bonuses are more important at that moment.

Offensive stats
Increases the character’s base damage and healing. A universal stat with an extremely simple mechanic. Plain and simple, if your aim is to strengthen your character, choose this.
The character with points in this stat will increase their damage output when receiving damage. The effect works all the time while the character is receiving damage, and fades after a few seconds. This stat is more effective than Proficiency in a situation where you receive damage.
(it's effective only when you receive constant dmg, better take proficiency or brutality)
Smoothly increases the damage done on targets with incomplete health. The lower the amount of health – the more damage they receive. For healers this characteristic increases healing on wounded targets.
A portion of the damage done (the effect stacks from multiple characters) is deposited in a special pool, every time you reach the maximum the attacked character gains one additional “droplet” of wounds, significantly reducing their incoming healing. The effect is removed automatically after leaving combat. (useless stat for summy)
Special stats
Allows the character to inflict double damage or heal to the target.

Faith - Increase mana

Defensive stats
Increases the character’s health, thus increasing the chance to survive a series of weak or several powerful blows in a short time.
This stat is the inverse of Anger. Receiving “droplets” of wounds is slower. This will enable the character to longer withstand incoming damage from opponents with high Anger, without complicating healing.(good to have some, even in PvE mobs can do wounds)
The character recovers part of their health by inflicting damage or healing.(seems useful but for summy with many selfheals it's better to take vitality due to lack of survivability)
Gives progressive protection against control effects. The character becomes temporarily immune to them if they are applied very often. (mostly PvP stat but sometimes useful in PvE, I recommend to make around 2items with willpower only for pvp)

Probably wondering what is that? Surely nothing terrible, the new system is much better than the previous. Even with a very badly arranged statistics difference between these "ideal" is not large.

Generalizing statistics depend more on the playstyle and the situation. For example Brutality is ideal for bosses gaining additional skills and becoming more difficult while losing health.

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 9:41am



  • "DaNub" started this thread

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But if you still don't know how to balance stats:
  • damage build simple take 50% of stats into Proficiency and 50% for Brutality for best overall dps
  • pve heal build for this one you should have Proficiency/Brutality 30%/70% or 20%/80% for increased healing in critical situations
  • for pvp around 40% of stats into Proficiency and 60% for Brutality
  • about determination, it's better than brutality but only if you receive dmg most of the time and it's ok only sometimes for pvp and useless in pve so if you have enough cash you can make eq only for pvp but for me it's not worth the cost.( but 2-3items with determination and willpower is ok )
  • and bloodlust if you have rubies for that it's enough, we have too many selfheals and are too squishy to take bloodlust better take more willpower.
PvE - Pure Heal

With not enough talent points you can use only r2 blood injection and blood shot and use free talent points to upgrade Fear or Volatile Infection.

If you don't have enough rubies you can resign from r3 summoning mastery, delayed healing and dark gift.

How to play:
  • Before fight you should have always at least 4blood and precasted Blood Shot.
  • When tank start aggro you should cast dark reneval on him and rest of the party if you have time.
  • Don't forget to use Wandering Fever and send lurker. (you can use fever on any target it won't break cc)
  • If only tank receive huge dmg use Plague of Mending on him.
  • If you lack blood use racial ability Art of Reanimation and Dark Pact.
  • Remember to use dispel!
  • Always try to predict who to heal.
  • Sometimes better let die someone and save others, but always try to heal everyone I had situations that everyone had less than 20% hp but noone died! 8o

PvE - Pure DD

If you lack talents just resign from dark pact.

If you don't have enough rubies you can resign from Dark Gift or Endless Blood if your pet don't die at all you can resign from summoning mastery.

How to play:
  • For 1-target - send pet with acid spit selected -> use neurotoxin (refresh when ends) wandering fever(don't use for short fight - less than 10sec) -> life tap -> acid bolt (spam it until your life tap is out of cooldown) -> howl of death (use when target have toxic weakness or your life tap is off cd and you have more than 8blood) -> go back to spamming acid bolt and repeat until target is dead.
  • For extra 1-target dps use corrosive acid, art of reanimation and dark vigor.
  • For 2+ targets - send pet with acid splash selected on target with highest hp -> use volatile infection also preferably on target which won't die in next 2seconds -> spam neurotoxin -> choose target and focus on him -> refresh dots.
  • For extra 2+ targets dps use art of reanimation and dark vigor.
PvP - universal build (good for farm)

Here you can resign from r3 immunodeficiency

If you lack rubies you can resign from Eternal hunger and take extra blood capacity.

Tips for pvp :
  • try to use 1hand weapon + offhand for extra resistances
  • remember about ghostly cover our best live saver
  • watch out for lurker without her we are kinda dead :thumbdown:
  • always try to coordinate your cc's
  • we aren't tanks try to avoid dmg and heal your team mates


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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 11:20am



  • "DaNub" started this thread

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There are various reincarnation skills worth a look such as:

Natural Balance - Evenly distributes health pool of a party between its members and consumes 10% of it. All targets gain effect that grants balance immunity for 90 seconds

Holy Shield - absorbs some damage for 6 seconds and removes most of the negative effects.(great for pvp)

Defensive Abilities - mage barriers slightly cut in half form

And that's it, I hope you have learned something and you will enjoy summy like me! Also I would like to dedicate this tutorial for all wonderful colleagues and friends, and the whole guild Destruction, who finished his adventure with Tep ...

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 6:09pm



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OK but where is the build ?


Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 6:26pm


Monday, May 5th 2014, 5:29pm

Awesome entry, Diam! I want to be a summy now :D keep up the good work, mate.


Monday, May 5th 2014, 11:01pm

Probably wondering what is that? Surely nothing terrible, the new system is much better than the previous. Even with a very badly arranged statistics difference between these "ideal" is not large.

This is not cool.
I mean, the system must force you to find the ideal stats for ur class.
But i believe there will be enough difference between good and bad arranged stats after leggy gears. At least i hope so...


Tuesday, May 6th 2014, 2:21pm



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I would disagree with lot of stuff here but anyways gl in the event :)
Back and rolling on 6.0!

My Youtube Channel
Summoner PvP guide 5.0.0


Tuesday, May 6th 2014, 2:26pm

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Samely but an opinion isnt obvous so, good luck

/!\ Attention: Utiliser les services des goldsellers peut mener à un ban permanent /!\

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