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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 6:07pm



  • "mikha" started this thread

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[PMB] Mikhailo - Full Healing PvE Guide


Hello there!
It's me, Mikhailo! Italian summoner from the amazing Monsters Inc. guild!

I played this char for a long time focusing on my healing build. Sometimes I forget how to DPS 'cause I'm too used to heal that I can't remember the dps combos!

So in this guide, I will lead you to discover the healing powers of the summoner for PvE situation like Astral or farming in new zones. We will need there, not only our amazing heals, but some CC skills to save your party from big pack aggro!

Let's go!


Heart of World patch bring so much innovation in this game, starting from new cap level (60), new class - the engineer, new zones and raid.
If you want to read the entire Patch Note click here .

The biggest change is the Stat System: we have now a full set of new stats, same for both melee and caster character.

The main difference is their linearity and comprehensibility. Now the stats have a linear growing trend. Besides there is no longer a counter-stat; each of them works individually according to its quantity.

Other changes at our beloved summy are:
  • Changed the icon of the skill “Ghostly Cover”.
  • “Poisoned Blood” now increases the chance of critical damage by 7/14/21
  • “Donor Virus” is replaced by the ruby “Insatiable Hunger”, which increases Bloodlust by 5/10/1
  • Fixed an issue where the parameters of the skill “Last Rites” did not change with the stats of the Summoner.
  • In addition to the old effect, the ruby “Urgent Protection”, upon an attempt to remove Blood Aegis by magical means, reduces the shield by 7/5/3 stacks instead of it being removed completely.
  • Ruby “Frightful Presence” now decreases critical damage received by the Summoner by 5/10/15
  • “Endless Blood” increases the critical strike chance by 3/6/9
  • The ruby “Withering Touch” no longer contributes to the imposition of the effects “Putrefy” or “Decomposition” upon casting the spell “Volatile Infection”. The chance of applying the effects “Putrefy” or “Decomposition” upon casting the spell “Neurotoxin” increased to 33/66/100% depending on the rank of the rubies.
  • "Cold Blood" will increase Determination by 3/6/9
  • "Calculating Mind" will increase Proficiency by 3/6/9
  • "Evil Genius" will increase Vigor by 3/6/9


They are divided in 2 kind of stats: offensive and defensive


Vigor: main offensive stat. It will increase your base damage/heal. You can't put stats in there, only equip and Patron bonus will raise it;

Proficiency: like Vigor, it will increase your damage/heal on a linear percentage base;

Determination: it will increase your damage/heal when you constantly get damage. A bar under your mana one will show you your Determination bonus. More is filled, more is the damage bonus from this stat;

Brutality: it will increase your damage/heal when your target has low health;

Anger: like the old Rage, it will make Wound Complexity. After you deal a defined percentage damage on an enemy, he will get a Wound. It works for healers too now: an enemy that attack a target you heal, will get Wound after some defined damage.


Stamina: it will increase your health points. Like Vigor only equip and Patron bonus can boost it;

Vitality: same as Stamina but you can increase it with stat points;

Willpower: a stat for CC resistance. If you are under Control effect for a defined amount of seconds or you get a defined percentage of damage when under control. you will get immunity to control effect for an amount of seconds according to the stat amount;

Bloodlust: a self heal stat. A part of your damage and healing done, will get back to you as heal;

Tenacity: is the only counter-stat. It will increase your resistance on getting Wound Complexity.

There are 2 special stat that works the same as old patch. Luck - that increase critical strike chance - and Faith - that will increase your mana.
Only difference in Luck is that now you can boost your Luck only with relics, rubies (if you have Luck rubies!) and elixirs.

What about Stat Balancing?
I've already made a post about it where I explained my point of view. You can read it here: Full Healer Summoner Stats
Basicly I'm saying that in PvE situation you have to boost your Proficiency and Brutality at a rate of 60% / 40% . As Defensive only Vitality is important, maybe some Tenacity if you get Wound easily in AoE attack.


Three are three races that can make this awesome class and every class has an unique ability called Racial Skill. You can have it all using an item from Boutique called Page from the Book of Secrets.

  • Arisens - Dark Touch: it will heal our minion to full health;
  • Xadaganian - Art of Reanimation: it will boost our minion power and attack speed;
  • Elves - Demonic Curse: a DoT spell that will damage your enemy and heal us and our minion.

These are the spells icon in order:

Another feature of summoners is their Blood Bank. Is a reservoir of blood that is used to cast most of our healing spells and our shield. To get blood drops as healers we will use our Lurker minion - I'll talk about him later - and Wandering Fever passive regeneration.

The blood bar, located next to skill bar, looks like this:

A vivid red circle is an available drop. A dark red is an empty blood slot. We can increase our blood bank up to 10 drops using the Reservoir of Blood rubies in Vampirism tree.

Another important thing of summoners is the ability to cast 3 kind of minions that can help us in the fight.
  • Hellion - is a tanky minion that will protect us during the fights;
  • Fiend/Cadaver - an acid cannon that can do both single target or AoE damage;
  • Lurker - a quite inoffensive minion that will regenerate our blood drops and silence the target.

In our Full Healer mode we will use Lurker as we need blood more than life itself!
Mikhailo // Summoner // Empire

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 6:08pm



  • "mikha" started this thread

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Here we go to the core of this guide

Calculator Link: [click here]


The talent tree of this build is quite easy to follow. I took at max rank all the heals we have and all the necessary to get blood, protection and some control with Fear.
If you have less talents you can skip Volatile Infection or decrease Wandering Fever rank. It's your choice.

Remember that this is a guide so you don't have to follow it literally but make it yours and change it with your experiments and results!

These are our healing spells. So our main skills. Please, max them out. In order they are:
  • Blood Injection/Blood Shot - a 3 seconds cast time spell that heals your target instantly. It will spend a drop of blood;
  • Dark Renewal - my favourite. No drop of blood for this Healing on Time spell! Spam it on every party member in rotation to keep them alive;
  • Reanimation - instant cast, instant heal. it will use up to 3 drops of blood and heal the a lot! A life savior in hard situation but always check your blood bank when you use it;
  • Plague of Mending - an AoE healing spell. It's like you cast instant Dark Renewal on all your party members;
  • Dark Vigor - this spell gives the ability to your Lurker to heal your party member everytime you attack. Use it in combination with Xadaganian racial and you will get an extra good AoE heal. This spell won't use mana, but Tears of Dragon!

These are our protection spells. It's really important to stay alive to keep other alive.
  • Blood Aegis - a shield of blood that boost our armor. It will generate 8 stacks at rank 3 using 3 drops of blood. Every time we get damage, we will loose a stack. Keep it up always!
  • Rise from the Dead - it's our second chance. When we die, we will instant resurrect with a bit of mana and life to continue playing;
  • Fear - if you see a mob attacking you or your paper mage, use it to Fear him away!

These 2 skills are our blood regeneration system. The first will let us call our Lurker minion. The second is called Wandering Fever and it's a debuff that has passive blood regeneration. When it ends will also deal some damage.


In the rubies section we will have all the necessary to boost our spells and our stats.
I will explain you every tree giving you an hint on some rubies you may not take if you have lower amount of points. I will use italic to point out which rubies you can skip.

I did just a brief description of the rubies 'cause they are already explained in games tooltip. Just check there to be sure because some of the tooltip in Allods are not yet translated exactly so there are some mistakes.

  • Calculating Mind - a boost to our Proficiency;
  • Shadowy Reach - a must have to get an effective dispel with Unstable Antitode
  • Master Summoner - decrease the cooldown of our Lurker ability, so we will get blood more often
  • Desecration - decrease mana of Plague of Mending, Reanimation, Wandering Fever and Volatile Infection
  • Summoning Mastery - it allows us to instant cast our pet.
You can skip Summoning Mastery rubies and Desecration. But it's kinda helpful in boss fight to recast your pet if he's dead.

  • Evil Genius - will increas our Vigor;
  • Withering Touch - Necropotency has a 100% to trigger Putrefy. You can take it rank 2.
  • Neurotoxin - a DoT spell that deals damage and increase his stacks. When he gets to 8 stacks it will stun the target
  • Necropotency - Putrefy will generate a buff that will decrease cast time of Blood Shot and Dark Renewal. Can stack up to 5. You can take it r2
  • Blood Circulation - it improves healing of Reanimation and Blood Shot
  • Plaguebringer - it improves healing of Dark Renewal
  • Empowered Infection - increase the effects of DoTs and Plague of Mending
  • Delayed Healing - gives to Blood Shot a delayed HoT effect that continue to heal the target for a bit. You can skip it at all.
  • Virulence - increase duration of DoTs and HoTs of Plague and Dark Renewal
  • Panic Monger - decrease cooldown of Fear and increase the range
  • Debilitating Plague - our annoying CC. It will spend all of our drops of blood and send the target in a ghost plane where he can't attack and we can't target him. Duration varies according to the blood spent. Annoying yes, but very useful when you pull big pack in Astral
  • Advanced Genetics - it decrease the debuff duration of Plague of Mending so you can spam it more often

  • Reservoir of Blood - it will increase our blood bank by 6 more drops
  • Insidious Touch - increase the effect of all our healing spells
  • Endless Blood - increase critical strike chance of Blood Shot and Reanimation
  • Blood Flow - gives to Wandering Fever a chance to drain an extra drop of blood. You can skip it if you're good on blood management.
  • Healing Shield - everytime we get or we spent a drop of blood, a stack is added on our shield. You can skip it.


We will learn this two unique spells completing World Mistery Quests. So you won't find them in the talent tree but directly in your spellbook.

  • Unstable Antitode - this spell is our "dispel" skill. Without rubies Shadowy Reach rubies is quite useless because the chance to dispel is low
  • Ghostly Cover - life savior skill. Using just 1 drop, we'll become untargettable and faster so we can run away from fights or dodge some incoming attacks.

Plus a common resurrection spell called Gift of Tensess that can ress one ally outside of combat. It has a cooldown of 20 hours so use just in case of emergency.
Mikhailo // Summoner // Empire

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Saturday, April 26th 2014, 11:51am



  • "mikha" started this thread

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It is not so difficult to heal with our summoners. Here is few tips you can follow.

Before the fight always check:
  • Blood Aegis shield
  • Mana
  • Drops of Blood
  • Potions, mana above all!

During the fight keep your Blood Shot precasted in case of need. Or precast Unstable Antitode if you know that that particular mob will put debuff.

Use Wandering Fever, Putrefy and Neurotoxin on the enemy. If there is a pack try to spam a DoT on every mob to get more Necropotency stack.

Focus on the tank: use Dark Renewal to keep him in HoT and spam Blood Shot to keep him around 80% of his life. If drops too quick spam Reanimation until he's again in a good health status.

If the party is gaining a lot of damage use Plague of Mending and try to cast Dark Reneval to all members. If someone is dying spam Reanimation.

Don't forget to dispel debuff with Unstable Antitode 'cause sometimes they can really one shot people.

Use your Debilitating Plague spell in according with other CC classes like Mages, Psionicist, Warden and Scouts. It's annoying with some astral debuff so try to use only in case of need.


This game doesn't need just a good build and a good gameplay, but it needs some real good people and friends to play with.

I want to thank, first of all, my astral partners Kowast, Toubani and Dispel. I can't really play without them. Best people and friends you will ever find in a mmorpg.
Big thanks to my guild, the amazing Monsters Inc., which push me to improve in my PvE and PvP abilities.

I hope you enjoyed and find useful this guide. Feel free to comment suggestions, explanation and - why not - critics.

See you all in game!
Mikhailo // Summoner // Empire

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Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 6:23pm


Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 6:31pm



Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 9:49pm



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wish i could push myself to make entry this year too..
Back and rolling on 6.0!

My Youtube Channel
Summoner PvP guide 5.0.0


Thursday, May 1st 2014, 5:10am

wish i could push myself to make entry this year too..

Dont do that!
Cause i know ill want to change some of my rubies after your entry and i dont want to spend another 700gpot..:)

Just kidding... I believe there are many ppl waiting for ur entry...


Thursday, May 1st 2014, 9:14am



  • "mikha" started this thread

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Not good.
Sorry you don't like it! What I can do to improve it?

Go Dracias :D I'll need yout pvp guide! XD You're my pvp inspiration!
Mikhailo // Summoner // Empire

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