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[GUIDE] Little Things You Learned About Allods

More of a collection of 'common sense' things that you might not figure out until after you level a class or two and reach endgame. Taken from the old forum, but I do wonder what our new fellow EU players might have to offer!

Do note that some may be or become out of date due to patching. But still feel free to share stuff!

Goblin Rights? What are those?
Always sign up for Goblinball. ALWAYS. After level 8, you should always get as
close to the 5 match daily limit as you care to get. The possible rewards of
experience at early levels and gold scrolls at max are too valuable not to pass up.
But! Save those XP scrolls for after level 30, where even on the sub server, quest XP starts to dry up.

Hints: Kick is just like aiming a targeted spell, be sure to aim for your teammates!
If there aren't any teammates available, just nudge it around a little so they can reposition themselves more.
You can Guard between the person with the ball and their target to intercept.
If you're a goalie with the ball, be quick about returning it to your team. You don't have all day.
You can only Shin Kick someone who just passed the ball.
It's generally considered good form to allow an outnumbered team a free goal before steamrolling them into eternity.

Choices, choices. (Sub Server Only)
Seriously, you want to buy the bigger bag first. The more stuff you can fit in
there, the more quests you can get done and the faster that horse can be
in your stable. Work those chicken legs.

It is not enough to succeed... Others must fail.
If you see a crowned mob, do take the time to kill it. It's an automatic
green drop, which can either be useful to you, or can sell for a nice
chunk of silver/gold to line your pockets. Red ring mobs give out an
automatic blue drop (iirc?), so if you can get an impromptu party
together, all the better.

Your reputation precedes you.
After 10k, rep doesn't matter much, unless you really want those
blue gear boxes that you'll outlevel soon enough anyway. They'll still
be there at max level if you're a completionist.

And don't come back! (League Only)
The Survivors rep for League is only done in Evermeet Isle. Once the player leaves there, he/she can never return.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Plan your first endgame build beforehand so you can spec it as you level up.
Make sure it can handle some pvp if you do that, general farming and still perform in astral, and it'll be the only spec you'll have for a long while.

Welcome to Pimp My Ship
When you get an Astral Ship, you can totally rearrange the decorations
that come stock with it to your liking, or just remove them altogether.
You can even click on the railings of your ship to change those up as well.

how do i shot cannon

You can totally hire low levels to work the cannons/repairs on your
ship for fun demon killing action, if they have the portal to a hangar. Maybe bribe them with gold or pots or something.
You will have to show them how to work it first, though.
A guide for assigning crew members

L-O-D-S-OF-E-M-O-N-E! Wossat spell...?
If you have a ship with 6th/7th generation parts, which are extremely
easy to get, and a max level reinc or two, you never need to farm gold. Just
do anomalous regions and trade route whenever possible and you'll be
making more than enough gold. The more reincs you have, the more
gold you can make.
May be outdated, due to all ship parts having 9th generation parts.

While Umoir farming can fetch 30-40g a minute at best, Goblinball has the chance to get you ~1800g (max level) from gold scrolls.

No, come back! Why isn't the command working!?
Mercenaries are all well and good when you can't get a group together or during off hours. But please, at least try to get a few real players to go along with you first. Ask in zone chat. You're doing yourself and your future or current guild a favor by practicing your class mechanics in a dungeon setting with actual people. And saving a few gold as well.

Share the Love
A little thought of skill is the Gift of Teness. You can only use it once a day, but it's a free revive for players. So don't immediately head off to Purgatory if you're in a relatively populated area. And if you're wandering around and see a Spark of your faction, give that unlucky person your Gift!

Read all about it!
Be sure to use and check the Notice Board. They can be used for LFG purposes, guild recruitment, and many more things. Who knows, someone just might be looking for that group quest you just picked up.

I thought coupons implied saving money! (Sub Server Only)
Ship Coupons can be bought at the Demon Hunter Quartermaster in your hangar for about 3k gold each.

Some of this is just advice and opinions from other players, not developer endorsed fact. If you follow these and don't think it's working well for you, that's not on me.

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Well Said....!!


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I really don't want to whine but please don't quote first posts ;-;

Some of those tips are nice though, I guess




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I really don't want to whine but please don't quote first posts ;-;

Some of those tips are nice though, I guess
oh no.. you're right. Force of Habit XD



Two things.

1. Trollods(cases where the game itself trolls you involving mechanics, gear, etc.)

2. Allods Game of Addiction(your love of Allods knows no bounds and if you quit, you might come back again)

That is all.




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I haven't played actively for something like two years now, and I still keep coming back >.<




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I haven't played actively for something like two years now, and I still keep coming back >.<
haha, it would definitely be amazing to play with you again.

Your guide for wardens is what made me want to play one :D (yes, i still do remember)

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Added a few more up in the OP, but I wouldn't mind knowing of any others.

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