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Well, i think the topic is already pretty much done with a huge NOOOOO! Trying to save the P2P server by merging it with the F2P server to become a new P2P server is the WORST idea. That's like... "Hey guys the Titanic sunk! Now lets learn from that by rebuilding our much better stable strong ship in to be the same flawed design as the Titanic!" That's a pro business model if i ever saw one!
What was wrong with the design of the Titanic? Pretty sure they sunk because they hit an iceberg. In that case Allods would be the Titanic that hit the iceberg called insane cash shop prices.
Insane cash shop prices? Have you ever seen the ones in other mmorpgs? Compared to most others Allods is actually very mild in it's prices.

And as for Titanic, White star line was all about making money and cool headlines and not much about good ships. They even added a useless 4th pipe on the ship only because other companies had 4 pipes on ships and white star got jelly. The ship was made very long and thin, that made it so hard to avoid objects in the sea. with a shorter wider ship they could have avoid the iceberg easy, and the ship would not break in 2 like a twig when it sunk. The 2 other models, Olympia and Brittanic also sunk. Olympia had a huge hole in the side from an accident with a small ship in the harbor.

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