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Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 12:22am

Economics says that when the price of object increases,the demand on it decreases so this means less people buy it unless it's an inelastic demand or necessary goods and paying for in game is considered luxury goods in a sense in other words people don't need to buy them that bad..So we conclude that if their prices are being so high and kinda unfair, the bigger hit is to the game company not us as less people will buy and this means less profit and profit is what companies thrive to achieve so I guess they would care about prices more than we do..Yes some people who are willing to pay don't care to pay so much but that doesn't apply on all people and that doesn't only apply on people paying but also on f2p players..People tend to play a game that is challenging yes but not a game that is impossible.1 mystery seal costs around 10k-20k in AH so as I heard greatness is for 64 shards and this means like 6.5 mystery seals so say its around 65k gold though I bet its more and 65k gold would take you around 13 amalgam quests assuming you are lucky enough to get 3 amalgam concentrates each time and sell each 3 amalgam concentrates for 5k gold and since the average time taken by most players to finish 1 amalgam quest is 1 hour (I'll assume you are a very op player and takes you half an hour to do it though the CD to summon spark kinda doesn't allow reducing the time to that extent) so assuming each quest takes half an hour this means you'll have to farm for 6 hours and half to get the 65k and get greatness to your reincarnation and this is only for greatness..Not to mention some people stay only as they have hope things will change to better not worse but once they find a better game and the situation keeps going on like that,many of them would just leave to that other game as consumers tend to use and buy the better alternate :) Sir you're talking about greatness for reincarnations and haven't you checked yet the reincarnation jar price if you are gonna get it the f2p way through gold? Ah and some people say GB gives more gold now..May I ask a question?Are girls supposed to play a game that's more like football (most girls as you know aren't much into football)? and do one have to play with people having that disappointing attitude in GB? That I tell my friends now not to look at chat in GB is best thing to do :D so please don't mention GB here and its benefits while you might be one of those who blame people who can't play it well and tell them not to join in again in game..
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.

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Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 10:09am

"When it comes to gold its all good. people just have to get used to it." No we dont .

Were all free to to quit / whine / complain or whatever we want to do but we DONT have to get use to it!

as for goblin ball if i wanted to play that mini game id have joined goblin ball not joined allods to play allods to play GB.

and as most of my friends have exercised there rights and left the game and im looking at new games myself.

Has any of u thought this might be planned plain and simple ???

There launching a new game that is taking the place of allods on gpotato/webzen servers non of u think this might be planned to get people to go try it as we all get the free invite in are email?

im not implying there going to kill the server/(allods) its just practical to wring every dollar/euro out of the games they make.
and the more people that walk away from the money they invested in the game the more they make as those items/accounts go inactive

just my point of view.

Anyone has the right and ability to boycott any products or services.

Goblinball is simply an extra perk mini-game.

Your theory of some sort of planned conspiracy has no backing.

Allods did not belong to Gpotato nor was it developed there. They simply published and managed it in a specific region. That's all. Sort of like car dealerships. And since Allods has returned home to it's proprietors, its technically competing with any games in the same category made my gpotato. One company is not going to destroy it's cash cow to benefit another company.

The prices have increased because of many different reasons. Mainly due to inflation. Take another look at cars. Last years version is cheaper than this year's. Because they invested more time, design and work to bring a new model. Which costs them more money so in order to profit they have to charge the consumer more. The Allods team has done something similar. They're running different versions of the game all from the same publisher. That means overtime for employees. Man power gets cut down and man hours rise higher. Then you got the merge, with all the legal issues and transferring process it definitely did not happen free of charge. The new website and other content both in-game and out of are bills as well. So again, it's basic economics to increase the prices to keep things afloat until everything gets settled in, debts are paid. Only then will prices drop additionally. The devs are just like us. They have to bring home the bacon. Mouths to feed.

Remember that before you judge them on their actions or anyone else's for that matter. ^^
I think you are still confused. sure any "physical" product in the real world is going to have a manufacturing cost that is linked to that specific individual item. as far as digital products are concerned there is a zero(well technically there is a cost its the price of the electricity required to process the order but i mean common that is like 1 trillionth of a penny) cost at all. yes it is true they need money to provide more services and to pay for development costs. but just increasing prices does not scale linear to profits. it costs hundreds of millions of dollars to produce movies and millions to produce top shelf game titles yet they only charge mere dollars for them why not just charge millions? cause not even a billionaire who has all the money in the world would pay such an outrageous price for a movie hell if you even sold 100 copies of any block buster movie for 1million dollars that would not even come close to selling 100million copies for 7dollars. perhaps you are just a moron and cant get this extremely complicated concept into your head that increasing prices(joking it isn't complicated at all) but thinking you are going to make bank trying to sell the ability to use a quest reward you just spend several months grinding for 26 fucking dollars before you can even use it is seriously fucking delusional. for the cost to get greatness on 2 reincs you could have bought and gained access to a top tier game title with no extra costs.

but hey. every single f2p game that has "made it" into the big leagues and that are the most popular not a single one of them is a pay 2 win game they dont charge 500dollars for you to win a duel or 26 dollars to use a quest item they charge 3 dollars here and there to look slightly cooler and they are fucking rich have fun pinching pennies from a dwindling player base. I don't know if you realize this or not but having players that play the game for "free" actually helps the developers make money that might seem strange to you and I don't feel like explaining it more I doubt you could understand anyways.

You think it's free to develop, market and globally publish a MMORPG? You are greatly mistaken. Licensing and royalties alone would drain a regular man's wallet. And no, I'm not saying it's right for any company to price gouge on anything. I'm just saying it's basic economics. In fact, after reading over your post, it seems you spent more time flaming at me rather than the issue at hand. Allow me to inform you that I understand times are tough and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being frugal at times. But being inconsiderate and complaining because something is out of your reach isn't exactly a reason to be upset at another player now, is it? Point proven. As I said before, I understand your frustration. But it's not as bad as some act like it is.

Also, Mystery Seals, as far as I can remember, always required you to be the level to accept the world mystery quest. All they've done is change the seals over to match the rest of the item shop perks they give in this game. Fragments. Combine and viola! I don't like it. But, you don't see me cursing at you, do you?

Either way, I agree the prices are somewhat out of hand. All I said was to consider other things before you go all irate over something as simple as basic economics. :\
i think you are mistaken. the argument i was making is not "give me everything for free" it is that they would make more money AKA MORE MONEY WHAT THEY NEED TO DEVELOP THE GAME!!! if they priced things reasonably. everyone needs money there is a cost to everything a cost to live a cost to have fun but if you go to the market and 1 vendor is selling apples for 25 dollars and 1 vendor is selling his apples for 60cents who is going to bring home more money at the end of the day? answer that question for me please.


Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 10:27am

If you need running through GT and are Empire side, mail Shikari.

I'll run you through GT for 2.5k gold :)

No costume, no Dragon though.


Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 8:00pm



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If you need running through GT and are empire and I'm available at any point.
Please mail me instead.
It'll be free.
Lets help the faction, not hurt it.


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 5:49am

I purchased two seals months before the patch to get greatness on my reincs. After I faction changed I lost the option to get the greatness quest. So now the two seals I had for two characters is not even enough for one?! That's just typical Allods. Such promise in this game ruined by greed and apathy.

I could go on, but that horse has been beat enough. Enjoy it while you can. Soon you will need to learn russian if you want to keep playing allods.


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 8:00am

I lvled up my reinc to top just before heart of the world patch and i couldnt finish greatness chain with mystery seal because it wasn't allowing to finish greatness quest before finishing previous wm chains;my GT chains weren't complete.And i planned to finish previous chains after patch and finish greatness chain with mystery seal.But it didn't go as i planned and they changed seals to shards and oops;if i would finish 3 wm chains with shards it was going to cost me like 150 shards(such a waste) .Then i started to look for cheap shards and mystery seals and completed 65 in less than 2 weeks.All cost me for less than 40k golds. And good thing is it doesnt ask for completing previous chains anymore. :thumbsup:

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