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Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 7:06pm

I use different accounts to play and for the forums, and they both are attached to different e-mails. This account I post with, it has no characters on either server in the game.

My other account, when I was transferring, instead of typing, I typed . Now, the account is connected to an email that doesn't exist. I created this new account as I was transferring, so registering anew with an actual email was not an option, since my acc was already transferred and linked to a nonexistent e-mail.

I never really bothered with the email issue, since I didn't really think I'd need to unban my account, but now I can't check any e-mails I receive regarding the banned account. So far it's been working fine, I can log in, log out, do things like that, but I can't check the reasons for my ban, or how long it would take, because the email it is registered with doesn't exist.
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Thursday, May 22nd 2014, 10:04pm

please open a support ticket with an email address that you do have access to (the one this account is on for example), clearly state at the top of the message that you are enquiring about the ban placed on the other account, and the reason for using a different email.
you will probably be asked to answer some security questions so that they can confirm that the account does indeed belong to you before they discuss the specifics of the ban.

If you have any other questions about it (please bare in mind, I don't have much more information that has already been posted in the news), feel free to PM me.. I hope I get a chance to get to my PMs soon.

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