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It's impressive to see someone deliberately placing themselves in the dark

How the hell could anyone live this ugly and disgusting life without doing that? I simply cannot fathom this. Games are actually tools that help us do it.
Try it, you'll feel much better about pretty much... everything.

I still refuse to believe the f2p server won't be standing here in 3, 4, 5 years. I'll be sure to come and bump this post then.

If P2P closes F2P will be right behind it, because the only player's pushing money into the game on F2P are the collective already here or the naive.

There was no p2p server for what... 4 years? Apparently that money is enough to keep the server up.


Besides normal gaming that players want like balance or so here is my idea

creat certain paid tournaments the winner will get like crystal to use on entire account for example 20 players go with 200 crystal as a entrance but the winner will get 2000(premium crystal) so the reward will not be able to use on some server also limit the gear to leggy or so.

the revenues will be reverted to some instituitions or so.

i am sure i will participate and i will also want to donate with this noble cause.

and more infos will go on 25th.

So it costs either two euros or what, ten thousand gold to join this fight? um, er, not me, thanks.

And are you suggesting that the proceeds are delivered to charity? What charity? That's critically important - donating to charity is *not* a politically neutral act, nor even a universally acceptable one. Most charitable organisations are home to some sort of political slant, often strong, and there are often conflicts between that slant and the preferences of potential donors. In fact, I can think of only one kind of charity that I'd give money to - the RNLI or its equivalent in other countries. (That's the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the purely charitable organisation that operates the UK's lifeboats. Various other countries have similar organisations.) Also, since there *will* be people who join without paying money, it is entirely possible to find that will have to foot the bill for the donations.

Unless you are suggesting that we have a non-Allods currency, as we used to have with gPotato (gpotato -> boutique coins -> premium crystals) that can only be bought with real money, but that's a substantial change in the billing system, and don't seem to have the spare staff to do that.

Also, stop with the teaser nonsense.
Now f2p 60 Xadaganian summy with 60/60/60 tailor/weaponsmith/alchemist, bleah gear, 555/555 runes
Now p2p 28 Xadaganian avenger with 20 weaponsmith
I'm on an extended break from Allods at the moment, but I'm lurking here to keep up with what's happening. From the looks of things in 5.0.02, I'm better off where I am.


If P2P closes F2P will be right behind it

And as long as the F2P server remains pay2win, the P2P server will have pretty much no chance. Why? Because people won't see past the horrid reputation this game already has.
The thing is, a few rich people that keep loading thousands of dollars into the game is enough to keep it going, it won't be healthy, and raiding guilds may keep dying off one by one, but the server will drag on for some time. And any stray new player that might still get lured into the web will be prey for the remaining that spent their fortunes on the game.

If the devs/publisher aren't willing to completely rework the entire business model and remove all pay2win aspects, then I think, at least, the best thing would be to open a new F2P server(instead of P2P) that does exactly that (sell the same things but NO runes, no horse feed, no skill points, no rubys), and then advertise this new model a LOT. It would open up the game to a whole lot more players.

Still, I doubt that any type of new server could ever "save" this game as long as its main model is P2W. Would love to be proved wrong.

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