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Patch 5.1 bugs and errors

1. Can't type numerals with obscenity filter on. Example: instead of "number 5" it appears "number ***" on the chat.

2. New Guild Quest to get "Symbol of the Punisher" (the daily quest of the guild that we need to kill 20 mobs at Kingdom of Elements), instead of the name of the quest and description, there's a "placeholder".

3. Tka-Rik cave: "Orbs of Greed" trial: the buffs that we get from orbs, instead of description there's a "placeholder" too.

4. Crowned ogres from Wellebell Preserve. When they knock you up, sometimes when you land, you can die because of the falling (but most of the times you don't die when they throw you up, really high by the way). Once, I landed on the top of a tree and the crowned ogre reseted because of that, but I think it's really fun when they throw me to the sky. lol

p.s.: i have screenshots of all these errors but I'm too lazy to upload them.

If you know more issues, post them here.

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p.s.: i have screenshots of all these errors but I'm too lazy to upload them.
If u really want help, then don't be lazy!

Issure 1,2 and 3 are known and forwarded. For the 4th issure would it be nice, if u could upload some screens.
Also reported issures are that the imortal "buff" in the AoD is returned, that u cant see the labels in runecombine window, that u wont get stabilizer from astral chests which are older then the patch aaand that the wound complexity value is not correctly displayed.

A bugfix for these issures should come soon.
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