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Say what you think about this build!1!333.3.23…Q!eilqsnb/OIZQE
So share your opinions about this tanking pve build! ?(




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Luka approves. It's quite a viable build for tanking. Though you might want to change some things as I see this is a 1h + shield tanking build:

I suggest you to remove seperate rubies for increase in damage (+15% for each 3 rubies of different skill choice) and get 3 rubies for ALL skill damage with 1h weapon in 2nd ruby grid.

Also with the extra rubies you can take Take Cover rubies just to the left of the 1-hand damage rubies. They add a really good chance to survive some heavy hits when you need to. Heck it even makes you trigger Shield Slam debuff even more often! Then with other remaining rubies you can spend some for extra critical hit chance on your other skills.

You can even mix it up to be something like this! :D!1!333.2.23…IQ!izcbuw/CBZQE

But of course most tanks use Crushing Blow because it gives a nice headstart in threat generation if you roll it into your tanking rotation at the start. It has a 2 minute cooldown so for every 4th or 3rd pull you can use it. Just use Reasoned Aggression for one pull, Crushing Blow for another and everything will be fine.

Also adding utility skills like Hack, Headbutt and Double Blow will help you with your rotation as well. Double Blow really helps you build up Combat Advantage in aoe pulls for faster Whirlwinds. Hack, especially with 2 rubies of speed when going towards Crushing Blow, really helps you run away from most mobs (This helps in Wellebel+ zones when you're about to die). And well Headbutt goes in the rotation as well when you need to reposition one mob quickly in case of needing to long-term cc it.

My personal touch to the warrior tank build would be like this:!1!333.2.23…Q!cuwwbbn/WZYQE

I hope this helps :)
And so on..

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