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Saturday, July 19th 2014, 4:56am


Hello im new to allods online and im coming into the f2p server hopeing that its decently populated i lieka game with a good community not sure which side to pick yet either considering the p2p server if needed tho ive heard rumors of it being deserted? anyway the game seems fun and cant wait to start playing :) ty.


Saturday, July 19th 2014, 10:11am

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yea i laughed my ass of when i tried p2p server, i didnt see a single player xD.

But the f2p have enough people to play, usual "Normal" population.

And as a tip Empire recives 10% more experiece points ;) . plus they are coolest.


Saturday, July 19th 2014, 10:35am



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p2p is not deserted, lets just say.. we have plenty of room and if you are even a least bit interested to play without p2w (arguable but I wont bother so just leave it) give it a shot. We are few yes but it is playable :)

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