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Got gb bugs

I had two bugs in gb. wanted to know if its only me or not?
1] could see only 3 out of 4 opponents

2] cud not use any abilities. run,defend,kick,pass etc. and ball used to pass through me while i was golle dduring this bug.
edit: DCd after gb guess it was lag for whole 10 min

is thr a way to avoid these bugs

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Haha! Only 2 bugs? What a newb... anyway joke your not the only one today bugged gb is the only thing your gonna get like being close to goal shooting ball and ball not moving or teleporting, anyway I digress back to the point. Yes I had trouble like not being able to see a player too and DC after gb... That's a normal thing... these days... Everytime I enter allods go to one gb match all is fine no lag no freeze no dc on the second match I have it all lag and DC after loading screen(when I tele back)
P.S.: Those are all bugs that came up with those 2 big updates in what?! 3 months?! Stupid and normally you have bugs on top of bugs and lag wich everyone pretends its not there...


Lag, lag and more lag. Thats the most annoying bug of them all , which produce 90% of other bugs.

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