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Wednesday, July 23rd 2014, 10:29am

Warden's Most Important Stat?

As a warden, where should I be putting most of stat points into?


Thursday, July 24th 2014, 8:27am



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For PVE, the base stats remains the same for all classes DPS and heal:
50% Proficiency - 50% Brutality; and the others at 0
Max Vitality, some Tenacity, 0 Ferocity (because it's splitted between you and your pet), 0 Will

For PVP, depending on how you play, you might take some Rage, otherwise:
I usually put 33% in Proficiency / Determination / Brutality
Less Vitality, much more Will.
Drood retraité !


Thursday, July 24th 2014, 8:48am

PvE you choose proficiency while leveling over brutality , for me i just pump proficiency as much as possible.
For PvP i go with alot of Determination !


Sunday, July 27th 2014, 12:03am



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for pvp u need at least 1 determination, otherwise it wont pop

prof should be equal to brut at any point the output is better, but i guess in leveling now wardens pretty much 2-3 hits everything so prof would work better

deffensive stats-whatever comes from gear for lvling, endgame what was told in previous posts
Fireofdeath -70 - demonologist
Puffypuf - 65 - furball warden
Rensy - 65 - paladin
Akyrra - 70 - psionicist healer
Turquiose - 60 - bard
Springfull - 60 - mage
FoxBee - 31 warden


Saturday, August 9th 2014, 4:49pm

in pve and pvp more prof than brut like ratio 2:1 in favor of prof

cus ofc brut has a higher multiplicator^^ but you dont get to use it in pve most mobs die fast even the ones in high sektors (exeption maybe raids) and in pvp there is allways a fullheal behind your target who keeps him at 100% so much brutality is when you want to go killstealing nothing more^^ so go prof cause somebody has to smack him to low hp first ;D

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