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Account transfer issues

ive been trying to get ahold of accouint transfer support because i forgot my old user name and password for allods ive spent alot of money on this game and i dont want to throw that away ive been waiting a good 4-5 days for them to respond is there another way to recover that so i can find out if my accoutn is merged or not


lol, almost 3 weeks, even my account was transferred ,but my characters cant be found it .........xD



yea they said my account has been transfered yet no characters


Hello gamewkid/nomadkids,

Did you login with your new account?
Or did you login before it was confirmed by the support that the account has been transfered?

Feel free to send me your ticket ID so I can look into it.

Viele Grüße,
Deutsche Allods Community Managerin


I sent my ticket about 3 weeks ago. And about 1 week ago, the supportor give ticket reply that my account got transferred. Thank you very much anyway.
But when i log in game ,there are 5 other low level characters left(indeed my transfer ticket described my lv51 characters info). well, i sent ticket again and reply my first ticket also to explain these.
in the week ,i sent some question in my ticket to ask progression ,but no more reply. yesterday .....supportor closed my explaination ticket...and no more info about character problem.....xD.

So i want to know if it is no way to finish. at least i wait for so long time to "play" ticket. Then i can save time to say something to my friends.

thank you !


my problem got solved yesterday :D

thank you, warith and allods support team :thumbsup:


I do hope my ticket is also resoved with thumbs up! I have the exact same problem. My ticket number for any lurking moderators (MWS-155-56385)


I sent a private message to Wraith, but just incase It was supposed to be posted on forums instead of messaged. My ticket ID is DHI-671-23007
I don't have any screenshots of ingame. Although I have successfully transferred my Gpotato account over to Webzen If that counts as proof.


It's been nearly a week now and I still haven't received a response to my ticket. Is there anyone who can help?


its been about a week and a half since you guys transferred my account my characters are still missing can i at least have a update




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its been about a week and a half since you guys transferred my account my characters are still missing can i at least have a update
Did you possible have an account on EU and NA with the same log in info?

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