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1v1 Skirmishes

HI! I keep having this idea for skirmishes
1v1 skirmish! And use the gear score to put players one against another. Players with 20k to 25k will be matches, 25k-30k matched you get it no? Reward for wining is amalgam solution and maybe battleground emblems...

P.S. I think it would be very nice for everyone, and if you match people up based on gear score there can be no complaints as both are equal... :D As an idea you could go further making this somekind of tournement or something with Junior category , Middle category, and Senior category and at the end of each week the one people who has the highest score on a given category get some nice reward a costume, a mount, or cc or somehting.
Please tell me waht yo think and support this idea




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As a player whom recently left Wow to come to Allods, the thing I miss the MOST is Ranked Arena style pvp.

I support your suggestion! Add many brackets: 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5vs5.

Have them pop like battlegrounds and rewards be similar but different(stay pvp related)

If Allods would do this is would be perfect(besides extortion in cash shop!) lol


"besides extortion cahs" Haha. And yes I;ve been thinking about sugesting 2's 3's 4's and 5v5 but I said let's suggest one thing at a time:D

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