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Monday, September 8th 2014, 10:33pm

ı am new player

ı start to play on league side and ı'm looking for a guild


Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 1:11am



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Welcome to P2P hope to see you on the battle field :thumbsup:
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Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 8:32am

On league you should look for members of New Horizon. League is very underpopulated, though. You always have the option to join us on empire side. :P (no, that's definitely not propaganda)
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Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 10:02am

ı know league is underpopulated but Empire players need enemy.And ı have character on empire side( 18 lvl engineer). if ı dont found any end game players ı will change my side.


Tuesday, September 9th 2014, 11:38am

Okay, have fun on p2p whichever faction you're playing. ^^ I really hope for some new people to fight, New Horizon is getting boring. :P
p2p Empire lvl 60 Paladin Bowtiful

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