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Saturday, September 13th 2014, 1:38pm

What addons are good for dungeons and some technical help

Good morning everyone,

I was wondering what addons I could get to make my dungeon/general experience better. I currently have:

- AoUMeter (DPS meter)
- RealAgroM_r22
- KillAnnounce
- Addonstools
- InspectEquipRating
- TargetHealth (r06)
- AddonReloader (r04)
- HealerProc

Of these, TargetHealth and HealerProc don't seem to work at all. I installed AddonReloader to see if that would fix TargetHealth (keep in mind that I rely on Google Translate for the russian website) but it didn't, and I noticed AddonReloader's button does nothing as well.

Also, RealAgroM works but crashes "because of client limitations". This happens when there are 3+ people being processed by the Aggrometer.
Is there any way to increase the memory allocated to addons or fix this otherwise? I could not find any other aggro meters, are there any out there?

As a final note, I am quite new to the game, and may have missed something. I noticed some posts discussing addons no longer working because of a new scripting engine.

My thanks in Advance
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Saturday, September 13th 2014, 3:04pm



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NotifyTrink 2 is nice. Seeing when your trinket bonus pops can help your burst dps. I don't like many addons so I don't use many, but this one I like :D


Saturday, September 13th 2014, 4:25pm

"sniper" addon (esp) so you can target mobs more efficiently / get a better overview

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