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Waiting Over a Week On Opened Ticket

I've been waiting for over a week for a ticket, actually several, that I opened. I have closed two because they refused to reply after one comment and now they have not gotten back to me on the newest one I opened. Is there a number I can call to directly talk to them? I'm getting very impatient. My account was made inactive since two years ago was the last time I played and I'd like to play again, but I'm starting to feel like its not worth the hassle.



You don't need to make a lot of ticket, just one is enough to get your old account back to a new :

If you have not been answered to your request after a few working days, you can ask a Community Manager about your ticket. Just send a PM on the forum to your CM, with your ticket number :
- Wraith02 (En)
- Fayne (De)
- Reira (Fr)
- Drakdish (Tu)
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