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Carry low geared through astral

Should be removed... guilds carry their members through astral starting from s19 = better and faster upgraders.
Impossible to get a party going for s1-12.


In order to remove the carry they would need to revamp the lower layers so people needing upgrades from that layer can do the allods there and upgrade the default ships to Gen 10.

Both of these are things that should have been done from the beginning though since the current get twinked or don't play model drives off newer players. You shouldn't need the ultimate gear from the previous patch to do basic content the current one.

The stuff I have seen so far about the next level expansion makes it look like they are realizing that making it so you can't get basic gear without uber gear is a bad path and will hopefully make the game fun to play again.


lol ^^ this system is to help ppl equip faster so they are able to close the distance to top players a bit^^

and for 1-12 you dont even need a grp lol^^ was testing it^^ with blue geared char going into s12 and 19 with just 1 healermerc and could easy do it solo,,,

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