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Tuesday, November 4th 2014, 1:21am

Die Antwoord


  • "Die Antwoord" started this thread

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Artisan Class, Wielder of the Brush.

The Artisan: Wielder of the Brush

This Class is my own Idea it is not an Allods Team spoiler But maybe an idea that the allods team may take into thought.

Races: Kanian, Gibberings, Elves, Xadaganian, Orcs, and Pridens

Here are someone the the spells this class would wield, So names of these spell would be renamed but just an idea.

Prismatic Vortex: Covers an ally in paint and rises allies heath by 5% 10% and 15%

Spatter: An Aoe attack that covers the ground in paint dealing xx damage to each target in a 10 yard area 15 yard at rank 3. Also slows anyone who steps in it. Stays on the ground for 5secs

Desaturate: Cover an enemy in Black paint dealing over time damage of xx for 5mins

Cover: Covers yourself in color that ups your armor and resl 5% with rubies can up it to 20%

Sealer: A spell that stuns the target for 10secs with rubies can up time to 30sec. Time can also be take away if the target takes damage.

Spraying: Sprays the target with paint blinding the target for 5 secs.

Varnishing paint: Makes you unseen to enemy for 10secs

Color Flow: Throws paint at target dealing xx

Now these are just some of the skills If you like the idea of this class leave you comments maybe add your own spells you think this class could use, Thought it would be a fun class to play.
Smugglers Paradise


Tuesday, November 4th 2014, 10:40am

nice thought

Hi Lamka

I like your idea ist colorful and sounds fun.

Here is one painting skill from my sketchbook:

"Palette of Death":

If your skill isnt a phantasy and your paintings dont arise by copy and paste. You might become the Master of Arts by unleashing a deadly-chromatic Storm. By using this skill your castbar switch in "palette-mode" witch provides up to 10 colors and now by the Divinity of Fortune (or some programmed random-generator) colors are presented to you and you have to react fast (getting faster) and click right button.
Each correct click gives one stack (can do xx damage) till you fail or release your Opus you collecting the stacks.
If released you deal the damage as promised and if failed you get xx% minus the promised damage but also triggered.

Could work on single target as well. :D

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Friday, November 7th 2014, 11:12pm

A combat artist is an interesting idea but the mechanics of how their skills work would be hard visually depict. Just throwing buckets of paint on targets isn't really art but creating detailed art in combat like Roybaer suggested would be a huge pain in the butt since you would be doing a quick time game with every skill used.

How about making attack skills are paintings on scrolls that you make ahead of time like the scout's quiver of arrows. When used the paining would jump off the page as a short lived summoned pet(similar to Sai from Naruto). Support spells would be drawing ritual circles on scrolls and then throwing them off the page at the target to buff or debuff. For the most part all the attacks would be cookie cutter art but a random number generator could be used to pop out a larger variety of abilities while preparing the scrolls out of combat.


Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 2:20am

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Bump. This is awesome.

I'm thinking maybe a support class, with lots of party buffs. Sort of 'paint the battlefield your own colors' kinds of like the bard was supposed to be.
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Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 5:47am

Die Antwoord


  • "Die Antwoord" started this thread

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Occupation: Beating players with a piss soaked sandal..

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Thanks everyone :)
Smugglers Paradise


Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 8:29am


Just throwing buckets of paint on targets isn't really art

Tell that to Jackson Pollock...
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Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 6:30pm

Interesting idea.

I think its skills can be based on what you draw becomes reality so a skill can be,For example:

1-you draw a rock then it falls on enemies.
2-you draw a lion that can be summoned out of your painting dealing damage and doing some sort of CC like a bashing stun to enemies for x seconds.
3-drawing a field with chalk around you like the chalk item skill in the CB dungeon which gives you some certain buffs or shield to all party members in this area.
4-Drawing some empty void that creates an AOE that silences enemies and causes damage.
5-drawing a falcon that is summoned out of the painting for x seconds where the falcon debuffs random enemies every x seconds or buffs certain ally every x seconds with a choice of random buffs.
6-Drawing a giant spear or trident that falls on the battle ground causing massive AOE damage.
7-drawing the enemy in a prison where they are put in a little cage in action causing them immobility or stun.
8-drawing a pack of wolves that runs towards enemies hurting them causing AOE DOT in a line.

I can go on with many other ideas,many skills ideas can be implemented to such class so your idea could be a nice new class.

So because,someone said it's skills might not be easily implemented,they might become easily to implement if they do depend on the concept:"What you draw becomes reality" and summoning stuff out of paper animation could be a smoke cloud and a "Poof" sound.
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Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 8:35pm

Die Antwoord


  • "Die Antwoord" started this thread

Posts: 215

Location: In your head...

Occupation: Beating players with a piss soaked sandal..

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I dont know my idea is based on you swing the brush and paint wipes off hitting the target, its sort of like dawngates printer champion. But in an mmo style. All your ideas are great but my thoughts are more you throw a bucket of paint on the grow sort of like ranger balls or the ice move mages have.
Smugglers Paradise

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