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I have a great present idea for Allods how about an Idiot who deny it ;)?

Thats a joke ;)

I agree with Dala haha ;)




Up until their latest xpac Warlords of Dreanor, the game was a financial success but as Dala rightfully put, was a miserable entertainment value failure. Only an idiot would deny it.

thats ur point of view and ur still not telling reasons...
But the more important question to ask is if allods was/is more entertaining??


But the more important question to ask is if allods was/is more entertaining??

Allods lost or gained very little entertainment value with expansions, it's mostly the same all the time.

oldest WoW (vanilla/tbc) had a greater entertainment value than Allods
Wrath of the Lich King had about the same entertainment value as Allods
Any WoW version past that lost any entertainment value it had entirely, so Allods wins by far now

at least this is my view on that

Edit: Oh forgot to mention that introduction of p2p model to Allods increased it's entertainment value very substantially for me. Above points apply to F2P Allods only.

Subscription version easily has an entertainment value on par with oldest WoW if not greater.

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my main problem is that the gearing system didnt changed but mb should have changed. Back to level 47 it was unerstandable for me cus the only neded endcontent beside Astral was AoD and stupid gold dailys. Now we have bgs, MoS, etc. but still the same time wasting gear system getting more worse with each reset. Idk how good the content in WoW (never really played it) is but im pretty sure that its much less pressure while playing... Thats my opinion too ;-)

The Time i had most fun was pre-release with the greed-need-system of instant equipable gear...

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