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Sunday, February 1st 2015, 12:49pm

Transfer Issues


<Forum is not the place to submit your ticket number>

Usually, an account transfer can take up to 5 or 6 working days in order to be done.

If nothing happens after a week, you can send a private message to a Community Manager with your ticket number, explaining what it is about (Account Transfer)
Our Community Managers are :
- Mhuldoon (EN)
- Fayne (DE)
- Reira (FR)
- Drakdish (TR)…d&threadID=3952

Your ticket number is saved, and will be transmitted to a community manager.

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Sunday, February 1st 2015, 1:01pm

This worst technical support I have known in my life


Sunday, February 1st 2015, 1:46pm

Same for me.
I sent a ticket even two weeks ago and also contacted the CM.
The only thing I have got was a standard answer that they will see to it.
I also read in another post that the ordinary time for an answer is about 3 - 4 weeks.
So i guess we will have to wait a little longer...


Sunday, February 1st 2015, 2:22pm

3 or 4 weeks .. This is a very long time
I have an account in the gPotato and I want to play it and I am now playing calculates the novice to be transferred Account


Sunday, February 1st 2015, 2:32pm

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Hi, support is busy nowaday.
For account tranfert you need to wait arount 1.5 week. Your problem will soon be solved.

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Sunday, February 1st 2015, 2:34pm

thank you .. I hope that in the nearest time

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