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Thursday, January 29th 2015, 12:24pm


Thursday, February 5th 2015, 12:41pm

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i would try to get Bark Shield on lvl 3, also get Shield of Nature ruby.
Looks like you are going for healer so get all 3 of the Natures Touch ruby.
Clensing charge is also very importaint for healers.
Secret of Aqua Vite is a must for healers, also all the Natrual Harmony.

If you are going for dps not healer then there are alot of problems with it :P
For example vibrate health and healing burst requires Nature stacks, and nature stacks brings down your dammage.
You also get a Buff/Nerf that icreases your healing power, at the cost of 50% of your dammage.

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