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Sunday, March 8th 2015, 8:55pm

No servers on the server menu

After installing 2 new addons which are Asniper 5.1, and AoUMeter r.1.2.8_6.0.0

The game just went to shit! (or No servers started to appear ;( ) Been working on it for an hour and yet no results, Tried using the repair, removing

the addon folder and putting it back in, removing addons here and there, As well searching for related problems online and no result!.

IF you have any Idea whatsoever that can help me please reply!

Thank you :)
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Sunday, March 8th 2015, 10:03pm



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i dont think that the addons are the problem


Sunday, March 8th 2015, 11:36pm

The problem is not related to addons, since they are being loaded into the game after you selected your character already (to be more precise, when you're at 92% on the loading screen).

I don't know exactly what the problem might be in your case. What launcher are you using: The one or the old launcher? If the old launcher, try launching it with Admin rights.

Disable your antivirus for a bit and try running the game, see if that helps. Similarly, disable your firewall for a bit and see if that helps.

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