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What the hell has happend while I was gone?

I have played Allods before. About half a year ago I stopped to play the fantastic game because of IRL reasons but it was still a favoirte game of mine...

Now I return to see that the whole game has changed. My account seems to be gone, there is a new studio behind the game and all that... Can someone tell me what exactly happend while I was gone. (and IF I can get my old account back)


gpotato got closed (all games exept of allod went to webzen)
so allods now get puplished by which is a affiliated firm of for Europe and US.
If u want back ure old account u can send a ticket to the support. But if u want to play the new content coming with 7.0 u should write it now!!


it isn't about that :D (I only got to level 14 or something) I just don't want to loose progression


Don't worry about your account if you only ever reached lvl 14 :)

Start a new one and get past lvl 14 in like 2 hours max. By the time you get your account back, you should be long past lvl 14.

If you are worried about the "grind" to 14 and not wanting to lose "progression". Go ahead and wait 2+ weeks to get your account back ^^





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You must've been away for longer than half a year. took over as publisher longer ago than that. Also the server merge was done maybe in 2013 or something.
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