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Saturday, March 14th 2015, 3:22am

On maul/grab

Newish warden player here! Loving the class but for one tiny thing that is driving me crazy. Unless my little buddy is already right next to an enemy, he always stalls before attacking with maul. He runs up next to them, and then just stands there, moving extremely slowly; and I'm not talking about the actual walk up to the enemy, its when my pet is right next to them. Driving me crazy seeing him stand right next to an enemy, just waiting to move that half an inch so he can attack. He is such a big part of my damage, after all!


Saturday, March 14th 2015, 4:09am

thats a "bug?" which happens when the target moves :/ i hope since an eternity they will fix that problem cuz this will boost warden quite a bit in pvp but seems like we hope in vain :D


Saturday, March 14th 2015, 4:59pm

Yeah that has happened quite a lot for me too. Not fun at alll

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