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Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 4:15pm

[PMB] Luciferilla warden guide

The Intro

Hello to everyone!!! My name is Luciferilla from guild Warsong. Playing this class almost 5 years, first was Kanian warden but in this patch was go for Priden warden (Trapper). I like to play this class because everything is related for nature. Pve is fun part of it, Dpsing, ccing, support heal and sometimes full healer in astral and raids like Acient Mound, Eclipse and Secret Gates.

Warden races:
On allods online u have 5 type of warden races.

On League side:

Kanian wardens

They racial skill is Help the companion - summon your pet, even if his life points have not been fully restored. restored will be immediately 30% of Health and Energy of the pet.

Gibberling Animists

They racial skill is Mystery of animists - A certain amount of life is restored.

On Empire:

Orc shaman

They racial skill is Flame of the Shaman - You are in able to brew a potion that causes damage to all enemies within 10 yards.

Xadaganian Hunter

They racial skill is Gaping Wound - The next pet attack will deal wound to the target and will force it to attack your pet only for 10 seconds.

On both side:
Priden Trapper
They racial skill is Dismaying Howl - Your pets howling stuns the enemy for 4 seconds


There are the " page from the book of secrets "that teaches you all racial abilities of your class and if u want to change your pet u can do it in Hall of Changes in your capital its cost carnival masks.


Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 4:16pm

A Warden
in previously patches

Lot of everything was changed on warden. Everyone was know
us like Aqua Eternus machines we was giving out healing balms to everyone to
use it. Our Aoe Storm was changed for more damaging Aoe called lighting chain. We was strong in 5.02 patch so they was reduces our dmg but still we was stay strong as always

Changes in 6.0 “Broken Chain”

Rubies position changed

New rubies

New warden race: Priden Warden (Trapper)

New racial skill: Dismaying Howl

The new patch bring 3 new rubies to Wardens:

Static Electricity

These rubies is for healing build. If combat wit or the static charge effects are not applied, the first lighting attack additionally applies stacks of static charge.

Grasping Roots

These rubies is for pvp and pve build. Each 2 seconds, every target within the effective radius of Natures grip (or how other player calling Bush) with a chance can be immobilized for 2 seconds. Each target can be immobilized only once.

Stone soup

This ruby is total useless. Allows making potion without components from kingdom of nature. Increases mana consumption by 400%

New warden race: Priden Warden (Trapper)

They are cute and furry

They racial skill is Dismaying howl:

Your pets howling stuns the enemy for 4 seconds. cooldown is 2min. Its not worth for using it because we already have similar stun and much better called Rip up. Better use in pvp kanian racial skill or animist one.

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Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 4:17pm

The Builds
players have dual spec. for this builds I prefer always to be ready for every
challenge, if your party in astral or raids need Dps and on half of allod or
raid u need to change self in healing spec be ready to do that. Always bring
with self Pve and full healing build or Pvp and full healing build.

But always u can learning, trying other builds, try something what is not possible to make.

PVE (dps, cc, support healing)
This build is maked for burst your dps on enemy use less mana, if u have less cc members in party u always can do it, support healing in party or raids always is welcome.

PVE (full healing build)
If guild is less with healer for astral or some raids u always can join like full healer. Why not healing sometimes is good challenge and funny too.
With that full healing build u can always support little in dmg to help out to party or raid :)

PVP Build
For pvp always is important to stay behind everyone and single target enemy. to stun him and kill him how much fast is possible and ofcourse to keep self alive :P
Always is funny to pvp with paladins or warriors always u catch them like fishes :)
Always u starting with lighting flash that is first spell for combo and slowing enemy for few seconds, after lighting coming maul or grab what is giving open wound, hit the vortex and enemy getting acute pain and u are ready to hit your powerful spell called shred.
Always there is tricks if u pvp with melee classes they always rush in u to stun u and kill u in fast way, but always they forget we have our little fear and stun :P So when u start to pvp with some warrior always precast your bee swarm...if he rush in u, u can fear him in that way and again if he using martyrs spell then u use rip up (consume dragon tears) that will stun him for few seconds and help to u to heal up or to kill him with your powerful spell.
And for this build use your reincarnation spell Healer bubble

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Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 4:46pm

Spells and Rubies
- Ligthing strike or upgraded version Flash lighting, inflict dmg to enemy and slow down him for few seconds
- Maul or upgraded version Grab, pet consume 5 energy rushing to enemy and inflict dmg and giving open wound

- Great hunt, increasing pet basic attacks by 100%

- Vortex, summon vortex what inflict dmg to enemy and making acute pain

- Shred, the most powerful spell of warden, if target have on self pain shock its giving more poision dmg

- Vibrant healing and upgraded version Healing burst

- Renew healing u and your party members

- Lighting chain, inflict dmg to target and all enemies in 10 yards. can be affected on 4 targets

- Rip Up, give some little dmg and stuning enemy consume 2 dragon tears

- Bee swarm, dmging enemy and put him in terror few seconds

- Bark shield, grants your armor and resistence plus if u have rubies for it then can reflect all dmg to enemy (its nice when mage do surge and u stay in front of him, sometimes he 1 shot self what is really funny :D )

- Aqua morte, its nice poition for healing classes and for others too to cant heal self
- Unity with nature, its really nice spell if your pet is dismissed and after of ending this spell he restore your pet with 100% of energy and health

- Nature grip summoning roots for 20 seconds that slow down enemies in area by 70% or 80% plus if u have that new rubies then can to immobilize some enemies for 2 seconds

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Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 6:59pm

Always be with Nature, from nature we was born, Nature is giving to us everything, we dying in Nature. Be the part of us, show to others what wardens can to do and never give up how hard is it.



Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 8:18pm

Great hunt only increases pet basic attacks damage nowadays, so it's not really worth it sadly :(


Tuesday, March 24th 2015, 9:20pm



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Best of luck to you, Luci! Nice one! :thumbsup:
Better be lucky than good ~


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 2:13pm



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Hi Luciferilla,
I agree on many choices that you've made, but I could never get out of the Yasker tower without Aura of ferocity r3 and rubies on Heightened sense, Ferocity is applied to pet too! Another thing: I believe that Vortex is fundamental in PVE, but in PvP I prefer Hawk's strike that is instant cast and Shred rotation is much faster this way.

Good work! 8)


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 3:18pm

you are right with hawk strike pino BUT if you use it you will waste all your static stacks^^ which means no ability to switch to heal instantly AND 24 less damage on lighning and vortex if you are stacked up also the only reason i see to not use vortex would be so you can move and kite oneshotting pallys etc but well if you go in meleerange yourself i see a problem there :P or are you actually full melee and like to use combat whit stacks? then its ofc diffrent^^


Thursday, March 26th 2015, 8:28am



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Hi Bluescarlet!
Of course I waste the stacks, but I count much on the speed of rotation..well.. In pvp I probably have "kamikaze mode ON" beacuse I'm often in melee position, not Aod of course! I make a large use of cc, from Bee swarm, Rip, Rip up,Boar's blow. and a right use of Bark shield allow me to stand against warriors and pallys without a lot of problems. To be honest my problems are against Psi.. but this is my personal war! :P
For self heals I use Renew, gibberlings racial, Aqua vitae and AP so I don’t need to switch using stacks.

This is a kind of hybrid build I can use for Pvp, Astral, Db and Koe when I’m too lazy to change build, but it works fine for my playstyle.!5!333.2.1…O!eufzcwn/IZZLJ


Thursday, March 26th 2015, 3:20pm

wow and this works? i mean you have nearly double the cooldown on renew, 30% shorter barkshield and miss many deff rubees O.o well shouldnt be a problem to take down a warr (unless he has a lucky crit and oneshots you^^) but against a good pally its hard^^ there are some pallys who can oneshot me even thou i got barkshield on ;D so i try to avaid meleerange against those sometimes ;D

ah and nevermind psis its pretty much impossible to kill a psi (even a crappy one) as a warden cuz its a complete counterclass against us :/


Sunday, March 29th 2015, 11:20am

hi! really nice guide! but i didn't understand why you have Heightened Senses r3 and no rubies on Aura of Ferocity...! I think it would be very usefull to have both of them r3, no?


Sunday, March 29th 2015, 8:30pm

ty guys and girls i hope will help to many players ;)


but i didn't understand why you have Heightened Senses r3 and no rubies on Aura of Ferocity...! I think it would be very usefull to have both of them r3, no?

but what is if u dont have enough rubies?? or maybe u already have fero in party and u need regen :) and heightened senses giving to u on armor :)


Monday, March 30th 2015, 12:14am

ure pve dps cc support heal thing is a royal mess.
as a full dps u provide more than enough support with :leth r2, renew r3, balance, bark shield

take the heightened senses+ fero, helps party, also more def , better for all
take all tena rubies, every1 needs tena. + the cd of bark shield is very small, and u can use very often, and that shit is op.
great hunt+ its rubies+ pet defence from crits rubies --------useless in the grand scheme of being a warden
naature grip r1 more than enuff, entangling roots useless, dispell-

and more soft cc for pve dps.

for heal----bark shield is so op i would cry to play without it.
great hunt useless, heightened senses a must, no need for fero, but for the extra armor.
ure a heal man, gotta be alive to---welll heal
also luck rubies, if u keep stacks up, they provide a nice heal boost
nature grip+ soft cc to help in overall group

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