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Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 12:12pm



  • "Autopsyst" started this thread

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[PMB]Autopsyst, Summoner

Yo, Autopsyst aka worst summ EU is here again. Still playing as Summoner, still in Monsters inc. guild.. such a conservative person i am.

i skipped few PMB cuz lazyness, but lately ppl are asking me for builds (idk why me sincerely), so i decided to write something that i can link ppl to. (Kakias go back ffs)

So, summoner. The "Jack of all trades, master of none".
Pros for choosing summ are few - fast leveling (you can heal yourself, obvious advantage) and easy statbuild, since Phlebotomy skill was introduced...
Cons are - summoner will be by far the most squishy person in mass pvp, and will have zero damage/heal without proper build. (yes, im talking about Determination stat)
Latest 6.0 update brought us new level cap, new gear and - most importantly - new skills for Summoner. Those skills are -
Blood Ties - really good chain dps/heal skill, that will add nice amount of aoe (well, not really aoe but still) damage, since no waiting 8 seconds for exploding like VI. In healing version it's a bit less effective due to low chain range, but still good.
Impenetrable Darkness - incoming damage reducing ability (automatically triggers at 60% hp), with only one real downside - 60% is really too high, so summoner can occasionally trigger it with his own phlebotomy.
Stormy Reaction - only works with acid builds, which are ineffective this patch, so dont even try it.
And the last noticeable change is in Phlebotomy mechanic - now it gives blood each 4 ticks, while damage per ticks was nerfed. Also, now it damages the summoner on the very first tick, meaning you can just turn it on/off (since Phlebotomy dont trigger global cd) few times, giving you a bit of Determination boost.

Allods Online is a very "tricky" game, considering the amount of cash you can "pour" here, to maximize your char, so keep in mind that everything i say later means our spherical vacuum Summ has at least few cash shop items, or he/she will be rather.. dead.

Necromancer aka Summ in nutshell is all about Determination nowadays (kudos to AO devs), making it easiest class stat-wise, but poorest on dps scale.
(IF you OBJECT this - shamans/scouts have better dps even w/o Determ)

Building competent endgame summ revolves basically over one skill - Phlebotomy. The "curse and blessing" of our kin, so to say. Phlebotomy gives you blood while damaging you, meaning summ gets "free" determ boost. You should take these rubies in ALL builds, w/o "but"'s. IF any summ says that they can get decent dps or healing w/o Phlebotomy, it's a lie. (full Acid builds are not viable atm)

Summ core builds are split in 3 ways, aka PvE, PvP and Heal, while pve heal/pvp heal and single pvp/mass pvp differs by their own, and they do differ much.

Summ PvE builds can and should vary, cause you need to dps either in raid or astral, but basically all that is needed from you (IF you somehow got dps slot in raid/astral) is actually Damage. Per. Second. Stable one.
Most damaging pet aka Cadaver techically CAN be used in hybrid acid pet/vamp dps build, but this build will require too much rubies/talents, making (imo, ofc) only lurker/hellion choices viable. Personally i'd say - lurker will go for astral, hellion will go for raid (hellion build will have more dps than lurker, but i prefer more blood in astral to heal myself.. yes, i'm bloodthirsty.)

Anyways, the core astral dps build is -!4!133...3.…okyaoqb/QTIMFEC

You can (and should) fashion it to your liking, aka adding Desecration, Summoning Mastery rubies, or Last Service..

Raid dps build should be as much on the dps scale as possible, w/o survival - you would have to trust your raid healers -!4!133...33…okyaoqb/QTIMFEC

To summarize, DPS builds are all about DPS (suprisingly), so making one is simple - just get every vamp dps ruby, and then add support rubies, like Last Service/Desecration/Summoning Mastery/Dark Gift etc.

PvP builds are most "tricky" ones for Summ, since way too many rubies that can be taken, meaning the sacrifices needs to be done.. i will just post my generic pvp build, w/o implying things like "this is da best" or whatever. It is just a build that i feel is most vesatile in mass pvp (since lately duels are rare occasions for me, cuz im afraid to accept challenges)!4!132...3.…!wfwcvwg/YDYNEC

The Last Service rubies are worth addiction in duels/arena (specifically in duels), since your pet will die in few seconds, so consider relocating rubies from Desecration to Last Service, if you are fan of 1vs1.

In overall, summoner is rather good pvp class now, but since everyone can almost freely change their stats to determination in the beginning of the season (fable 60 glyphs ftw), try not to stack determ on classes with high burst damage. (aka all other classes in the game xcept summoner himself).

And the last branch, where Necromancer really shines this patch, is healing. Main point is - while nerfing summ's dps skills tooltips when Phlebotomy was introduced, the devs "forgot" to nerf healing skills ones, giving the summoner the ability to actually keep the tank alive in astral till red wounds complexity.
This makes the Summ best PvE healer, while (imho) plate Healer/Summies are on par in PvP healing.

Core astral heal build is -!4!122..33.…!yxlntjd/GVWNEC

If you have spare rubies, feel free to add a bit defensive abilities aka more Urgent Protection/Blood Aegis rubies, or taking Withering Touch/Summoning Mastery to r3.

If we are talking about PvP healing, summoner should focus more on protecting himself (since enemy will surely focus you) -!4!122..23.…!mfnidwg/GVWNEC

The chances to actually have the time to use Blood Shot in pvp are rather slim, so drop the rubies for it, and take defensive ones.

Well, that concludes the story. See ya in game, ppl.
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Wednesday, March 25th 2015, 2:22pm



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Everyone who knows you will see that this guide is VERY you! Nicely done, the rookies will be delighted !! Good luck :*
<3 :love:
Better be lucky than good ~


Thursday, March 26th 2015, 11:47am



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!!! ma vote is for Afta!


Thursday, March 26th 2015, 12:12pm



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O.O Afta in PmB :D

Keeping fingers crossed for this one :P


Thursday, March 26th 2015, 12:30pm



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Yo, Autopsyst aka worst summ EU is here again. Still playing as Summoner, still in Monsters inc. guild.. such a conservative person i am.



Thursday, March 26th 2015, 12:43pm



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Afta the god of all vodka lovers thanks for ur teachings I needed it this patch <3
Back and rolling on 6.0!

My Youtube Channel
Summoner PvP guide 5.0.0


Sunday, March 29th 2015, 4:14pm


Friday, April 17th 2015, 7:25pm

Wow Autopsyst verry nice an complete as i remember you used to be.

After a looooong away i will try to get my way back in the game again,nice to see some old and well known names are still in the game.

Greetings to my old guildys and friends....


Saturday, May 2nd 2015, 7:47pm



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Oh cmon, why is afta still around. And kakias came back too.. I still hate you all.

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