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Mage or Warden for dps pvp/pve

hi ppl i'm quite new to this game and i'm very unsure on what to chose between mage and warden, i only like the dps role so which one should i chose? thanks.




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Mage is pure DPS. Warden can be DPS or a Healer.
Mage is fragile so (imo.) he does a bit more dmg than a warden which has support in his pet. Either way, both do decent dmg.
so imo, if u prefer only DPSing, then go for mage.


well if you want singletarget dps go warden its stronger there but if you want aoe dps go mage cuz thats his strong point^^

but cuz you are new i think you want to do pve so here a little list on advantages:

- Better buffs (Seal,Aop)
- Better AOE Damage
- Emergency Group Teleport

- Better Singeltarget Dps
- even as a Dps you can easily be a fullheal at the same time
- more defense than the mage

that sums the advantaged pretty much up but 1 last point would probably be if you still have to lvl (and well i guess you do^^) choose warden cuz its way better to lvl cuz your pet is a tank for you and you can easily play alone till max lvl (well ofc a mage can too but its a bit tricky to kill some bosses as a mage)


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- Better buffs (Seal,Aop)
Seal or HP buff increases the health and mana points by 30% (at rank 3) each person in the party has after it is casted.
AoP, Aura of Potency, or Astral Power increases magical damage done by any party member by 15% (at rank 3)

Since he said he was new, I am just clarifying what the "better buffs" mean to him.


yeah sry your probably right^^ like groot said^^ warden only has + 15 % physical damage or 1,2% mana every 8 sek as buffs which is less useful than the magebuffs

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