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The Mage's Way

The start of a fan story placed within Allods Online game. The main character Celedrial is my Kanian mage incarnate and this is meant to be her story through Sarnaut. It's fictional but using as much of Allod's game content as possible (meaning quest infos, npc talks and names etc).

The Mage's Way


Sarnaut, Far Astral summer 1009

"For the fourth time Lisa, the invitations have been send."
"Why Voronovs? Uncle!"

Lisa de Desirae stared at his dear uncle walking away. She couldn't approve the invitations send to the Voronovs as it was against the de Desirae House head's will and it concerned everyone. Her uncle Clement had already bend the rules quite significantly by allowing Amanda to stay with him. And now with the invitations, he was rather deliberately picking a fight with the entire family.

"Why art thou doing this?" Lisa muttered pacing around before walking away from the third floor's hall. Nearly half way down the staircase, that circulated the entire tower, Lisa saw Amanda coming up.
"Still angry of the past, " Amanda sighed. "I can't change the past my dearest Lisa nor would I want to. I truly loved him with all my heart and I still do."
"Why did thou hast to be such a fool? For love's sake?! He was a man and as if that hadn't been bad enough, he had ties with the enemy."
"That wasn't known until much later, Lisa. Thou art unfair twisting the truth like that. Thou know very well about everything, I never lied to thee."
Lisa opened her mouth to argue a futile case but saw a Gibberling walking towards them. It was Lok, uncle Clement's servant. He hasted his pace significantly past them as if being uneasy and Lisa couldn't but wonder how much he had heard of their conversation. "Amanda, this is not the place for this."
"I agree. Wouldn't thou come to my room later tonight and we could talk... Just as we used to."

They both continued on their ways. Lisa couldn't forgive Amanda for what she had done, neither could she forget all the times they had spend together since early childhood. They had been each others' confidants for ages - it was a bond much deeper than friendship. That night Amanda waited for something that wasn't going to happen as Lisa had boarded the next flight back to Kania as soon as she had left the tower.

Clement de Desirae was an ambitious and headstrong Great Mage who followed his own path regardless of anyone else. He had a great passion for science that would incorporate magic and conducted numerous tests on various beasts of Sarnaut he had captured and collected to his private laboratory. That was but one reason why he had build his own tower on an allod in Far Astral, a week's journey away from Kania. Clement was determent to keep his mind, and as a Great Mage he enjoyed vast enough respect to do so, even if it had caused a good deal of conflicts within the House of de Desirea lately. He wasn't going to let such little matters ruin his celebration speech he had waited for so long.
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Chapter 1: A Mage's heart

Sarnaut, Kania summer 1009

It was going to be a hot day in Novograd when Celedrial woke up in a camp in Lightwood, just a few hundred yards outside the capital walls. It was early dawn and the smell of moist grass was strong as it had rained during night. Birds were singing amidst of birch tree branches and some local Waterfolks, that inhabited the area, were already fishing from the White Lake. Celedrial had been training her ice, fire and lightning spells for two weeks now for her oncoming apprentice years that would start today. She was determinant to be as good an apprentice as possible, to whom none would laugh at.

Riding with her Kanian palomino, Celedrial arrived to Novograd giving a copper coin to Mr. Lykov, a local 'disadvantaged' who had a permanent point at the Northern Gate. She was to meet with Felix de Grandeur, Novograd's best mage trainer, at the Elven District.

"Monsieur de Grandeur," Celedrial curtseyed, "What a privilege to meet."
"Good morning milady. Thou art betimes - I approve that in a mage: precision and timing. That forsooth is a good trait of a great mage along with a keen mind. Techniques and spells can be taught, but the rest has to come from within. Thou shall be joined by Lord Isaev, Mr. Sevnik, Mademoiselle de Fleur and Lady Semyonova as soon as they arrive. Wait for them and ye can join me at the tavern yonder, near the mill."
"Yes, monsieur."

With that Monsieur de Grandeur left Celedrial standing and waiting for the others and morning grew old before the very last, Mr. Sevnik, bothered to show up.
"Took you long enough." Lord Isaev nagged.
"Coming from thee milord," Mademoiselle de Fleur mocked as the young gentleman himself had come an hour late also.
"Shall we..." Lady Semyonova retorted but paused and looked at others, "Where are we going anyway?"
And everyone turned to look at Celedrial who had hardly spoken anything at all. "To the tavern over there," She roughly waved her hand towards the right direction. Mademoiselle de Fleur spoke with the boys that were more or less trying to impress her.
"Who did you serve, milady?" Lady Semyonova inquired.
"Alexey Voronov."
For a moment Lady Semyonova looked rather shocked but her expression swiftly changed into a charming noble smile, she had without doubt practiced her entire youth. "I served Klavdius Trojanov, you know the famous diplomat in Holy Land."
Celedrial felt like clearing to her she had served a diplomat, not a great mage but she only smiled ever so lovely while Lady Semyonova kept promoting her superior family history.

Lucky for Celedrial they came to the tavern shortly and found Monsieur de Grandeur sitting at one of the tables. "Betimes, verily a virtue ye ought to hold dear," and he glanced them all, "Have seats and hearken. The path of a mage is perilous to those that are unprepared. Only time will tell how diligently ye have prepared as thenceforth ye are starting your final test as established novices afore officially enlisting to Novograd's host. Taken that ye pass the test," Monsieur de Grandeur's grin was slightly wolfish, "Hereupon shall begin your way as apprentices. Ye are seventeen of age and have served your masters for seven years well enough to achieve this stage in your lives. Make sure 'tis the path ye wish to take as there's no turning back from it once the training begins. Thenceforth ye live and expire for League! May Tensess be with ye all." De Grandeur took a sip of a fine wine from his class before continuing, "And now, about your test. Ye are commended to accompany five parties joining Clement de Desirae's banquet sennight at the Clement's Tower outside Kania. 'Tis ye duty to look after their well-being and report to Sir Ratnev as ye arrive tither. Forget not the grace of a mage and the gentleness of nobility as ye serve League from hereupon," He took another lengthy sip emptying his class and rose, "Ye ship awaits, hie anon!"

All five of them waved from the ship as it nudged a little before turning sharply to starboard moving away from the dock. Wind blew in Celedrial's open hair as the ship set sails to Far Astral. All too soon the helmsman signed to the sailor to activate the energy field around the ship before navigator set the course and engineer increased the engine power that began thrusting the ship into the Astral space leaving Novograd and entire Kania behind. Beautiful sunny sky turned to ominous purple substance with fierce lightning strikes on the far horizon. Ship accelerated to 35 knots and Celedrial stared at a raging Astral storm. Then the ship turned to port towards calmer views heading towards a wormhole that would lead the ship to the right sector.

Dmitry, Celedrial's four years older brother, was a keen sailor and had just began his apprenticeship to advance from a sailor to helmsman. Thus she knew a thing or two about sailing and was thrilled to be on a trip into Far Astral. A typical Kanian model was a triple-decked wooden ship with five massive sails and four jet engines and was usually equipped with sixteen cannons, two rear cannons and two artilleries. To satisfy wealthy nobles, ships had a large two-story transom were the navigation device located. The crew cabinet was below deck as were helm and visor at the bow and engine room at the rear. The kitchen and treasury were located at the bottom. Most passengers had withdrawn either under the deck or to the transom after the first turbulence occurred, so Celedrial had plenty of room to roam about.

"There you are, sis! Rather awkward, isn't it?"
"Pavel... it shouldn't be. Neither you or Catherina are under my supervision but I'd appreciate, if you didn't make a fool of yourself or more importantly make a fool out of me."
"C'mon, you really think I'd do such - I'm not Alexey!" Pavel scorned.
"That was low, even from you", Celedrial retorted. "He was your brother as much as mine."
"He chose his path!"

Celedrial watched Pavel walk away as Catherina approached. "What was that all about?"
"Don't give me that sour face. I'm still your big sister even if you're supervising this event. You two better watch how you behave in front of everyone. Our family name isn't among the most popular since resent events. You, above all, should know that more than well. Thus we need to excel in everything to prove our worth and regain the loyalty we've lost. It only takes one mistake..."

Catherina left Celedrial standing near the port rail alone. Her ominous words still lingered in Celedrial's mind, she believed there was much more to the story that had been brought to light, in fact, she believed her oldest brother, Alexey, had been staged as traitor. Truth could never bring Alexey back who had faced the gallows as his punishment, but at least it would purify the family name from shame.

"Weren't they your siblings?" The question startled Celedrial who hadn't noticed the Gibberling approaching.
"Yes..." She sighed, "You know, sometimes I wish I was the only child."
The Gibberling shrugged, "Family's everything, without it, you have nothing. Even through thick and thin, I'd never change a moment from my life that I spend with my brothers. Caring for your family makes you a much better person from within." He looked deep into Celedrial's bereft eyes. "Name's Bek... Bek Strong at your service!"
Celedrial burst laughing at Bek's sudden change in nature, "Celedrial... Voronov at your service."
Bek's brown furry face didn't even twitch as he already knew who she was. It was the Strong family's "special assignment", as Dobrinya Bykov, a warrior trainer, had called it 'to keep an eye' or rather all six eyes, on Lady Voronov and if possible all three Voronovs participating in the banquet. The League Officials were on their toes as far as Bek knew - another "Voronov incident", as the matter was referred as, would be downright dreadful for the future of Aidenus' reign.

Part 1 ends here. Because of the length of chapter 1, I have to slice it into 3 parts.
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The ship finally docked at Clement's Tower around sick o'clock a week later. Tower Guards checked everyone's invitations at the entrance. There were five parties each including six nobles that Celedrial and her comrades had to attend. Everyone were expecting the grand banquet the like only Elves can, after the official speech or propaganda as Celedrial called it, thus she was expecting many merry and downright drunk cheerers to keep in-line, Pavel being one of them.

The event started smoothly with many notable and some new faces showing at the fifth floor's great hall. Clement stood at the center surrounded by his staff as the quests, including Celedrial, spread around him chattering lightly, gossiping and giggling. Celedrial followed Catherina with her eyes as she mingled her way at the front as near to Clement as possible. To her great astonishment Catherina showed overwhelming attention and flattery towards Clement that naturally struck out as odd behavior among fellow participants, earning quite a few disapproving glances. Celedrial was boiling within, she had nerve to flirt like a half-witted wench with the host after a week of constant nagging of minding one's manners! "How can she be so stupid?" Celedrial murmured below breath.

"Oh, look at that preposterous flirting Lady Voronov is having - and with an Elf! That woman should know better... To mingle with Elves is just disgusting! How can she call herself an honorable Kanian!"
"You know - those Voronovs are rotten to their bones! Did you know there has been two marriages with Elves in that family! Even the scandal with Alexey eight years ago was dreadful, but it was brought to light that another member had married an Elf as well. Who would have thought that Grigory, Lord Victor's own brother, had married Gwiniel de Ardeur!"

Celedrial couldn't ignore these two nobles that were gossiping too loud and too openly, frankly against all good manners in all aspects, and would have interrupted, if Clement hadn't began his out-of-this-reality speech.

"It is time to forget all disagreements. We must stand united in defense of truth, freedom and democracy!"

"Tensess help us! I shouldn't have come here - wasn't it de Desirae that married Alexey?"
"Yes, yes it was, indeed! Oh, those Elves are so cunning I tell you. Seeking more power through mingling with Kanian nobles. They aren't any better than Xadaganians - Tensess curse them!"

"Now that the demonic threat is eliminated and the League has become a common home for people, Elves and Gibberlings..."

"And do you know what is even more dreadful?"
"Oh, do tell!"
"There's a word going that Voronovs have relatives in Nezebgrad, that they have Xadaganian blood in the family!"

"Oh, I pity those children... the whole family how low they have gone. And that youngest Lady there standing near her sister - just at the age of coming to the society and she wasn't even officially shown at the summer ball last week."
"Ah, that Celedrial. Could you believe she is actually training to become a mage just like her sister!"

"The time has come, the time of the triumph of the Light! That is one giant leap!"

After that Celedrial could no longer hear Clement's speech or the foul gossips of the two Kanian nobles as there suddenly was a strange hum right before the whole tower seemed to shiver. Alas! A dark Shadow appeared out of thin air right behind Clement, howled a hollow cry as it ripped horrid blood gushing wounds to the mage's body. Mortally wounded he fell on to the floor and the Shadow dispersed into the air with a blinding light that pushed everyone off of their feet. Celedrial felt the cold stone floor as her body hit it, covering her head with hands when an ear-shattering explosion followed. People screamed in terror and pain, she along with others.

Celedrial had passed out at some point but when she regained consciousness there was an eerie silence around her. As her sight cleared, she started seeing bodies lying all over, motionless. At that moment it struck her that they were dead. She couldn't see but a pair of legs from Pavel under a massive support pillar that had collapsed from the explosion. It was then when she started falling into panic before she saw Svetobor Ratnev, a distinguished crusader who was responsible of the event's security, rise from the crumble and ran towards the Great Mage's body. Only a handful of others rose from the floor but none of them was Catherina. Too soon she saw her lifeless body lying near Clement as she had dashed towards in desperate urge to save him. The back of her skull was smashed inside and the image of her horrified stare in her lifeless eyes would follow Celedrial the rest of her life.

"The Great Mage is at peace now. There's nothing else we can do here. We have to evacuate the survivors the best we can. This tower will be consumed by the Astral, along with the entire allod!" Ratnev stated the facts before continuing, "This is a tragedy! We must notify League officials about the assassination of Clement de Desirae. Our only chance for survival is through a portal located on the first floor of the tower. We need to head there immediately!"

As they began running, Ratnev ran besides Celedrial yelling, "Consider this as a field promotion, your service in the League's Army has officially begun. It would have been nice to be better prepared for this situation, but unfortunately we can't afford that luxury. Here, take this weapon, it'll have to do."

They ran as fast as they could down the damaged staircase that was alarmingly deteriorating into Astral and Celedrial heard Ratnev yelp, "Careful! Stones!" It wasn't until they stopped at a laboratory's entrance that Celedrial saw they had lost another three from their group. There were large and vicious rats gnawing dead bodies in the room and it made her stomach turn. However, there was no time to stop, no time for emotions as Ratnev shouted an order to kill the rats so they could move forward. After slaying the beats they found a seriously wounded League Defender further down the corridor, Ratnev could tell from his blood-stained face it was Boris Hopelesaev, an elite and his friend and comrade in arms.

"No, no, don't bother... they are too deep. Listen girl - listen! Treason!" He panted. "It was Kirill Meshersky, the Chief of the Guards. He... he led the rebels. We had no... no chance. There's not much time... Please, help... my brother, Leshko. He's in that room... a horrible manticore."

Confused with the information Celedrial doubted before rushing inside facing the roaring manticore loose from its cage. It had made a massacre in the room but as much as Celedrial scared, she was furious from everything that had befallen that night. Without doubt that inexplicit rage helped her to slay the monstrous creature and panting heavily she told the grim news to Boris.

"I... at least now I know that I'll be joining my brother soon. Avenge us..." With that Boris was gone and to Celedrial's horror, Ratnev lied on the laboratory's floor. The fifth floor had caved in and taken a piece of the floor with it but she ran to him careless of her own safety. The two others of their remaining group had been buried under the ruble as well.

"... everything will be destroyed..." Was all Celedrial heard from Ratnev before he passed away. She was alone. No-one else had survived from the fifth hall. "Tensess guide me," she prayed. There was a battle ahead on the third floor. She could hear men curse among the clangs of their weapons. She feared for her life as she slid down from the opening as the caving had blocked the staircase. Celedrial had barely recovered from the landing when a man fired an arrow towards her. Celedrial managed to parry it with a broken floor board evading further away. She had stumbled on a dead Kanian, saw her opportunity and crapped his shield, which saved her life from the rebel's second strike, this time with a brutal mace. Tensess must have been with Celedrial that moment as the rebel slipped losing his balance while she regained hers. Using the staff Ratnev had given her, she aimed for the man's head. He had no chance of parrying it in his off guard situation. That was Celedrial's first man slaughter. She felt no remorse. They had irreversibly destroyed her family - there was no pity in her heart as she fought and slew two more rebels. Then there was Kirill, the man responsible of the attack, and Celedrial's fury held no measure as she charged towards him although he fought against a Gibberling. His eyes were full of despise and Celedrial's hatred grew stronger with every breath - Kirill had been her father's associate for years! The battle ended soon as Glok, the Gibberling, slit Kirill's stomach open while he was parrying Celedrial's frostbolt spell.

End of part 2.
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"Girl, you were wonderful out there! Wouldn't have believed, if I hadn't witnessed it. Such a young girl you are. But please tell me what's happening out there? I was helping with the banquet and the next there was fighting everywhere!" And Celedrial told everything she knew as fast as she could. "Hrm, sounds like there are more troubled times ahead in Kania. There have been rebellions all over Kania for some years but never anything this big and organized. Hey! You're wounded! We have to patch that immediately!"

Celedrial hadn't even noticed the cut in her arm but it was bleeding bad. Glok rushed over to an old coffer. She could hear some bottles chink before the Gibberling returned with some dark red liquid. "I saw Clement using these elixirs and they can heal even a deep wound instantly! Imagine that."

Celedrial knew about magic, after all Pavel, Catherina and she were all mage apprentices, but she had her share of doubt with strange liquids. However, Glok seemed to know what he was doing and the liquid worked. There wasn't even a scar left!

"If my brothers Lok and Shpok had been here, those rebels wouldn't have had any chance at all. Enough of chattering, time's not on our side. I have to go ahead and help to evacuate all who are still alive outside this tower. Find my brothers, if you can but you should go to Clement's niece Amanda. We were fighting the rebels together until she came up with some plan that required the magic device on second floor. Make sure she's fine. I have to go now. Good luck!"

Celedrial followed Glok down the stairs but the chubby Gibberling was much more nimble than she and soon vanished from her sight. She stopped at the second floor where Celedrial saw Amanda in front of some sphere shaped device.

"Thou, help me! 'Tis nearly a thousand years old Resistance Sphere that great mages used to keep allods livable in the past. My uncle kept this ancient device in brilliant shape. Although I'm not a great mage, I have to try activating it to gain more time for evacuation. It may have a negative side to it as it consumes the same energy as the elementals. I need thee to defend us, if anything will happen, as I can't interrupt the spell."

Celedrial hadn't heard Elvish since her brother Alexey's marriage and she was caught up with its mesmerizing beauty as Amanda began her chanting. At first nothing happened but then the air became energized. One after the other elementals began to appear around them and started attacking. Celedrial's ice spells went right through them and she thought she couldn't fight against them when, to her surprise, the elementals began breaking. Somehow the spell did some sort of damage she couldn't understand and she didn't care as long as she could kill them. Exhausted, panting and getting slower Celedrial believed it was the end of her life. She truly did believe she would die but she didn't, instead the elementals disappeared and Amanda collapsed. The tower trembled ominously knocking Celedrial off of her feet and a great ball of blinding light flashed above the device. A loud boom was followed by cranking sound of tearing metal as the sphere split in half and clanked against the floor.

"I wasn't able to complete the ritual," Amanda panted, "But we gained a little more time to escape, hopefully enough to evacuate everyone." Rising slowly she muttered, "Here, take this and let's go!"

Celedrial was tired, her every limb groaning from pain, as she struggled to run after Amanda. But there was no easy pass ahead. There were undead skeletons coming up. From where they had come there, she didn't know. Nothing was certain but they had to press on. Amanda may not have been a great mage but she was competent enough to use her magic in fighting. She froze and exploded some of the skeletons while Celedrial tried her best with her own spells and a new staff Amanda had given her just moments before. It was heavy and broke through bones with ease but is was exhausting to handle with already tired hands.

"Keep moving!" Amanda yelped every now and then and finally, after nearly been crushed under falling stones and been slain, they came to the grand stairs of the first floor. Shpok stood there with a worried look on his furry face.

"Did you see the undead?! That's the handiwork of the demonologist below."

Amanda peeked over the rail, "I should've known! Raimond! De Doucers have always been lurking a chance to overthrow de Desirae's power."

"It wouldn't shock me to find out that the Great Mage's blood is on his hands. Who else could've summoned up a Shadow that terrible?" Shpok added and it gave Celedrial cold shivers throughout her body. She had heard about malicious necromancers, about their terrible powers to control and summon the undead and to even steal someone else's life-force!

"We need to kill Raimond or we'll all be destroyed," Amanda began, "Thou-"
"Celedrial, my name's Celedrial Voronov."
"Voronov say thee... Leave Raimond to me, there's no demonologist that could overcome a de Desirae mage! Thou and Shpok take care of the undead he has awoken."

And they ran down the last stairs facing the Elf-lunatic and his servants. Amanda's eyes had a yellow glow of fury as she began a series of daunting spells. But the demonologist was no Kirill. He was much more stronger and lethal. His dark spells wounded Shpok as he was destroying zombies.

"You worms don't deserve to live! Die! Die you scum!"

And Celedrial felt a painful bite on her shoulder as she stroke the head off of a skeleton.

"Watch out his vampirism spells, they drain your life-force and heals him!" Shpok shouted. "Slay the bats he sends!"

Celedrial did what was told and attacked the constant flow of bats he kept sending. Some of them bit her, there were too many of them to fight them all off, but the demonologist grew weaker and his protective shields wore out. It was then when Amanda froze him frigid before releasing her most strongest spell: an ice comet. Raimond was pierced by several ice shards from the exploding comet, one through his rotten heart.

"Open the gates Shpok! I'll activate the portal!"

"Celedrial, be on your guard, I have a feeling this isn't over yet," Shpok warned as he opened the gates and began shouting, "C'mon, c'mon!"

Behind her she could hear a loud rising hum before Amanda yelped, "The portal's open, come on!" Celedrial saw people rushing in and in the distance even Lok and Glok fighting. They were hideous green creatures. "Demons!!! For the love of Tensess! I'll set up the protective field!"

A whole herd of demons ran against the energy field as if gnawing it. Their multiple eyes had devilish stare, seemingly hungry for pray. Celedrial was the last defender between the demons and the escape portal and her heart sank from fear. "They're breaking through! I can't hold them! Kill them!" And the first demon that had pierced through, charged without hesitation, not against Celedrial but against Amanda! "Celedrial! Kill them!"

It was easy to strike the demon from behind and it died to its spot but it had wounded Amanda while Celedrial had stood still like frozen. "Forgive me!" She begged and faced to fight back another demon. There always became another one till her arms could no longer lift her wand let alone her staff. "I can't, forgive me... Forgive me!" Celedrial cried. And another demon attacked. It ran towards her but she couldn't cast a spell no matter how she tried and it bit the staff in half. Celedrial was finally doomed as she stared into the demon's malicious eyes. Its weird muttering and groaning sounded revolting and it leaped to kill Celedrial when an arrow hit in one of its eyes. The demon died instantly and Celedrial turned to see Glok with his bow.

"What's going to happen? The demons are running away - it's not like them, unless..." Celedrial turned to look at the fleeting demons' backs. The whole tower started to shook and something started to emerge through the already badly damaged allod floor. It was huge, vile and grotesque and it charged towards the energy field with long ground trembling leaps. "I can't hold him! It's a Predator demon! Celedrial, you must distract him, I know what to do!"

There's no shame to admit that Celedrial screamed all she could when the Predator pierced and collapsed the field entirely. "Lure him to the trap!" And that's what she did as Amanda told her to, but not without getting a burn on her back from his flaming grabs as he tried ripping her in half. Celedrial stumbled on her feet with a shriek as the pain soared through her. The Predator growled in wrath as the trap bound him and dispersed into thin air. Amanda grasped Celedrial from under her arm and drag her into the portal, together they were the last to leave.

Amanda nor Celedrial never knew how close their escape had really been as the portal exploded and the entire allod shattered into Astral few seconds after.

End of part 3 and chapter 1.
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