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Is allods still alive?

I'm an old player from NA server. My main was Florie, Melee-Scout since birth. I don't know if anyone remembers me though.

But I am looking for advices from players in EN server, about the allod's condition. Is allod's still alive? Is there much players still playing allod's? If start a new character, is it low level friendly? (dungeons,partyquests). It would be realy hard to level up and play without much people.

Thanks :)

(I already submitted a ticket for account transfer last 2 months ago I think. When I checked my ticket, it was gone. I don't know if my account/character is transferred to my EN account).

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I know this isn't of much help but I sure hope so!

I just started 2 days ago and I LOVE it... I was worried because there's only one server and it says low population... But I've seen other players ingame so so far it's okay I think. All I know is I hope it isn't dead/dying because I have been looking for a good MMO for a long time now and I sure love this. :love:


allods is still alive and better than anytime before :love:
there have been a LOT of positive changes and as scout you can be happy, scout & paladin are the best classes atm (most performance with least effort) :)

leveling is better too, there are marks of fate now; with them you can skip silly quests simply and still have them done...
if you take a look on the forum you will find lots of ifo about the changes in the last time

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