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Saturday, April 11th 2015, 5:03pm

Goblinball and its flaws

Goblinball is clearly a really fun and popular feature of the game. It's essentially a mini-game which rewards the players for the tokens they earn from playing it. However winning awards way more than losing (duuh). Now here's the problem. Did you think about it already? No, it's not the players shittalking you in broken english (if they even know to speak it), but that's no reason for me to condemn them for.

The biggest flaw of them all is the fact that there's no ladder (or atleast that we know of). There's just such a big skill difference visible between players. One game you have really great players who do their job and keep their mouth shut and then the next one you have the guy who tilts after the first enemy goal and either afks or just straight up leaves the game.( Yes a good idea is to actually have them punished hard, not a 30minute queue restriction).

Here's a way to fix it up: Besides creating a system to calculate people's true skill and match them up, you can remove the punishment of the players that are inbetween. Don't make a goddamn 10-0 or so stomp count as a daily game. Or if one of the teams is at a clear disavantage player-wise, end the game faster, no point in having it continue for an other 3 minutes. Or even better, just dont fucking put up 3v4 teams together. Let us sit in queue for longer because I'd rather have that while doing something else instead of having to waste 10 minutes of complete frustration on the field.

But you might say:"Well, no one likes to never actually enter a game~" Nobody fucking cares. Just like I said earlier, everyone would prefer to have consistent 4v4 close games where you can actually make a difference instead of these trainwrecks.

Yes, I've had a bad day. Rant over.


Tuesday, April 14th 2015, 10:34am


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Fully agree. Bad goblinball matches like that can ruin one's day within an hour.

My suggestion would be adding score limit, like make it up to 5 or 7 points and the match ends, just like BGs have their limits

Update: just now I had a goblinball match 1 vs 4 (thankfully I was on the 4 team), but still - it was 4 minutes of torture for the solo guy.
And so on..

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