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[PMB] marganas guide for patch 6.0


Hello , everyone! Margana here! I am from League, Legends (ISA) guild. I play as summoner for quite a long time and for me it’s the best class in game. Summoner is universal and independent, doing good damage and can heal and support when needed. Also if you play in vamp spec, what can be sexier then to drink some blood! :D

Changes in 6.0 “Broken Chains”

Blood Ties
This new ruby is my favourite. You must have it in every build, PVE, PVP, FH or Support. Blood Ties pass from one target to another within a 6 yard radius. On enemies it’s doing good damage and when you are using it on party members it heals them. The efficiency increases by 20% with each new target. Cooldown is 25 sec.
Phlebotomy is a bit changed. Now it restores drops of Blood every 4 seconds instead of 3 seconds and the damage you take from this ability is decreased. But I like it now even more, because you don’t need so often to renew it. In my every build I’m using it to hold my determination near 100%.

Impenetrable Darkness
This ruby is good to have in PVP and Healer builds. When your health drops below 60% it automatically activates a defensive barrier that will reduce the direct damage you take from an enemy by 3% per each stack. The stacks go from 4 and up to 10 stacks depending from the rank of the ruby and they last for 15 seconds. Cooldown is 1 min.
Stormy Reaction
PVE ruby. If you are using acid build it must be in it. Giving extra acid bolt will do 50% less damage then the regular Acid Bolt spell, so it’s a good boost for acid. Personally I am not using acid build, because I think vamp build is making more damage.

PVE DPS vamp

PVP vamp

Full Healer


Have fun, enjoy the game and see you in game! ;)


I play this class too. They often call me a summy, that sounds cute. I didn't know how to build my character, just chose what I found necessary and interesting. Now I can use your builds as a reference. Thank you. :)

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