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Thursday, April 2nd 2015, 9:22pm

Empire-Dead Sea quests/bug

i'm level 21 in empire and i completed all quests of dead sea less 1. in map i have 64/65. i search 100% map of dead sea and didnt find a npc with more quests. i miss something or this is a bug?


Friday, April 3rd 2015, 5:42am



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Don't try to do 100% on each map. On some maps you return later to finish the story line (e.g. Nezebgrad, Yazes, Kirah etc.). If I'm not mistaken Dead Sea is one of them.


Friday, April 3rd 2015, 12:43pm

sathq a player level 65 in my guild have 64/65 in dead sea too. you have 65/65? how?


Saturday, April 4th 2015, 4:31pm

maybe i know what quest you miss...

take in a look in the ressort (where the big tree with the snakes is) and look for the fishing npc at the small lake inside (a xadaganian man with beard in a top without sleeves), he might have a blue quest you have not finished yet... many ppl forget that quest, i did myself at the beginning :)
to finish the Q you just go into the laguna instance and kill x mobs, thats it

other possibility would be the hydras head

this one is also often missed

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Wednesday, April 8th 2015, 10:58pm

i'm level 33 i do quests in coba plateau. i had 26/38 and when i go do a repeat. i found a rare kobold spell(name) i killed this kobold and he droped a item with a quest. i use the item and start a new quest, the task is talk with a npc. i do it and the quest is completed, i open the map and i see 27/38. this means the quest was important. Now about dead sea, i think is the same thing, i have 64/65 and my missing quest isnt in a npc so i think is a drop of a rare monster in dead sea. i have friends level 65 with 64/65 in dead sea too. and i have a friend healer level 25 with 65/65 quests completed in dead sea. Where is this rare monster? i want find him to complet all quests of dead sea. plz help. i already asked my friend level 25 but dont remember.
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Friday, April 10th 2015, 3:07pm


Thursday, April 16th 2015, 11:44am

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Have u talked with the servant of light on zimmerian ziggurat? the one closer to shadows to summon the spirit of the ogre guy? That brings a quest, and that opens a lot others, including one at laguna
PS: I never got the visash one, what's the chain i'm missing? i'm kinda missing stuff in nezebgrad too, says an important, but i couldn't never find it. The rest i got is 100% until coba :/

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