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Thursday, April 16th 2015, 1:26pm



  • "Modliszka" started this thread

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[PMB] Modliszka PVP build tips

If I had to introduce myself I would have to write that I am not a hardcore player any more. But I a am playing summoner fourth year now, so I decided to write a few tips for my fellow class mates ;)

I am former guild leader of Madness on f2p server originating from PL server.
I love pvp and honestly skirmishes and Sundays' dominions were for me a reason to play Allods for last year.
Apart from it I have recently leveled summoner on p2p server and joined Utopie guild. So the build I present you is tested as leveling build in 6.0 patch.

Ad rem

That's it, now some commentary or just to address questions you may have:

1. Vampirism/life tap - there is not even single point apart from starting one, why? - Its simple - I found that I don't use it even when I had a build with Dark Leech rubies - its simply not time for cast it in fierce pvp even with Necropotency on r3.

2. Withering touch - r3 - simple becouse you can get rid of decomposition spell from your action bar ;) thanks to 100 % pop from neurotoxin

3. Summoning Mastery - r3 is convenient, but using r2 was fine with me. Only r1 is misunderstanding.

4. Plague of Mending - probably the best healing spell in this game, when its running you and your party are nearly impossible to kill, that's why we need virulence r3 - to increase PoM lasting to 10 s and advanced genetics r3 to decrease cooldown to 28 second. In total you can be under PoM for 10 seconds then 18 seconds break and then again, so if needed you can be in god mode for 35 % of the fight - I strongly disagree with summoners who skip that rubies.
5. Dark Pact - r3 for two reasons: firstly: when you resurrect you have 10 drops of blood instantly and thanks to blood aegis rubies you have 10 stacks of it and don't need to waste mana to cast it (ofc you can remove this spell from action bar as well :D ). Secondly you can use dark pact as determination boost when you somehow forgot to activate phlebotomy.

6. Blood Aegis and Urgent Protection rubies - makes your shield un-removable, and you can simply forget about managing it. Blood Aegis rubies grants you ability to heal when under Ghostly Cover, which is rally helpful.

7. Fear spell and Panic Monger rubies both r3 - other classes makes summoner reincs just for that spell so don't you dare not taking it.

8. Dark Spark rubies - besides from increasing our healing they grant us more damage from so remember to use reanimation or PoM before howling

9. Blood Ties - really nice AoE dps skill. Its funny because it triggers dark spark effect and is affected by it as well so remember to use some healing spell which uses blood before striking it.

10. Cold Blood rubies - I wish I had more rubies for it, but in the end I sacrificed it for rest of them, which in my opinion are far more important in PvP build. And don't tell me that my build sucks because of skipping these :P

Now I need to write about deterbotomy also known as phlebotomy which completely changed approach to distributing summoner stats - you need to use only offensive glyphs of determination

That's all from me - it should be about build so I won't extend it about draconic relics, reinc skills, weapon preference and so on... you can always ask me or any other experienced summoner around.

I want to thank Madness and Utopie guilds for keeping me in their ranks.

And special thanks to Diament for his inspirational thread about "our time" which brought me back to Allods few months ago - you can find it here

PS. Thank you all for reading it!

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