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Friday, April 17th 2015, 4:43am

[PMB] Turnine's End-game PvE Build


Hello every. I am Turnine from the guild Disturbed (Nezeb) on the New Frontier server. I have been a mage main from the beginning. I play this class because I've always been a fan of ranged damage classes whenever I play any sort of RPG. The concept of hurling powerful spells at your opponent is far too enticing to resist for me.

Notice: Just so you are aware, this PMB entry will only discuss the spells used in this build and also makes the assumption that an inquiring mage is already familiar with the basics of the Force Point system and with what each spell does.


  1. Lucky One - In addition to increasing luck, these rubies also prevent Seal of Health from being dispelled off of the mage. However, this is not important for PvE.
  2. Elemental Wrath - There was a visual bug where using this spell would reset the appearance of the Force Point cycle animation. It has been fixed - it's more of a quality of life change since one should be aware of the timer.
  3. Electrization - This new ruby set allows one to cast Thunderbolt 1/2/3 times after fully channeling Electric Pulse or Thunderhead.
  4. The other two new ruby sets do not apply to this build.


Friday, April 17th 2015, 4:44am


Notice: This build is strictly for PvE. It is suitable for astrals, leveling, farming, and raiding. This build is not good for PvP.

I won't go in-depth for each ruby and talent chosen as their purpose should be fairly clear, but I'd like to make a few comments on some of them.

Lucky One/ Master of Intuition/ Adherent's Determination
These are stat rubies. You should have them all.

Stone Wall/ Elemental Shield/ Reflections
Stone Barrier is outclassed by Stone Wall. It is not needed. Keep in mind that in combat, there is a fairly lengthy cooldown before you can reapply the effects of the barriers. Also be aware that these spells only work on direct damage. Some attacks that appear to be direct are not coded as such. PvP note: Choke is considered a DoT while Raving Blade is considered direct damage. I don't understand it either.

Icy Grave
Be sure to babysit the cooldowns on your stunned targets. Before you cast this spell on astrals, try and make sure you can get two targets. the Less things you fight at once, the better.

War of the Elements: Icy Lightning
These rubies make playing a mage less painful in that they guarantee you get at least one cast of Icy Comet and Electric Pulse every 30 seconds.
I'm not sure about the extra damage in the tooltip. If the effect does happen, I feel that 4% isn't quite enough to compensate for only getting two powerful casts in 30 seconds.

Northern Lights/ Thundering Advantage
Generally, one can go through 5 Force Points of each type in under 30 seconds so these two spells serve as a more mana efficient way to continue to do damage during those lull periods. The only difficulty is that early on in the fight you may not have many stacks of these spells. Sometimes it's good to space out using spells that require Force Points and using stacks of these spells just so they don't go to waste.

Shocking Grasp
While it's true that this spell is primarily a finisher for low health targets, do not forget it's power during the earlier stages in the fight. The Lightning Jolt rubies boost its power by 600% once every 30 seconds so be sure to take advantage of that.

Ice Flow
This spell does next to no damage. However, it's use comes from it's soft cc. If there is a mob vulnerable to cc running at you (or if it's something that needs to be slowed anyway) this is your first line of defense against it. This spell also allows one to use a full channel of Electric Pulse without concern of taking damage. As soon as this spell is cast, the slow is applied. All you have to do is make sure it hits the target, then cancel the channel.

One can say the devs have no imagination since all game mechanics, for the most part, deal with circles of some kind or other. This spell is good for when you have to get out of them, but don't have time to run out. Try and save this as a sort of last resort spell.

Elemental Surge
This is one of those rare spells that's not a line or a circle (cones count as circle parts) - it's a rectangle! It's also your hardest hitting spell (aside
from Shocking Grasp with Lightning Jolt under 25% health). Because this spell hits so hard, it's one of those spells you should save for some of the important moments in a fight. Ideally one would make use of as many as the following:

  • when double damage is up
  • when the target takes more damage for whatever reason
  • when your trinket activates
  • right before using Arcane Mastery (if that skill is available).
Do not forget - though this spell is targeted, it also hits any hostile targets between the caster and the target. It will also hit slightly behind the caster. The damage this spell does depends on your stats as soon as the channel begins. To maximize the effect of your trinket, consider using it towards the end of that effect.

This spell is not in here because I had extra talent points (there's no such thing anyway). It is there as an additional bit of utility for things that might need to be dispelled:

  • Light Sarn in the Gorluxor's Tower raid (though that shouldn't be much of a concern anymore)
  • Lickflame Tinderbox in the Dragon Wing of Dead City (though, again, if there's enough dps, it's not an issue)
  • the Astral Aegis buff on astrals - the damage boost can be dispelled. Your tanks and healers will thank you.

Magic Tactics
This spell has the longest cooldown of all your spells, but it's not super important to use. That said, it's good insurance that you can complete a channel of Elemental Surge without needing to worry about moving or getting the channel interrupted from taking damage.

Elemental Wrath
This is mostly for when you do not get many force points during a cycle. I tend to favor using it when I get an odd number of Force Points as it guarantees me three more spells once I am able to cast it. There is an error in the tooltip - it does not give 5 Force Points of each element. Instead, it gives a total of 5 force points. Be sure you have the time to make use of the additional Force Points . Factor in cast/channel time and cooldown duration.


This is one of the biggest lifesavers when on astrals. Keep in mind that it has a cast time of 10 seconds so using it before someone calls out to "taxi" can save lives. Not so much the lives of your party members, but deaths remaining before the astral becomes demoted.


Friday, April 17th 2015, 4:45am


Above is posted a sort of core build. It contains the two most important things expected of mages - double cc (via the Ice Tomb and Frosty Advantage rubies) and Seal of Health III. Beyond that, there are a few ruby sets that one would need to make a personal decision to choose.

These rubies heavily rely on complete channels of Electric Pulse or Thunderhead. Because both spells have a 3.5 second channel, that means one has to have good positioning during fights.

Static Charge
These rubies are best left to fights where you know that your target is not moving. The base damage is small, but it stacks up to 10 times and lasts for 60 seconds until the DoT wears off. Unless you die, keeping this stack going should not be an issue.

This ruby set is probably the most stable of the three in this section in that the damage is guaranteed simply from casting Icy Comet/Meteor. Keep in mind that Hoarfrost is applied for each Icy Comet/Meteor that hits the target including the extra one from Hailstorm. As such, you get two procs of Hoarfrost per cast of either spell.


Listed below are a few things that I keep in mind before every fight:
  • Pretend everything can one shot you. You only wear cloth and your defense spells only do so much.
  • What kind of direct damage am I in danger of? Put up Stone Wall or Elemental Shield appropriately and use Reflections to help cover the cooldown.
  • Do I need to cc anything? If so, are two of them close enough to each other for me to cc both or them before the fight starts?


That said, there isn't too much in the way of rotations to worry about. In general, you want to use stacks of Electrization, Northern Light, and Thundering Advantage as much as you can, but never sacrifice the use of Icy Comet, Electric Pulse, and Shocking Grasp with Lightning Jolt. Those spells are your primary source of damage.

Thank you for reading this guide. I hope it was helpful. Happy gearing and raiding!

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